Please read our RoRo Preamble.

To Transit Time Volume Price
NY/NJ, Baltimore, Brunswick -- days Up to 400 cuft $1285
NY/NJ, Baltimore, Brunswick -- days Up to 600 cuft $1450
NY/NJ, Baltimore, Brunswick -- days Up to 900 cuft $1690
Port Hueneme, CA -- days Up to 600 cuft $2025
Other -- days ---------- Ask us

We can ship your heavy equipment, boats, RVs, trailers buses, trucks, limousines, and all types of armored vehicles to this port. But please provide us with exact dimensions (L x W x H) and weight of the commodity you want to ship.

Please also refer to our latest updates for RoRo service to base ports in Europe from the USA:

Is your auto US titled? Please visit our websites at

For non US titled autos that are 25 years or older will be subject to the following:

2.835% is the US import duty
For example, $10,000.00 auto = $283.50

$6.00/$1000.00 x 3 times the market value of the auto is surety bond
so if your auto is valued at $10,000.00 we will be talking about 30 x 6 =
$180.00 is the surety bond you will have to pay.

$80.00 is the standard minimum US THC fees (subject to confirmation on case by case basis).

For advice and guidance for LCL shipping and FCL shipping, please see our following webpages:

Read our Sefco Export Advisories  >  CLICK HERE

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