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Tell us what you need to ship.

If we can help, we'll send you a quick reply.
If you need help planning a project that will happen more than 30 days into the future, please know that rates can change. We can help with research and prior arrangements, and provide the kind of export/import support that will reduce uncertainty and risk inherent in the international shipping process.
  • First time shipper?
  • Cargo not ready to go in the next 30/60 days?
Open an account with Sefco Export, and we will be able to provide active support. Find the information you need.
Your Sefco Export Retainer for Service
    can be used toward the cost
     of your Sefco international cargo shipment
      within one year of payment.

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Ready to book your shipment?

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New International Shipper

$250 - Initial Retainer for Service by Sefco

After you let us know about the proposed Export-Import Shipment , including:   complete details - (origin/destination, description, when ready, contact info, etc), we will respond with an acknowledgement and indication of what is achievable, where service is available, etc.

After our initial consultation and general feedback/advice, where further servicing is needed (Ex-Im Support Services) a retainer is required to take things a step further. We will open an active file for your project, as a retained account.

Retained Accounts can receive customized research/ex-im support services. A retainer allows us to continue further (beyond initial indications). This includes in-depth research, logistical analysis, investigation of sailings/routes/transit times, service options, confirmation/calculation of applicable transport rates/related costs, for the proposed cargo being shipped (including future estimations, post 30 days).

This allows for a well informed carrier selection, optimal routing and smooth operational execution.

    Advance planning is critical to international logistics.

Upon receipt of your Sefco Export service retainer,
we will dedicate resources, time & effort to work on your behalf.

    This $250 can come off the cost of shipping
    with Sefco within one year of payment.

Retainer For Service - Export Import Support Services

Our Export-Import Support Services

  • carrier confirmed ex-im cargo transport rates
    We fully investigate and check the Availablity and Costs charged by Known Reliable Carriers in your requested From/To Shipping Trade Lane. Based on your expressed need, we provide advice and guidance on what service option should provide the best value.

  • carrier confirmed ex-im vessel schedules
    We find out the frequency and estimated transit time for the proposed shipment including any trans-shipment port connection information.

  • referrals of all kinds
    We look at our range of contacts and connections that may be useful for your proposed shipment. Export-Import transactions have several important components, all of which need close prior attention.

  • consulting services, advance-work
    for international transactions/movements

    Get our advice based on well over 30 years hands-on export-import experience. We assist in developing Business to Business relationships.

  • We can help arrange for Special Services
    * bid solicitation and confirmation of 3rd party services, including
    customs broker fees, export packer charges, inland trucker charges

  • The extra-ordinary is not impossible for us.
    * 3rd country to 3rd country movements (restrictions apply)
    We can support projects worldwide.

  • We act as your Ex-Im Agent.
    * With experience that started in the '70s, and thousands of ex-im consignments arranged and completed to this day, we can help: "fill in the blanks" on unknown subject areas, provide analysis, guidance and lend an experienced hand to look over important arrangements for your export-import transaction.

  • Easily process payment for your service retainer, online.
    Choose the amount of your payment, using the "Cash App".

    Click here to go to the Payment App
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    your retainer/payment:$sefco
    Process the $250 retainer via PayPal.

    Let us know your full details including Origin/Destination locations.

    Tell us what you have to ship
    and when it will be ready.

    If we have reliable SSL carriers with service from/to the destination capable of handling your cargo, we will let you know.

    A copy of our current Shipping Service Rate / Guide,
    for your desired Destination port / city will be sent to you for review.

    For cargo moving in more than 30 days,
    we can provide estimates as a general indication only.

    Complex requests (3rd country/3rd country shipments, tasks needing origin packaging/remote location door pickup, etc) require an initial retainer before serious staff time can be dedicated to the project. This is required for investigating all the options and confirming costs for your proposed export/import shipment:

      There is no obligation to actually ship the subject cargo with Sefco. Your retainer for service is non-refundable.

    $500 - minimum
    LCL Shipment Booking Fee (partial container)
    or prepaid in full.

    Booking Deposit for LCL Shipping

    click here to process deposit payment

    $500 - $1500 - minimum
    RoRo Shipment Booking Fee
    (Roll-on/Roll-off Vehicles)
    or prepaid in full.

    Booking Deposit for RoRo Shipping

    click here to process deposit payment

    $1000 - $1500 - minimum
    FCL Container Shipment Booking Fee
    (full container loads)
    or prepaid in full.

    Booking Deposit for FCL Shipping

    click here to process deposit payment

    $1000 - $1500 - minimum
    High/Heavy Shipment Booking Fee (high/heavy equipment)
    or prepaid in full.

    Booking Deposit for Heavy Equipment RoRo Shipping

    click here to process deposit payment

    Your booking fee is non-refundable.
    All balances are due in negotiable funds.

    For payment options, see:
    Banking fees, credit card processing fees, may apply.

         Provide your SLI Instructions.

    Together with processing your new booking deposit
    please be sure fill in your Shippers Letter of Instructions.

    Fill in our SLI Shippers Letter of Instructions form

    All business is subject to Sefco's normal terms of service  

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