Please Email or Fax to our office
      a copy of all documents and SLI paperwork.

    US Exports:
    Original titles require
    US CBP validation

Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

How to proceed with shipping arrangements:

Please email or fax your SLI paperwork to our office.

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                               ONLINE / DIRECT / WIRE / CHECK    

    Please forward check or money order to:
    Sefco Export Management Company, Inc. 
    909 Third Avenue, no. 7299
    New York, NY 10150 
          Attn: Joseph Quinn/Bookings Dept.  

          Main email:
          Main fax: 718-732-2863
          Admin. tel # 718-268-6233
          Toll free # 888-268-0565

If you are interested in shipping with us.....
...we'll need to open a file under your name,
and submit the formal booking request (B/R)
to the ocean / land / air carrier.

To do this, we'll need payment and our SLI form (signed).

1. Submit your request online at:

Our reply with rates and instructions
is usually sent to you within 24 - 48 hours of receipt of your completed inquiry form.
For quotes involving third party vendors (ie., export packers/customs brokers) allow 5 business days.

Please include full details of the cargo, description, dimensions and itinerary (when going).

You should expect a confirmatory rate quote (with reference number) via e-mail from our sales department.
All rates must be confirmed in writing. Include your phone number if you want to speak with a Sefco representative.
    STEP ONE - Get Rate Confirmation and Decide

    Carefully review our formal rate confirmation, including any special advice and options.
    Make your decision on whether to proceed with the shipment.
    Acceptance - Give us the "Ok to Go"

2. Send us your instructions - this can be done electronically (email or fax), or hard-copy (via FedEx).
    STEP TWO - Send us your SLI formal instructions

    SLI Shipper's Letter of Instructions:
    (a) For NEW & EXPRESS BOOKING processing, please use our online form:

    (b) The SLI instructions can also be printed and filled out manually.

                                       and / or quote/contract form (c)
                                                  {this is a copy of the standard contract and terms/conditions for service; a completed SLI will suffice}

Be sure to write in your complete name and all other details.
    USPPI/supplier/seller (cargo owner)/origin address;
    overseas consignee's name, c/o contact address and phone number;
    and remember to give us your passport number and/or seller/suppliers Federal EIN (Tax ID number).
    This information is required for the "EEI" Electonic Export Information document, as required for US Customs.
    On the SLI - New Booking form please write down the Sefco quotation date and reference number.

    Sign the form noting that you have read and agree to Sefco's normal terms and conditions for service.


3. Payment - by check (FedEx), online (via JP Morgan Chase or Bank of America), bank wire (overseas account/known shippers with ID only)
    STEP THREE - Arrange payment

    With receipt of payment, a booking reservation request can be submitted to an ocean/air carrier.

    Kindly send in your payment (quotation amount in full, if going in less than 60 days)
    or pre-shipment deposit (50% of quotation total, or deposit amount noted on quote)
    at same time as when you send in the SLI/contract information.

      Established commercial accounts and overseas customers with proper ID
      (accounts located outside the USA with no US bank account) can make a bank to bank wire transfer.  
            Our Banking Details - provided on a case by case basis.
            Payors should include $ 35.00 extra to the total amount due to Sefco, for any shipment paid via bank wire transfer.

      Partial payments will be credited towards the balance owed.

    Pay online (free and easy) or by check (via FedEx) or bank wire (overseas companies).

    For more details, please read:

    New Accounts are always welcome.
    Upon receipt of payment, new booking requests are normally handled within 2-3 business days.
    A copy of the SS Line booking confirmation with confirmed vessel details will be sent to you soonest thereafter.

      There are some commodities and trade lanes that SEFCO does not handle, so we will not quote all inquiries.
      Primarily SEFCO works directly with the cargo owner, actual shipper/consignee.

    (step 1) + (step 2) + (step 3) =   New Booking - with full details

      Full Details = Relaying of information and instructions
      Including drop off location, carrier booking number, vessel name and voyage number, processing of necessary documents: EEI Export Declaration to US Customs/AES, DR dock receipt for pier deliveries - including address, telephone number for receiving terminal, other info - such as port security instructions. Also, the BL bill of lading draft for review by client/shipper - this requires receipt of the signed/completed SLI.

      Without following this protocol     (1 + 2 + 3) booking requests, with formal instructions/terminal receiving info/address/contacts and support staff assistance to work on the cargo/shipment will be delayed. Space on Vessels tend to fill up quickly and terminal information for the receiving of cargo on any particular ship can vary. When payment comes in, the booking is made with the ocean carrier and everything is then confirmed to you in writing.

        (1-accept rate) + (2-complete/sign the SLI) + (3-confirm payment has been made)
          = New Booking with full information/carrier confirmations.

    Timing:   Please submit your payment sufficiently in advance of when you plan to ship your property,
                      so we can made the proper arrangements.

                      Plan, Pay Deposit & Book Ahead of Time

        All international shipments require "OFAC" security checks and advance preparation,
        including documents to be processed at least 5 business days before any pickup/pier delivery.

        Import shipments (to the US) require the ISF Importer Security Filing processed prior to pier delivery.

        New requests for service are handled on a "FIFO" first come first served basis.

      What to expect...

        After you have received a copy of the formal SS Line/carrier

                  Booking Confirmation

        Please follow the further detailed instructions,
        included in the attachment - to be relayed to you via email.

        If you have any questions, just let us know.

      Go Ahead with your Shipment

      Sending documents?
      To avoid delay and allow quick online tracking,
      please use FedEx when sending any original documents

      If you would like expedited handling of titles and other documents
      please provide our office with your FedEx account number for billing purposes.

        Terminology and Terms

        Export Movements from the USA
        Import Movements to the USA

        LCL = less then container-load
        FCL = full container-load
        RoRo = roll on roll off shipping
        H/H = high and heavy equipment shipping
        Lo/Lo = lift on lift off shipping

        [click here to see a list of shipping acronyms and abbreviations]

      Normal Terms and Conditions for Service:   All shipments to be prepaid.

          New B/R booking requests are handled on a first come basis,
          and are processed upon receipt of completed paperwork and payment.

          A statement of account is processed for every shipper/shipment.
          Any balances owed must be paid in full by or before cut-off date for the vessel on which the cargo is booked.        

          No "collect" shipping for ocean service. Retainers/deposits are non-refundable.

      Please do not send Sefco any money if not in agreement to our company's normal terms and conditions for service. Cancellations fees will apply. There are no cash refunds. Only credit toward principals account, applicable up to one year from the opening of an account. Sefco's service includes advance work which takes billable time and effort by professionals. A principals signature on our company SLI shippers letter of instructions constitutes full agreement to these terms and conditions for service.

      Please review our online terms of service, and cancellation credit policy

    Regarding D/D Door-to-Door overseas full service personal property moves -
    Please know that our designated professional "O/A-origin agent" export packers need to be reserved well in advance of the desired pickup date. For new accounts a deposit (amount to be advised) will be required at least one month in advance of any in-home export packing appointment. Tasks requested on shorter notice may attract higher cost from our service providers. Established accounts (having shipped 2+ more times with Sefco) can expect the fastest turn-around possible. Every effort is made to accommodate the requests and needs of our customers.

    Important: Any personal property move including OA "origin services" (pickup/labor, export packaging, other origin services) should be prepaid by or before the time/date that the OA services are to be performed. Please refer to our proforma invoice/quotation - issued in advance for your particular task.

      "Economy Service" shipments should be set up in our system at least ten days before anticipated warehouse delivery or trucker pickup date. This means receipt of a completed SLI form including packing lists and payment. Rush orders, peak season and holiday work may incur a surcharge. A "rush order" is any pickup, happening in less than 10 calendar days from time of receipt of your payment. Orders not prepaid by time of departure/export will incur a late fee (7% of total/week past due) plus any fees assessed by the carriers/service providers. Timeliness with your payment is important. Storage or demurrage, if any, remains for the account of the cargo property owner. Please refer to your quotation and statement for instructions.

    Receipt of your payment and completed paperwork will allow us to proceed with processing a formal port/port SSL-steamship line booking request. Some "high demand" trade lanes - particularly for H/H high and heavy equipment - may require a wait of several weeks for space on a RoRo ship, and advance reservations/arrangements are a must. Sefco accounts can access password protected resources on our website including expanded SS Line schedules. For more general information refer to the shipping advisories that we post on our website.

    If you are shipping any type of personal property (personal effects, household goods) or commercial freight, we will need to see a detailed inventory list specifying what's inside the container. Non-hazardous materials only.

    To help the shipping process along, Sefco accounts can access our special "account support" forms

      - including online "packing list" templates for personal property
      - and "commercial invoice" templates for commercial cargo (as may be required for trans-shipments through 3rd countries.)

    Titled Cargo - If there is an auto / motorcycle / titled equipment in the container
    ...and if we are doing the export clearance/handling of the title with US Customs,
    then our designated port handling office/customs broker will need to receive the original title or other ownership documentation via FedEx. Sefco customers will receive formal instructions on where to send your title / original documents, at the time the booking confirmation is generated.

    Alternatively, if you are making your own arrangements to self-deliver a titled automobile to the port and export clear your title with US Customs directly, then just email or fax us a copy and hold onto the original. You would show it to US Customs at their office at the port, in person and directly, when you are delivering the unit to the pier. Follow their directions and any preparatory instructions shown on your formal booking confirmation.

    After a delivery has been made, for good order - always email or fax our office a copy of any signed/stamped dock receipts and US Customs stamped/validated/export-approved documents. Without proof that its "ok" to go by US Customs, SS lines won't load or ship a titled vehicle.

    Shippers should "become known".
    Please enclose a photocopy of your passport ID page for our records.

    To avoid delays, please use FedEx when sending original documents.
    For verification, please provide us with the FedEx tracking number.

    Caveat concerning timely payment - please know...

      Failure to remit the payment / balance owed to us in a timely fashion can result in the placing of a hold order on the container/cargo until payment is made. If the cargo is placed on hold, shipper will be responsible for any demurrage, SS Line booking roll-fees for missed sailings or late charges that have been incurred during this process. This includes any fees owed to the origin or destination port terminal operators, air/ocean consolidators, agents or contractors party to a booking. Timeliness in payment is a good and important business practise and helps to reduce/eliminate risk for the service provider and shipper/consignee alike.

      Sefco Export should not be expected to make any advance financial guarantees or payments
      on behalf of any unknown shippers without prior track record with Sefco, or new accounts that have not prepaid shipping/handling or any related fees due from cargo owner. Cod collect fees apply to any delinquent account.

      Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

freight to be prepaid
Are you "good to go?"
Read to go!
Sefco is the "way to go!"
All rates, shipping instructions, and confirmations are sent in writing via email.

Please wait for a copy of the carriers formal booking instructions, for further details.
    Ex-Im customs clearing referrals
    Should the services of an outside Customs Broker be required,
    for any particular export/import formalities, one will be referred.

We are committed to providing the best service possible.
Professional attention and fiscal reliability are key components to our success.

If you are a first-time Sefco customer, you'll find that we take very good care of our clients.
Professional attention, many years of experience and reliable service providers;
everything is geared toward handling serious export/import assignments.

Our client shippers are the most important people in the world to us.
We look for repeat business, where possible.
When the need arises, we look forward to working with our customers many times over.
Achieving a good end result ("safe and sound delivery") remains our primary goal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us .

Thank you.

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