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    Sefco customers are provided with very practical advice and guidance concerning their overseas shipment. If you are not yet a Sefco customer (past/current) and need specialized support/advice, please complete our online form.

Obtain a rate quote
For shipping commercial cargo / or personal property.

    Request for Quotation - online form to be used for

    (A) international shipping rate quotation requests
*** personal property
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Next - decide how to proceed with your international shipment.

Give Sefco the "go ahead" to proceed with any necessary arrangements.
Obtain follow-up support, guidance and servicing of your new account.
A deposit is required to process any new booking.

Required Documents:

We will require certain information, before services and support can be provided (beyond 1-rate quote). "Unknown" shippers with no prior bookings/business with Sefco will be expected to provide as much detail as possible (on our form). All first time customers/US exporters have to be checked against a US Treasury database of denied persons for security purposes.
Our express booking form will be used to set up your profile as a new/future account. Upon receipt of initial payment, a formal booking is submitted to the carrier, export docs are processed, and formal instructions sent to the client/shipper. The account is actively serviced from that point on, including online tracking report/links and updates as may be available.

Specialized Account Support - Referrals
    Port-to-Port Rates do not include
    any local charges at origin/destination, pickup/delivery, export/import clearance formalities, couriers, storage, other local services unless otherwise stated.

Depending on the situation, our customer may benefit
from a referral by Sefco to specialized service providers, including but not limited to:

Free Information - on our web site.
Export Import Support Service - for all bookings.
Customized Ex-Im Support Services - available on subscription basis.

Our web site provides general information and advice, including details regarding local customs formalities and, where helpful, customs brokers to whom SEFCO offers our referral.

Any local charges (at both ends, origin/destination) are to be paid directly to the service provider and/or CHB customshouse broker, within (5) days of invoicing by the broker (or prepaid in advance).   Payment to customs brokers should be made in a timely manner.

Each shipment is unique. Instructions for contacting and paying select CHB Customs brokers and agents, known and/or identified by SEFCO, will be posted and made available to existing Sefco Accounts.

Some information is Password Protected for Sefco Account Access only.

    Important Advice

    Advance preparation and proper research is advised, for all cargo owners (principals) and businesses engaged in export/import commerce.

    It is important to note that some clearing agents/brokers specialize in commercial clearances only and will not handle personal effects.
    There are several specific customs brokers / port agents in ports around the world, with whom Sefco Export maintains particularly good working relations. This which tends to make for easier border crossings and clearance, for the cargo being handled. Where usefull and helpful, established Sefco Export accounts (repeat bookings) are provided introductions and full contact details, for our preferred working partners.

    Pre-Shipment Support Services

    Not going right away?

    Receive Account Support Services on a subscription basis:

      For a subscription service fee,
      Ex-Im Support Services / Servicing of Account (soa)
      can be provided, including
      Customized Research, Advance Preparation,
      Professional Advice, Guidance and Expertise.

    Upon receipt of your details and payment,
    we will create your new ex-im profile and set up your new account for specialized Account Support Services in advance of your actual shipment date.

    Commercial Ex-Im Trade Services
    Rates for special projects (export/import support services) are quoted on a case by case basis. Cost estimate is based on the level of effort (LOE) required. Any shipping/freight charges are in addition to our service fee.

    Get the information, help and support you need.
    Work with   Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

In most instances local customs clearance related fees are best paid directly to the customs broker handling the clearance formalities (otherwise extra handling fees and banking costs apply). Ask us for a referral if you do not already have a customs broker at your destination. Sefco clients and established commercial accounts are encouraged to ask us for contacts and further suggestions / referrals to help their overall business.

    Ask us    ...if you can not find the information you are looking for.

Any referrals we provide are for the information and benefit of our customers.
There is no requirement to use customs brokers or other entities we may recommend.
Good results however, speak for themselves.

Below, find an example of feedback we receive, from agents and customers.

Re:     Sefco customer with RV Recreational Vehicle shipment,
            Shipped from Jacksonville FL to Zarate, Argentina

Local clearing agent pre-alerted by Sefco, to assist our customer.
Customs broker goes "above any beyond" the extra mile to assist a Sefco referral customer.

Notice of successful DDC destination customs clearance/hand-over at port.
Service performed by local customs broker recommended/known to Sefco (for decades).
Message Received

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 9:29 AM,
Carlos Pose wrote:

Dear Joseph;
Hope you are doing well. Happy New Year.

Please be informed that finally yesterday, the camper truck under referred B/L has been released to Gary Gray and his wife. Nice people, I spent the morning with them picking them up at their hotel, luggage etc. and drove the 100km up to Zarate Port; then accompanied all customs procedures and finally at noon truck was delivered and they start their amazing trip.

FYI they appreciate our mutual job.
Thank you and have a nice weekend.
Best regards,

Cia. Internacional de Transportes (CINTRA) s.r.l
Carlos Manuel Pose
Tucuman 358 -5to piso
(1049) Buenos Aires-ARGENTINA
Phones: (54 11) 43 11 31 31
Fax : (54 11) 43 11 70 65
E-Mail :

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    Personal Property shipments    


    Household Goods, Personal Effects, Vehicles, and other Personally Owned Property
    (non-commercial goods, not-for-resale).

    Move Overseas
    Rates not valid for Humanitarian Relief Cargo
    We contract directly with cargo property owner.

    Commercial Cargo shipments


    High & Heavy Equipment, Trucks, Trailers
    Construction & Agricultural Equipment, Boats
    Machinery, Commercial Freight of All Kinds

    International Delivery
    Non-hazardous cargo only
    We contract directly with cargo principals.

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