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Known Shippers If you are a returning SEFCO customer, welcome back!   You are a "known shipper" to us.  
Please update your Sefco Account Profile to receive pre-export/import advance support or just to stay in touch. Rating service requests from accounts that have paid Sefco (currently - new rating/service requests) and to Sefco Accounts from prior year bookings (paid up/completed, over our 3 decades of service) are given Priority Attention.
If you are a regular commercial shipper with ongoing exports, but no previous SEFCO booking, please provide an example copy of a commercial invoice for the commodities (titled cargo or other goods) being exported/imported, so the Schedule B / HC codes can be checked/confirmed; also helpful: a copy of your latest freight invoice/Bill of Lading, for any review as may be needed.   Please email us with full details:
Unknown Shippers Security Screening of Customers
IF you are an "unknown" shipper, ID verification will be required prior to export.
Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List (SDN)
Prior to the crossing of any international border by a shipment/cargo consignment, SEFCO must perform an OFAC security check on all new shippers ("unknown" entities) to confirm that they are not on the US Dept of the Treasury SDN list.
For US Exports/Imports, refer to the forms shown on our site: Ex/Im Docs
Air cargo shippers are required to sign an airfreight security statement.
For more information on cargo security, see: | TSA "Known Shipper Program" |
| |
For 3rd county/3rd country shipments: refer to our Rating Confirmation and Customs Referral Guide. This is custom-generated and provided to new accounts after receipt of our minimum service retainer (USD 250 min / non-refundable).
Unfortunately requests for free ex-im support and information from unknown parties can not be accommodated until at least our minimum service retainer has been received and we have your basic profile information. For USD 250.00 we provide our Rating Service and our Pre-Ex/Im Advance Prep Support. Our service retainer is non-refundable.
Pre-booking support services are available to new exporters and first-time shippers.
Have you received your Rate Confirmation?   Book your shipment with Sefco now.
Not yet ready?   Register your Account Profile with Sefco, to receive pre-booking support. Given the time and attention needed to accommodate new requests from Unknown Shippers (with no previous Sefco booking/payment history), a non-refundable service retainer of USD 250 (min) is required for the servicing of new ("unknown") shippers.
Sefco provides professional attention and reliable service, geared toward supporting the needs of our client shippers with serious export/import cargo shipments. If you are not ready to book your shipment or its expected to happen more than 45 days in the future, we recommend registering your Account Profile with Sefco to receive the benefit of pre-booking support. Fees are based on the LOE level of time/effort required, as posted online

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