HHG/PE Personal Effects
POV Personally Owned Vehicles,
and other personal property

Applicable for
New Export-Import Rating Requests
for Unknown Shippers / Private Individuals
Non Business-to-Business

One-time (non-commercial, personally owned cargo).
No prior booking, non-repetitive/non-routine shipments.

    Personal Property shipments    


    Household Goods, Personal Effects, Vehicles, and other Personally Owned Property
    (non-commercial goods, not-for-resale).

    Move Overseas
    Rates not valid for Humanitarian Relief Cargo
    The request must be for service considered "legal",
    excluding any embargoed destination. Non-military cargo only.

Personal Property shipments.


Take the first step toward a smooth international move.

            (a) Sefco Export-Import Rating Service:

This covers the initial examination of the subject cargo specifications and requirements (via email), cargo weight/measurement analysis, our routing recommendation, thorough checking of multiple competitive carriers for service on one (1) port-port or door-door route, obtain formal confirmation by known carrier(s) in that trade lane for a confirmed rate (all quotes valid up to 30 days only), freight rating/measurement and surcharge calculation, and preparation/forwarding of shipping/handling cost via email. We will follow up on the resulting analysis and rating to help answer any questions.

Our Export Import Rating Service
is subject to a minimum $250 measurement-analysis/quotation fee,
in addition to the actual applicable booking & freight fees.

There is no obligation to actually ship the subject cargo with Sefco.
We have over three decades experience and expertise in Export-Import Shipping.
Take advantage of our knowledge, experience, contacts and worldwide network of agents.

We can provide analysis of 3rd party bids and service offers from 3rd party outside vendors and carriers. If you need to find the best rate, and have multiple bids that require expert examination and advice, send us the details. We can examine bids for transport that require expert analysis, double checking and provide advice. Email copies of all details and information at the time of your initial request. If you have a serious need for your project to to proceed smoothly, then hire our expertise.

Payment of our retainer/fee for the rating service
is require in advance of any research/analysis/verifications.

Upon receipt of your payment at the outset,
we can dedicate serious time and attention to the project.
Our rating service fee/retainer is NON-REFUNDABLE.

FREE ADVICE and rough estimates
can be obtained by searching through our extensive web site.
Our service is fee-based. Serious time and attention will be provided to paying customers.


      Export-Import Support Services include:
    • carrier confirmed ex-im cargo transport rates
    • carrier confirmed ex-im vessel schedules
    • referrals of all kinds
    • consulting services, advance-work for international transactions/movements
    • confirmations of any 3rd party services, including
      customs broker fees, export packer charges, inland trucker charges
    • any 3rd country to 3rd country movements

    Careful, Reliable Service for Individuals

    Serving an extensive private client base of shippers from throughout the world for almost 3 decades, the professionals of Sefco Export Management Company, Inc. understand the importance of personal property shipping and comprehend the unique service needs of individuals and families.

    Private property shipping clients possess a spectrum of requirements which are often dictated by specific circumstances such the relocation to a new home overseas, shipping a pov-personally owned vehicle, boat or other personal property (bought new or used), retirement abroad or countless other reasons to ship personal property overseas.

    Sefco has the ability to serve an individual from the time of handling the first request for quotation, through the booking of space for the cargo on a known, reliable and secure ocean/air carrier, the processing of normal export documentation, payment of the selected carriers charges, to release of documents and delivery of cargo to the desired destination. Sefco provides the security of a single relationship.

    Diverse markets and options among ocean/land/air carriers, and a broad selection of seasoned origin/destination agents, allow the Sefco as a company to serve both the economy minded single-shipment individual (self-packed port to port), and individuals with more complex requirements for shipping high value cargo to destinations around the world.


    Please provide as much detail as possible.
    This will allow us to serve you well.

    Company Name (if any)
    Contact Person

    Email address
    Re-confirm Email address

    Telephone number

    Origin (location of the cargo)


    Shipping date (when ready)

    Cargo Information
    What is the Commodity

    RoRo Shipping Services
    VIN Vehicle ID - Serial Number
    Self Propelled Vehicles

    Vehicle / Heavy Equipment Measurement
    Number of units and Weight
    Value - RoRo cargo
    Date when ready to ship

    Container Shipping - Size
    LCL & FCL - full container loads
    Value - Containerized cargo
    Date when ready to ship

    Added Value Services
    Packaging Service needs


    After you submit your initial information you will be redirected to a page where you can process our retainer for service. It is necessary to put down a small amount of money initially to separate those looking only for free information without any level of compensation for the serious time and attention that we give to each and every Sefco account. We will come back to you to obtain any further details so we can tailor our work to your particular needs and preferences. After more than three decades in the export-import shipping business, you can rely on our expertise and judgement for the level of support and attention that your project deserves.


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