The ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge are different ports in Belgium,
but are located right next to one another.

Please read our RoRo Preamble.

From Transit Time Volume Price
Newark, NJ
Baltimore, MD
Norforlk, VA
Portsmouth, VA
Charleston, SC
Brunswick, GA
Miami, FL
Galveston, TX

Not all vessels call all ports
and service is limited from
Norfolk, VA; Portsmouth, VA; Miami, FL; and Galveston, TX.
16 days (average) Passenger Vehicles
up to 494 cuft, under 63" high
$ 1180
Passenger Vehicles
495 to 600 cuft, under 63" high
$ 1345
Passenger Vehicles
and up to 600 cuft, under 78" high
$ 1615
Passenger Vehicles
601 cuft to 880 cuft, under 78" in high
$ 1745
Long Beach, CA 43 days
sailing: 2/month
Up to 400 cuft $ 1550
Long Beach, CA 43 days
sailing: 2/month
Up to 600 cuft $ 1650
Long Beach, CA 43 days
sailing: 2/month
Up to 900 cuft $ 2120
Other -- days ---- Ask us
High Units: SUV's, Pickups, Vans, anything over 78 inches in height please ask for a rate confirmation.
NY/NJ, Baltimore,
14 days Up to 100 cuft $ 1125
Galveston -- days Up to 100 cuft $ 1320
If shipper delivers the motorcycle crated to the port of loading, there will be an additional $ 150.00 fee for the loading/unloading of the crated motorcylce from the vessel.

*1     Original titles to be self-cleared at port of export. Optional: there will be an additional charge if we are to arranged US Customs export clearance of your original title.

We can ship your heavy equipment, boats, RVs, trailers buses, trucks, limousines, and all types of armored vehicles to this port. Please provide us with exact dimensions (L x W x H) and weight of the cargo you want to ship.

For advice and guidance for shipping your vehicle overseas,
please see our following webpage:

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