Flat Rate per vehicle up to 1176 cuft or 21' x 8' x 7'
Tranist Time from LA to Hawaii: 7 - 8 Days

Please read our RoRo Preamble.

From To Price
LA / Oakland, Seattle Honolulu $1440
LA / Oakland, Seattle HI: Hilo & Kawalhae $1490
LA / Oakland, Seattle MAUI: Kahului $1490
LA / Oakland, Seattle KAUAI: Nawiliwili $1490
Honolulu LA / Oakland, Seattle $1440
Neighboring islands LA / Oakland, Seattle $1490

We can ship your heavy equipment, boats, RVs, trailers buses, trucks, limousines, and all types of armored vehicles to this port. But please provide us with exact dimensions (L x W x H) and weight of the commodity you want to ship.

For advice and guidance for shipping your vehicle overseas,
please see our following webpage:

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