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      New / Prospective Shippers >

      Are you contemplating making a "first time" shipment with Sefco? (No previous Sefco booking?)
        Do you have Personal Property that you want to send overseas?
        Are you shipping Commercial cargo for the first time?


    On behalf of our company Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.,
    thank you for your interest in Sefco and our range of services.

    To better assist you, we will need to know more about you.

    Are you a "known shipper" or "unknown shipper"?
    If you have no previous bookings or payment history with Sefco,
    first, thanks for visiting our web site, and next - please note ->

    There are some basic requirements for rendering service to new accounts,
    handling requests involving new / unknown shippers:
      individual persons, private companies, or other entities.

    (1) When sending in your initial inquiry
           please use our online form.

    rate request - private property shipments
         For personally owned property:

    rate request - commercial cargo shipments
        For commercial cargo/commodities:

        Oversized - Out of Gauge, High & Heavy Equipment

    Provide a very clear and concise description of the cargo/commodity that you want to ship.

    Full details, including the exact place of origin, where the cargo journey begins.
    Is it your property / do you own it now? What are the dimensions / how many pieces ?
    Year/make/model (for vehicle) and all other pertinent details.
    When will you need to ship it?  

    If you have sent us a one sentence email, that probably will not be sufficient.
    Please use our online rate request form.
    Partial information will delay our response and any necessary confirmations.

    How we handle new requests from unknown persons   >

    For USD 250.00 service retainer (non-refundable)
    We provide our Rating Service ($150 min, up to two port pairs) and our
    Pre-Ex/Im Advance Prep Support ($100 min, including any customs referrals).
    Our service retainer is non-refundable, and can be processed online via PayPal.

    Provided that you have paid our service retainer and completed our rate request form with all necessary details and contact info, a rate quotation will be generated, customized to your specific request and sent via email. We review all your information and details.

    Our reply and offer will represent what we think would be the best option for the specific shipment that you describe. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX. If we do not hear back from you within 3-5 days, usually we will send you (1) follow-up message to see if you would like to proceed with your shipment.
    Upon request ( if you like ) a date/time can be arranged for a teleconference to review matters.

    Some emails are unseen, re-directed by your email software to a spam box.
    Since you have asked us for the info, be sure you can receive it.
    Please check your email often during the course of any transaction, in case of the need for a rapid response.
    Should you need any special help or have further questions, we'll review and try to assist.

    Identification of New Accounts / Future Shippers
    We need to know who you are.

      For New Accounts / Unknown Shippers / New Booking Requests
      (2) Please fill in all your information
      using our expedited online booking form / SLI shippers Letter of instructions.
            The form is available here:

    For payment amount, kindly remit amount shown on quotation (either, deposit or full payment as shown).
    There is also an online version of our SLI, that you can print out and sign (hard copy).
    Please take the time to try to fill in all required information correctly.

    We will need to know certain information if you actually want to proceed with the export shipment (from the USA).

    For USA Exports - Sefco files EEI Export declarations to AES/US Customs and we need to know specific information. Who is the USPPI?  People new to shipping, are often unfamiliar with such terminology.

    Our website offers guidance on this:
    If you are just not sure, fill in as much information as is known and we will review everything.

      Please take the time to read through our free online guides, posted on our web site, geared to helping both the NOVICE shipper as well as the HIGHLY EXPERIENCED account.

    When filling out our form  >  Please let us know  >

            How did you hear of our company - Sefco?
            Referral from a previous SEFCO shipper/customer/account?   YES / NO
            For new inquiries coming from a Referral, please let us know the client/account.

      We encourage past / current Sefco clients/accounts, to provide referrals where / as needed.

      Pre-booking support services for new/unknown shippers.

    If you need more information and guidance over a longer period of time, for a shipment not yet booked nor scheduled to happen in the next 45 days - we can still help.

    Commercial Accounts:
    Export-Import Support Service (pre-booking) is available on a subscription basis.
    Write in "New Subscriber" for Commercial Export-Import Account Support Services.

    If you have never shipped with Sefco before, you can register your new Account Profile with us.
    For $ 250 you can receive pre-Ex/Im support services including our Rating Service Confirmation.  
    Please fill in as much information as possible (full name, ID, etc.) using our new booking form.  
    Under "Account History", click the link saying "New Account".

We get requests from all over the world.
Due to the wide exposure the internet provides, we receive requests for information, rates, advise-consultation or other support from a very broad range of people. If you have not done business with SEFCO previously, and are looking for lots of information about the international shipping process, you have come to the right place.

Our web site has lots of valuable information for the new shipper.
Please avail yourself of the large amount of information and general guidance posted on our web site. Our public site is free and accessible for you to explore and read. If you are a beginner at international shipping and want to know more, please do take the time to read as much of our material as you can.

Learning Curve?   No problem!   Access our many online tutorials.
Rate guides are for general informational purposes only and must be reconfirmed within 30 days of departure of any actual shipment. Customs rules and regulations can change without notice. However, our online guides can give the new shipper a greater understanding for the process and requirements (as they evolve over time).
    Please read through our FREE online guides about the international shipping process.

    Access our Online Resources
    Surf our website  >  Over 1200 pages

    Gain free access to a broad array
    of very helpful information.

     Export-Import expertise.

    All about import/export, international shipping.
    Valuable guidance, cost indications, export-import tutorials.

Surf our web site to learn some of the basics about international shipping.
If you are totally new to international shipping and have lots of questions, please take the time to read through our links and online guides - developed over many years time, based on our professional experience.

But what if there's a problem?

Perils are a fact of life
    Sefco's position as to what we do
    if the perils of international shipping
    come to bear on a shipment:

    We select the best services available, people whom you can trust, people who stand behind their work, the best known ocean carriers, insurance companies, truckers and agents.

    Sefco offers well over 30 years of experience in avoiding problems, but when circumstances beyond our control arise, we take all necessary actions to make it right---quickly, to the satisfaction of our customers.

Getting to know you, getting to know us.
Sefco ships commodities of all kinds, from heavy equipment, vehicles, commercial goods.
We have several decades experience in handling serious export/import business. Some new shippers that we assist, may have little or no previous experience in international shipping. That's "ok" - we will try to help and accommodate new requests, provided there is good will and a desire to work together with our company in a positive manner.

Accommodating requests for the shipment of personal property.
Sefco continues to accommodate requests from unknown shippers of personal effects and other personally owned property. Please know that this is an accommodation, where Sefco reserves the right to pass on some requests. Not every individual request will be a good match for our business. If we have to pass on a request, you will be informed and we wish you the best of luck.

Sefco has a great reputation, because of our honest work over many years. We continue to focus on serving serious export/import accounts, partnering with our accounts in a mutual respectful and business-like manner. At all times we endeavor to provide professional care, close attention to our clients needs, and a pleasant working relationship. As with most things in life, "courtesy counts."

    Pre-Booking Support Services
    Ex-Im Support Service is available for New Requestors / Unknown Shippers / Subscribers

    Some individual shippers and companies who are new to the export-import business, may want more than just a rate confirmation, and would like a helping hand including more extensive advice/guidance from our specialists. Let us know your requirements and we'll do our best to help. Large projects may take longer time and greater level of effort to support, so a specific quote (citing the LOE level of effort/hours) will be offered for activities that may be complex.

Sefco has handled literally thousands of overseas shipments.
We have been in the international shipping business for many years.
Our capabilities and experience have been earned honestly.

Business is conducted by mutual consent.
Sefco provides a mature business relationship, a partner in business.
We work together with our accounts in a professional manner; courteous, attentive and mutually cooperative.
Much can be accomplished this way.

Our clients need our help to get a job done the right way, with well informed personnel and good support.   After several decades experience in arranging export/import shipments, this is certainly something you can count on from Sefco.  We look forward to working with you.

Thank you for your interest.

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