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LCL - Less than Container-Loads
...for sending smaller sized shipments.

LCL shipping expertise

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    • LCL Less than container loads are used to send smaller sized shipments that are not large enough to use a FCL full container load.
        "Regular weekly departures are available for small consignments coming from the USA, going to over 160 destinations shown on our online household goods and personal effects shipping rate guides. Have a look at our Worldwide LCL shipping rate guide.

        We can arrange export packing for your cargo (premium service) or you can self-package your cargo (economy service).

        You can pickup your cargo from the overseas depot and self clear customs (economy service), or we can have our overseas D/A destination agent handle the customs clearance formalities, pickup form the overseas depot and delivery your property to your residence practically anywhere in the world (premium service)."


    • Over 21 years experience in the worldwide logistics industry. International Shipping Expertise.

    • To help people who are new to overseas shipping, we have put together some helpful online guides - such as these:

      Economical Options                                                                                                                        

      Read:   "Self-packing and Loading tips for LCL shippers who are looking to save money."

      Shipping your personal effects overseas?     Ask us for rates and advice.

      We export from the USA to points worldwide, and we import from abroad
      ...including US Customs clearance and delivery to your door in the United States.

    • Find out more about our service.
        Wooden lift-vans
        (see photo at right)
        are export packed and loaded for overseas shipping. Containerizable crates are often made so they will fit neatly in a standard ocean container and are commonly used for shipping "less than container loads" (LCL) of household goods and personal effects (HHG/PE).

        Have a look at our free-to-access, online guides concerning the international shipping of personal effects and household goods, automobiles, motorcycles, motorboats, sailboats, oversized construction equipment, tropical and extreme climate vehicles, for delivery throughout the world.

        If you would like to see more images, visit our photo gallery.

        To learn more about LCL less than container-load shipping services, scroll down.

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    Moving/Shipping: Smaller Sized Consignments

    LCL (Less than Container Load)

    USA CFS Terminal to CFS Terminal, Warehouse to Warehouse - Worldwide

  • Make a LCL rate inquiry - Get a rate for your specific, upcoming move.
      Question: Do we arrange import moves (to the USA) as well as export moves (from the USA) ?
      Answer: "Yes!"

      Question: Do we arrange third country moves (not going to the USA or from the USA) ?
      Answer: "Yes!"

      Question: Are there places Sefco does not go ?
      Answer: "Affirmative."   Ask us about what can, and can not be done.

        Our web site gives pointers on a range of topics concerning import/export shipping, like:

        "Should I pack my commodity into lift-van crates, or would palletization be sufficient?" "Does my cargo require a US flag vessel or can it move on foreign flag ships?" "Are the railoads running smoothly from Dakar, Senegal port to Bamako, Mali?" "Can I buy and ship my own ocean container from the USA to Kazakhstan?" "Can you help us clear customs in Nairobi?" "Can you package my personal effects in Tohoku, Japan and ship it door to door to Florida?" "Can I import my car into the United States?"

        For answers - and general advice on a wide range of subjects - surf our site.   "Suggestions welcome!"

      Learn more about Weight and Measurement, click here
      HERE IS

        H x W x D (inches) dived by 1728 = CUFT 

           multiple 63" height  x  60" width  x  125" length     = 472500
            divide by 1728 (which is 12 x 12 x 12 = 1728)     = 273-cubic feet (total gross volume)


  • Coming from where?
    cfs container freight station warehouses

  • worldwide shipping agents
    Worldwide Service
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    our country by country
    LCL-Personal Effects
    transport rate guides

  • Going to what country?

  • Access our Worldwide LCL Rate Guides for shipping your personal effects overseas.
  • LCL Export from US North East to Your Overseas Destination
  • LCL Export from US South Atlantic to Your Overseas Destination
  • LCL Export from US Mid West & Gulf to Your Overseas Destination
  • LCL Export from US Pacific & Western Canada to Your Overseas Destination                            
  • LCL Export from USA to the Caribbean                                                                                     

  • Our "Euro-Delivery Service" has 11 Receiving Terminals located across of the United States

    From: USA Warehouse to Door, Europe - Full Service destination clearance and inside delivery
  • From the USA - Euro Delivery - complete residential delivery to 20-countries in Europe                            

        for FCL/LCL HHG/PE Household Goods Shippers

        Overseas Agents for DA-DDC destination delivery service
        If a consignment does not move through a dedicated HHG/PE household goods/personal effects groupage container, where the deconsolidation agent also arranges the "door delivery", as the "EuroDelivery" service provides, then a LCL less than container-load consignment can alternatively move - provided its properly and well packed for export - though our network of commercial cargo CFS-container freight stations. Our terminal to terminal economy transport service does not include the use of full service movers at origin or destination. At destination, there are always additional port fees which include deconsolidation charges to take the cargo out of the container and handle at a warehouse. For more info on this, see: Economy Service.

        Economy service is different from Premium service, which includes complete door to door origin/destination services. If shipped via E-Economy service, after paying any/all deconsolidation charges, and after cleared for pickup/hand-over, the consignee/customer can either pickup themselves directly, or hire an agent to pickup and deliver for them. The DDC destination delivery service can be provided either through E-Economy service providers, or by Premium level movers who provide complete inside delivery with unpacking, inside placement, removal of debris on day of delivery, and other mover related services. This Premium level service is definitely the more expensive option, as it is more inclusive and involves more time/effort and labor, as compared to straight trucking to door only - without accessorial services (eg. liftgate trucks, pallet jacks, extra manpower).

        As an indication: full DA-destination agent premium service deliveries, (excluding any collect fees) start at $ 850.00 for minimum 500-lbs/50-cubic feet, 85-cents/lb. for inside-delivery included unwrapping/unpacking by movers, to any normal access point up to 2nd floor, within 15 miles of pickup depot. This would be appropriate for your valuable china service, antiques, very fragile items requiring special attention and other professionally export-packed property. Normal exclusions apply (collect fees, thc, storage, duties/taxes if any, pianos, heavy lifts, extra men, etc; see: accessorial services). Only professionally export-packed and unpacked door to door shipments can obtain TGI Travel Guard Insurance's D/D policy (2.8% of declared value, or more depending on destination and policy.)

        The D/D 2.8% premium coverage does not apply for PBO-packed by owner and terminal/terminal consignments. Instead, TGI's "named perils" loss coverage is available (at 2% of the insured value to most destinations).

        E-Economy Service destination deliveries with trucking to door (only), can be done for less than premium level movers. These are two different and distinct types of service: Straight trucking to door (economy service consignments) vs complete inside delivery with premium service movers. Premium service commands a higher added-value service cost for professional movers - for inside of residence deliveries (a premium/accessorial service).

        In addition to professional export packing at origin, Premium Door-to-Door service means the cargo at destination is first routed/trucked from the port (A) to our D/A destination agents mover-warehouse (B), where ther cargo is inspected, and then an appointment is made to "marry" the cargo with a team of trained delivery personnel who then bring to cargo to the clients home (C) for inside delivery, placement/set-up and removal of debris.

        Economy Shippers who may want additional services are encouraged to either hire an outside mover of their choice (or self-pickup), or remit any such accessorial service fees as may be requested, direct to the destination port agent to help arrange DDC-destination delivery at extra cost. Self-pickups and self-arranged delivery allows an economy minded shipped to avoid the additional cost of Sefco's banking/handle fees from the US side.

          Economy Service
          E-Economy service delivery; case studies and examples

            example: LCL economy into the U.K.
            "Door deliveries with most hauliers means them only taking the goods to as near to the address as possible in the vehicle and then the customer taking the goods from there."

            case example: LCL economy into Italy;
            HHG goods being shipped were professionally packed by Sefco's OA export packers in NYC, USA, shipped as LCL cargo from NJ port via Milan port with trucking (only) prepaid up to arrival at Rome terminal. This is an economical method to route such cargo. Sefco's customer makes contact with destination terminal agent based in Milan; requests them to assist with local customs entry, and asks them to charge her directly for trucking (only) to curbside ROME door. Sefco's client settles normal colect thc terminalhandling/deconsolidation fee, and pays the port agent directly for the additional service requested (therefore not requiring any extra handling charge by Sefco, to cover extra banking fees, communications, etc.) The cargo is delivered to curbside door, customer unloads and takes possession of their property. The cost is much less than using a full service HHG/PE DA-overseas mover to pickup or receive at their warehouse, schedule a re-delivery to residence with unpacking and inside delivery into their home. End result: one very happy Sefco customer.

            case example: LCL economy into the Republic of San Marino;
            Cargo was PBO packed by owned and received in USA Midwest. and routed the same way (via Milan) as the above Rome consignment. Similar handling at destination, similar client satisfaction as a result.

            case example: LCL economy into Japan;
            Cargo was PBO packed by owned and received in USA Midatlantic. and routed via Yokohama then into Osaka in-land terminal, then trucked (only) to curbside door, Kyoto. Client provided labor to off-load, and take inside their home. End result: Another satisfed Sefco client.

            case example: LCL economy into Geneva, Switzerland;
            Cargo was PBO packed by owned, palletized and picked up by Sefco's "LCL air-trucker" including a special truck with liftgate and pallet jack (accessorial services) to allow for a ground floor pickup of pbo-prepacked pallets. Routed via NJ terminal into Antwerp and trucked up to arrival at the Geneva terminal. Client pays local deconsolidation thc terminal handling charges to destination port agent, and agrees to pay (direct at destination) an additional agreed amount to the port agent for them to assist with local clearance formalites. Customer hires local mover to pickup from their terminal/warehouse location, for final delivery to their home (for a very economical rate). Similar handling at destination, similar client satisfaction as a result.
            Please read this SEFCO EXPORT customers' comments: LCL client review

          Accessorial/optional services; cost in addition to door delivery by trucker, example: "Considering the weight of the cargo, agent can arrange for the delivery to include a tail-lift & pallet truck to get the goods off of the vehicle and down to ground level for the customer."

          Definition: "Accessorial services" means optional extra services, provided at extra cost.

          For further guidance and general advice please read our overview:

            "Steps to take..." ...our review for personal effects and auto shippers, including such guidance, as:
            " Please be advised that LCL truckers are not 'movers'
            and should not be expected to provide any labor or pre-packing.'
            See our general advice for: PBO-packed by owner consignment/shippers.

            FCL full-container load Economy Shippers should also see: FCL factsheet:
            "Now that you are aware of what a container looks like and it's sizes, let's discuss "drayage" or the details of trucking the container to your door. First, the trucker is a driver and is a member of the Teamster's Union. He is paid to drive. He can't assist you in any other way. Secondly... "

  • Italy Port to Door Delivery - premium service clearance and residential delivery                             
  • USA Export rates to Italy - Italy Trunk (Bauli) Port to Door Delivery                                          
  • LCL Import - From Europe to the USA                                                                                

    In-land transport is available to terminals across the United States.

  • LCL Import - From Japan to the USA

  • USA LCL Export to Japan  

  • Premium Service LCL rates for Japan
          USA Door to Tokyo Door - total service         

Additional LCL Information

  • LCL Advice - Less than container-load shipping.   
    Buy and Use Shipping Trunks for Small Loads

    Buy and Use Shipping Trunks for Small Loads
      "Things you should know."

      Read our advice concerning less than container load shipping.

  • Tips for LCL Shippers - Export packing, pallets, crates.

      Pallet building software exists for Commercial LCL Shippers needing to plan their pallet-loads.
      If interested in this technology, ask us.
      Sefco commercial accounts receive many helpful referrals.

  • LCL Fact Sheet - Some important points to note.   

  • LCL Packing List - Fill in our form, sign and return to us     

  • Less than container load shipping made easy

  • Small Shipment (Super Box) - Economical alternatives.        

    LCL Shipping Expertise LCL Shipping Expertise

  • Learn About Cubic Footage Volume - How big is it?        
      Get valuable information and free guidance
  • Online Survey Sheet - Standard cubic footage volume sheet.                
  • oa origin agent warehouses

  • Export Packers in the USA and Abroad.

      OA-Origin Agents, specialists in export packaging of HHG/PE-Household Goods and Personal Effects.
      O/A HHG export packing agents located across the USA

      Work with our worldwide network of professional O/A origin agents, professional packers of HHG household goods and PE personal effects. Experienced and qualified export packers.

  • Premium Services Door to Door - Total service from A to Z.

  • Full Origin Services - Premium quality export packing, pickup.              

    Comprehensive Door to Door International Service

    Professional labor, fully insured, experienced, trustworthy, ready and available for handling your job at pre-agreed cost.

    Premium Services include...

    Trucks with commercial permits, comprehensive liability insurance to protect buildings, proof of workmens compensation insurance for professional labor...

      "Someone you can trust,
         who knows what they are doing."

  • Economy Service - How to do it yourself and save.                                

  • Insurance - TGI-Travel Guard cargo insurance.  

  • How to Go with Sefco - Step by step instructions.

  • Misconception - Sefco knows the difference between safe and sound methods and routings, compared to unsound practices and risky gambles.

    • Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

        Think "safety first".

      We know the export/import shipping business, inside and out.

        How well do things fit together?

        When you are shipping household goods internationally,
            a single "HHG/PE household goods personal effects" shipment is often comprised of many different items:
                3 boxes of one thing, 6 packages of something else, 4 rolls of some other thing...

        No one has a home full of exactly the same items.

        Your house is not full of, say, 2,000 dresses on hangers, and nothing else.
        No. That's what is called "a commercial shipment".

        Rather: An overseas move is a reflection of the things we all have in our homes,
        and its a big mixture of many different things with various shapes and types packaging.

        When a skilled export packer is at the stage of loading your various goods into a crate, he or she needs to try orient the various shaped goods, to all fit together - almost like forming like a jig-saw puzzle.

        "How do you fit all these differently shaped things, into a cube shape?" Thats the task. In the international HHG/PE shipping industry, there is an analysis given to the cargo: whether it makes for "a good fit?" or not. You can't really force odd shaped things together into a crate, and expect a perfect fit. The goods need to be assembled in a well thought out way.

        Commercial shipments (goods for re-sale)
        ...tend to be comprised of multiple units of a similarly shaped item. Such consignments tend to fit together much better than the often oddly shaped HHG/PE shipments.
        They form a better "cube" and this maximizes and economizes the overall use of space.

        The total gross size of the consignment, is the major factor that tends to determine the total shipping cost. Packages that fit together tightly are good from both a security point of view as well as a shipping cost point of view.

    • LCL guides - Sefco is the way to go.
    • LCL advice - Some things you should know.

      See more of our photo galleries and special online features.

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