Please read our RoRo Preamble and Current Updates.

From To Volume Price
NY, Port Everglades (Miami) Rio Haina Up to 700 cuft, 17 ft in length $1450
OTHER PORTS OTHER CITIES --------------- Ask us

Larger units: SUV's, Pickups, Vans, anything over 62 inches in height
please get a specifc rate from us.

We can ship your heavy equipment, boats, RVs, trailers buses, trucks, limousines, and all types of armored vehicles to this port. But please provide us with exact dimensions (L x W x H) and weight of the commodity you want to ship.

There are two stipulations when shipping to the Dominican Republic:
1. The age requirement. -No auto is allowed into the country if it is older than 5 years from the present date.
2. The bill of lading legalized by the consulate to the Dominican Republic. There is a $225 fee for this. If you want SEFCO to handle this, our charge will be $300 additional.

For advice and guidance for shipping your vehicle overseas,
please see our following webpage:

    Important Service Update

FYI there is no weekly service from NY to the Dominican Republic. The service in Monthly and the steamship line can often get fully booked way in advance of the departure date.

Observation: Advance reservations are strongly encouraged. Plan more than a month ahead of time for a vehicle shipment to the Dominican Republic. Fax our main office a copy of the title: fax # 718-268-0505 and include your basic From/To information on our instructions form:
Thank you for your cooperation.

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