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    Customs Clearance Referral Services

    Please understand that Sefco and it's Partners work very hard behind the scenes to ensure the best possible service at the best possible prices.

    Concerning 3rd country moves (from/to non-US ports), and US imports:
    Roro shipping of an auto to the US is complex with all the additional paperwork that is now required by local and US Customs.

    Depending on the circumstance, origin & destination - where helpful and advisable, Sefco will refer our clients to known Customs Brokers at the origin/destination - when export-import entry/clearance services are required.

    Sefco tries to be as transparent as possible noting all additionals and passing on the costs for these additional services at net cost, to be paid directly to the referral Customs Broker. For an example of this, see:

    When a local customs broker performs services on behalf of a Sefco client, their invoice should be paid directly within five (5) business days of receipt of their invoice. This will help for the smoothest and most cost efficient handling of your shipment. Should the invoice not be paid promptly (the "5-day rule") Sefco will have to invoice back to the client the net cost, plus any additional banking fees and handling costs and noted on our general schedule of service fees for the cargo being shipped. As always, we try our best to handle all matters entrusted to our care in the most efficient and effective manner possible, to the satisfaction of our customer.

    We thank you for your time and attention.
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