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From To Volume Price
Miami Christobal
(Next to Colon)
Up to 550 cuft, 17 ft in length $1055
Houston Manzanillo Up to 700 cuft, 17 ft in length $1385
New York Manzanillo Up to 700 cuft, 17 ft in length $1130
OTHER PORTS OTHER CITIES --------------- Ask us

High Units: SUV's, Pickups, Vans, anything over 62 inches in height,
add $125 to the above cost.

We can ship your heavy equipment, boats, RVs, trailers buses, trucks, limousines, and all types of armored vehicles to this port. But please provide us with exact dimensions (L x W x H) and weight of the commodity you want to ship.

For advice and guidance for shipping your vehicle overseas,
please see our following webpage:

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