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    Allow us to review some preliminary notes concerning
    commercial activities (non-personal property shipments).

    Sefco Export receives a variety of inquiries concerning transportation/trade of commercial goods in bulk and other forms.
    We welcome your inquiries. We extend our best wishes for success to all honest brokers and general traders.

      Here are some of the first questions we will ask you:

      Have you ever shipped anything before?
      Are you a currently registered Sefco Export account?

      New accounts for commercial shipments are invited to register your company profile with Sefco.
      Corporate shippers with regular outbound or inbound shipments can become an established account.

    Export Support Programs
    Are you a vendor - car dealer/boat dealer, heavy equipment vendor, etc. needing help in pricing international deliveries?
    Either you can refer to our general rate guides (online access) or if your rate request is non-standard and if you have not worked with us before (as a paying client) - we recommend sending in your initial retainer and this amount will be applied toward your first shipment.

    This will allow us to properly service your account and follow through on any special requests - including monitoring targeted markets, reporting on market changes and developments. Join and register for our Export Support Program.
    Get "top priority" attention for your potential and actual export orders.
    Set up your established account relationship with Sefco.

    Receipt of your registration details and retainer will transform your status into an account to be actively serviced.

    If you are asking for Sefco to provide commercial research or information - and you have 'done it before' - you will be expected to present to us some historical data (previous transport arrangements, previous tonnage/time equations, and so on) for evaluation.
    We will also need you to become "known". It is a natural business practise to get to know those for whom you work.
    This way, we will be in a better position to actually help you. All trade information is held in confidence.
    We repect the privacy of our clients. As a policy, we place "safety first".

    If you are not a current Sefco customer, you should become one.
    Have you already received a Sefco quotation?
    Are you ready to proceed?

    Please complete our SLI paperwork and send in your payment as per quotation so we can service your request.

    Please take note of some important points:
    First, all transactions/activities will have to be a-ok with the US Government.
    This even concerns third country to third country transactions that don't touch US shores.
    All new business is subject to acceptance by the company ownership.

    Export/Import trade services
    Sefco's commercial logistical services are provided at the most competitive cost possible.

    Certain restrictions apply:
    Some nation states are off limits to new business development.
    To learn more about such matters please go to the US Treasury website (click here).

    When a retainer is received by our company, then time/resources are allocated to that project. Sefco Export's involvement begins at that time. Rates for service are based on Sefco's proforma invoice - subject to our standard terms and conditions for service - and mutual acceptance.

    We recommend that prospective business partners and agents stay on top of current events.
    US Government foreign policy has an direct impact on trade. How to learn more?
    We recommend reviewing our online advisories and reading periodicals and trade publications:
    such as the International Herald Tribune and the Journal of Commerce.
    Peruse our many "courtesy links" listed in our business section.

    Proscribed Activities

    Sefco does not, can not and will not do business with any person or entity on the "Denied Persons" list as maintained by OFAC, Office of Foreign Assets Control, US Government. The business community must be familiar with Executive Order 13224 (click here) - concerning Terrorism Sanctions Regulations and other matters. Read the US Treasury department's press statement. All exporters are required to affirmatively determine that their customer is not a denied party. See:

      See UPS: Denied Party Screener Screen for Restricted Trading Parties Using a Single Source. Whether you are an importer or exporter, your company must have the processes in place to quickly identify customers with whom the U.S. government does not allow trade. While these government lists are readily available, they are not easy to find. Determining if you are in compliance with U.S. laws regarding restricted parties can take valuable time and productivity away from your business. [courtesy contact: U.P.S.]

    Sefco Export Management Company, Inc. reserves the right to reject service requests if deemed unreasonable or unduly problematic.
    Our general policy can be found on our payment page [click here].

    Use Sefco as your purchasing agent
    - to buy commercial goods.
    Use Sefco as your shipping agent
    - to purchase and arrange shipping related services.


    All agreements to source, purchase, sell or otherwise handle the transfer of any product, service or commodity, will be based on a formally submitted SEFCO Proforma Invoice specifying any/all terms & conditions.


    Buy 20-ft and 40-ft steel ocean containers for export.

    Besides the purchase and overseas delivery of actual products,
    Sefco provides special services, such as:
    referrals to qualified "specialized service providers" - work that includes sending pre-advice alerts to overseas customs brokers, port agents, etc., as well as purchasing and managing a variety of shipping related services.

    Such purchasing services include arranging for one of our destination agents to facilitate overseas customs clearance. Sefco works with various major steamship lines whose overseas port agents often work closely with local customs brokers. The actual fees charged by such brokers vary with location. Sefco's service fee is in addition to the net cost paid to the customs broker. Duties if any are to be paid cod collect at destination. If clearance using a 3rd party broker is requested, payment in full is required before a broker is engaged to submit any customs entry. No Sefco offer includes any possible duties or labor in the event of a physical examination by customs at origin or destination.

    Accessorial services, include:
    Assistance with US Customs formalities - vehicle title clearance for export
    Arranging for construction of special wooden cradles for shipping pleasure craft/boats.

    Special services for existing Sefco Export commercial accounts.
    Not valid for services related to personal property.
    Commercial equipment, vehicles, parts and supplies.

    General Schedule of fees:

    $ 150.00 minimum p/a service charge (plus cost of goods, noted fees/expenses)
    purchasing agency handling fee: special services, products/commodities

      P/A purchasing agency rate

      Minimum: $150.00 flat handling fee   PLUS:

          ..... 10%   of the cost of product/service   up to $5,000.00
          ..... 8%   of the cost of product/service   up to $10,000.00
          ..... 6%   of the cost of product/service   up to $20,000.00
          ..... 5%   of the cost of product/service   over $20,000.00

      Plus: any outgoing banking / currency conversion / courier / consulting hours fees as may be applicable

      Please refer to our normal terms and conditions for service, and standard consulting fee schedule, posted online at:

    Based on total actual/commercial invoice value.

    Buyer must select vendor and provide clear purchasing instructions to Sefco.

    To proceed: First time new commercial and p/a service accounts must complete the required authorization forms. For repeat customers, review our instructions on how to become an "established account". This will help make the commercial processes flow smoothly. Contact our main office for details.

    Additional charges may apply:
    Time based consulting services, for staff support.
    See our online tos for guidance on our consulting rate.
    Sourcing sevices require a minimum deposit of $ 700.00 paid in advance.
    Time based consulting services include: sourcing, research and price negotiation for outsourced services, product purchases, and other special orders.
    P/A rates exclude cost of any origin export packing/preparation (such as heavy equipment cleaning), freight charges, cargo insurance and any accessorial services.
    Agreed cost parameters are specified in writing in advance.

    See: [Origin Packaging/Warehouse Services]
    [International Delivery]
    [Accessorial Services]
    [Cargo Insurance]

    All orders accepted are governed by
    SEFCO's normal terms & conditions for service.

    Contact SEFCO for rates covering
    the import/export handling of commercial cargo:

    INCLUDING *warehouse receiving, *re-packing to specification, *consolidations, *distribution, *special clearances, *documentation, *pre-shipment inspection services, *project/contract shipping rates for general and mixed cargo, project finance, and other special services.

    If you are an established importer, looking for a New York City based distribution warehouse for container de-consolidation and commercial distribution, contact Sefco and our operational partners.

    Commercial Cargo Handling and Management
    Commercial Freight Stations - are ready and available, well suited for commercial importers/exporters. Container pickup from the piers or airports, transport to the warehouse, unloading, de-consolidation, re-packing, US in-land to door distribution. General cargo forwarding activities.

      Our company can help buyers and shippers with a wide range of ancillary services - beyond port to port ocean shipping only.

      All origin / destination services require a LOA Letter of Authorization.

      H/H high and heavy equipment transportation: performed via our network of specialist haulers.
      Exporting heavy equipment? In many cases, oversized equipment transportation with in the United Stated requires special permits from various juristictions while in transit including heavy weight permits and in certain cases requiring a police escort to the port.

    Accessorial Services

    this is a multi-unit vehicle transportation trailer - Note: Sefco Export focuses on OVERSEAS and not domestic transport services

    Sefco Export is an international transportation company and ro/ro POV-auto ocean freight bookings are port to port only.

    At origin:
    Shippers must self-deliver and clear their property at the time of delivery to the port of loading, or arrange for a domestic transporter to deliver to the port.

    Only if a firm port to port international booking has been made, Sefco can make special arrangements for pickup for vehicles and heavy equipment from throughout the USA.

    Sefco Export may provide referrals to known 3rd party vendors for special services, such as CHB customs house brokers.
    All charges are to be settled directly by the property owner/shipper and service provider. Any guarantees for extra charges must be first authorized by the property owner/shipper and settled upon receipt of company invoice.

    Sefco Export charges a posted handling fee to cover the additional staff time and effort to assist in arranging for origin/destination services (beyond port to port only).

    Important to note: Sefco Export provides freight forwarding service based on the ocean carriers actually available in the world marketplace.
    The schedules of the steamship lines - depending on where the cargo is originating and going to - may require firm bookings well in advance of the actual desired shipping date.

    Please read our online advisories for more information on the subject.

    The watchword is this: plan well ahead and become familiar with trends in the world markeplace.
    Book your cargo and plan your required tasks as far ahead of time as possible.
    Access the courtesy links on our company web site for further help:

    Accessorial Services = optional extra services at extra cost.

    Value added export/import services
    • If we are to export clear your vehicles title/paperwork with US Customs, vs. you self-clearing when you deliver the vehicle to the pier.
      Average handling fee: subject to confirmation and change, depending on port and timing $ 175 over cost per title (per vehicle cleared, NY/NJ, Baltimore ports).
      Cost is higher in Miami, Port Hueneme, depending on the port of export. Please ask us for a specific quote.
      Rate subject to acceptance by our auto export department.
      Where you ship from makes a difference. Export clearance/handling rates vary depending upon the port location and pier/SS line.
      Read our informal advice about export clearance formalities for vehicles: [click here]
    • All documents sent via USPS airmail or USPS first class, unless courrier service is requested.
      Give us your FedEx account number for expedited document delivery service, billed to your own account.
      If billed to Sefco's account, the following additional charge will apply: Domestic / International FedEx handling: cost plus $ 45.
      For further details, see: Account Support Courier Service
    • Vehicle Shippers: You can deliver and collect your vehicle directly from the destination port - or use one of our origin truckers to pickup, and overseas destination agents to perform DDC destination delivery services. Additional accessorial services include:
    • overseas pier pickup and in-land delivery to a terminal or residence
    • physically loading/unloading vehicles into containers
    • crating/uncrating for export
    • use of an outside car-carrier trucker to pickup a vehicle from a US inland origin point to transport it to a US pier for export
    • packing of loose items that may not be suitably prepacked for export
    • container truckers allow a certain amount of free waiting time for a "live-load" (normal time = 2 hrs free waiting time in most US and European locations, unless otherwise specified).
    • use of 3rd party contractors or unusual handling , specialized disassembly/assembly
      eg. electricians, carpenters, cherry-picker outdoor lifts/cranes, heavy equipment truckers, piano handling or heavy safe movers.
    • Arranging for 3rd party pre-shipment inspections
      ie., SGS inspections, special processing by other/outside/Government-designated or mandated export service providers.
    • Coordinating with Governmental authorities outside the parameters of basic shipping,
      ie., checking on/assisting with State Department export licenses for controlled commodities.
    • Optional sourcing and purchasing of export packaging materials
      ie., pre-fabricated export crates, known-down wooden lift-vans - from one of our preferred manufacturers, for use in a Sefco organized export/import move.

      The P/A purchasing agency fee for orders with a commercial invoice valued of over $6,500.00 is 4% of the total invoice amount.
      All orders are guided by a Sefco Export proforma invoice to be approved by the buyer in advance.
      Please become an established Sefco account for this service.

        Our customers are very important people.
          We want to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.
          You are assured of our closest attention and care.

      Our rate quotations will typically list any optional origin or destination services, so you can choose accordingly and let us know of your preference.

      Our general guideline for our premium level, professional origin services - export packing/crating/loading, etc. is accessible online at:

      For a current review of accessorial services, please go to:


      Please use our overseas shipping rate request form

      If we can not assist you with your inquiry
      we will try to refer you to
      a reputable business that can help.

      Need a rate to ship your vehicle?
      Please use our vehicle shipping rate request form

      *** *** ***

      Note : The concept behind SEFCO's
      Commercial P/A (Purchasing Agency) service is this :

      spend $2.00 to save $10.00

      *** *** ***

      As an EMC/Export Management Company, sometimes SEFCO will have access to better sources and can negotiate better prices and export discounts, than can be achieved by a typical retail consumer.

      If the result of the initial search is favorable and our proforma invoice/quotation is acceptable to you, the buyer, our small P/A fee is outweighed by the total savings incurred. Most often this applies to multiple unit wholesale orders for re-sale, vs. singular buys. Single order searches tend to be for very hard to find devices, requiring a deep-search (and additional time/effort). Sourcing services will be provided to established accounts with a retainer on file. The cost for professional sourcing / consulting is: $45 per quarter hour.
      Under certain circumstance, some our shipping/operational partners can provide buyers with a special "Tax Exemption Letter" stating that your purchases are being made "FOR EXPORT ONLY" - where we receive the goods at our designated export CFS/warehouse, consolidate, then ship abroad. The purchases can never be used in the US and must go direct to our designated export cfs-terminal. Such export sales are therefore exempt from any / all state & local sales excise taxes. The savings to you / the buyer, can be as much as 8.25% (the Sales Tax in NY State) or even more. If you have something in mind (to purchase for export from the US), let us know what you're planning to buy and if there is a "buying price-range" that you can spend. Deep industry wide searches may require an deposit/retainer first - depending on the situation. Our retainer covers handling and possible outlays required (certificates of origin, copies, communications, etc). The cost of any extra-ordinary services, such as consular documentation/legalization, SGS pre-shipment inspections, etc is extra to our purchasing agent fee. Company accounts are emphasized.

      Payment must be in negotiable funds.

      Sefco Logistics

      Sefco Export's "Commercial Service" Registration Form

      Programs for logistics providers, export/import traders, vehicle/boat/heavy equipment dealers and other interested parties.
      Worldwide Commercial Shipping Rating Service

      Please establish your company's Trade Profile for our records.

      Primary Contact
      First Name:
      Last Name:
      State: Zip Code:
      Company Name:
      Company EIN:
      Position in Company:

      Principal trade lanes and commodity description:

      Banking Information
      Bank name, address, telephone, contact name, primary account number:

      Trade References
      Provide name, address, telephone, contact name, of at least two trade references that your company does business with.

      Shipping Experience
      If you have shipped internationally, please provide name, address, telephone, contact name, of at least one (or more) freight forwarder and/or shipping line that you have already worked with.

       I would like to register my company profile
             and receive shipping and logistics rate support services.
        Registration for our commercial shipment rating service
        assumes acceptance of our prohibited commerce and activity statement
        (i.e., no trade with banned entites or countries named by the US Department of the Treasury/OFAC) and buyers/shippers/principals' acceptance of our normal terms and conditions for service which is accessible/posted on our website:

        Corporate shippers interested in becomg an "established commercial shipping account" are asked to complete our downloadable forms, located at:

        Have you already shipped with Sefco three times or more? Then you are already an established account. If you are not already a Sefco prepaid account, a minimum Account Initiation fee is required.

        I would like to pay by bank transfer. Please provide me payment instructions.

        I have enclosed a check payable to:
              Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

        Please courier or mail your retainer together with this form to:

        Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
        1 Ascan Avenue PH74
        Forest Hills - New York City, NY 11375 USA

        Contact: Mr. Joseph T. Quinn
        Tel: 718-268-6233



        Thank you for registering your company with Sefco.
        Our retainer is payable to:
        Sefco Export Management Company, Inc. and is non-refundable.

      Export - Import
      Assistance Program

      Become an established account.

      Please email our main office.

      International Logistics
      Export-Import Services
      Selling to the USA?
      Need to promote, sell and distribute?
      Importing from abroad?
      Buying from the USA?
      Looking to sell your product abroad?
      Need support, rates?

      Routing and Scheduling Advice,
      Project-Specific Rate Confirmations

      Obtain Specific Guidance
      for your Export-Import Project.
      Request a custom generated
      Export Report and sign up for our program.
      Ro Ro Logistics Consulting

      Ready to go ahead with your shipment?
      Please fill this out and return to us with payment:
      Sefco's standard contract form

      Complete our form by filling in your company details (person in charge, complete address, etc) and attach a copy of our email quote/correspondence. Send this to our main office in New York City via FedEx with your payment. Upon receipt of your initial payment we will acknowledge and begin to service your account.


      Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

      maintains an online database containing a wealth of links to import/export trade related websites.
      Have a look at some of our current features:

      Consular Commercial Officers

        Participate in our "Helping Hands"
        US Import-Export Development program.

      Sound Advice

      Commercial Trade representation

      Do you need...
      help with clearing customs and duty research in a country outside the United States? Need a referral to an experienced broker, whom we may know to be reliable? Please register your company and remit your initial retainer fee, so we can give your needs proper attention and care. [register]

      Do you need rapid service
      and quick confirmation of information

      such as inland transport rates, SS line schedules, transit time, etc. for a commercial bid? If yes, then your company should already be registered with Sefco. If your company has not yet registerd with Sefco, please FedEx or wire transfer your initial retainer to expedite prompt attention to your needs.

      Company to Company Accounts
      Service for Existing Sefco Accounts

      If you are not an existing Sefco Export customer with a retainer on file, our office will not be able to accomodate requests for detailed commercial research, shipping information and other trade related confirmations.

      Commercial/Trade services include
      determining the best routings and obtaining rate confirmations for international distribution/delivery of commercial goods, customs research and other value added services. This service requires the interested party to register your company with Sefco; the annual registration fee must be prepaid. Additional services [arranging bonds, commercial entries, etc.] can be arranged upon request and prior acceptance. Receipt of the retainer/payment will open and activate your commercial trade file - for up to one year. The same initial retainer applies to the generation of specialized Sefco ESR-Export Shipping Reports. Reports are generated to address specific trade issues such as establishing commercial agent networks and other special challenges, projects and tasks.

      Do business with Sefco.
      After a payment history is established, we provide registered accounts with the best level of service possible.

      Sefco Export does not provide free research.

      Paying for sound advice and guidance:
      For trade rate requests to be investigated and confirmed, you must already be a Sefco customer.
      The way to become a Sefco customer is to register your company with Sefco.

      Let us become better acquainted.

      Provide us with some of your basic details. You can use any one of our standardized forms:
      or go to our commercial accounts form center:
      and kindly send your completed details to our main office in New York City - together with your retainer/deposit.

      Receipt of your initial retainer/deposit allows us to open a file under your company's name and to help service requests for trade support. Sefco's retainer for service is non-refundable.

      Beyond that which shown on the free sections of our extensive (1200 pages+) web site, Sefco has many more contacts/resources and capabilities to assist commercial shippers, serious import/exporters, etc. - including operational partners with transport service contracts, cooperating vendors/agents with trade support services, and the like. These resources can be put to the service of your company.

        Shipping Service is Port to Port only
        All services beyond basic "port to port" documentation, require a LOA Letter of Authorization.
        This can be in the form of a signed SEFCO SLI Shippers Letter of instructions / Standard Contract.
        The cost for any origin or destination services remain for the account of the USPPI / principal / shipper.

      Established accounts and repeat business
      comprise the economic foundation of our company.

      Commercial Shipper sccounts: Application for Commercial Shipping Service.
      Commercial Logistics accounts: Registration for Logistics Support Service.

      Export/Import Development Programs

        For Manufacturers: benefit from our worldwide networks and exposure.
        Work with SEFCO to expand your overseas sales. Ask us for a...

          SALES AGENCY AGREEMENT: this will pertain to any relationship where Sefco will also be acting to promote and sell as well as deliver. Sefco proforma invoices will identify manufacturer represented.

          For this area of our business, our paperwork will show the following language:
            As per CFR title 46: sect. 515.32
                "This company is a shipper or seller of goods in international commerce or is affiliated with such an entity.
                Upon request, a general statement of its business activities and those of its affiliates, along with a written list of the names of such affiliates, will be provided."

          Sefco: Approved (1994) by N.Y. State Dept. of Economic Development - International Division, as an "approved GEMS consultant".
          GEMS stands for "Global Export Marketing Service" and is part of NY States effort to increase the export sale of goods made in NY State. SEFCO's work is not limited to products made in NY State. We work with manufacturers located in the USA and worldwide.
          SEFCO is engaged in both Import as well as Export Sales.

        Sefco Export and "GEMS"
                                            CLICK HERE TO SEE CUSTOMER REFERENCES

        Participate in our "Best of" program.
        Export Awareness

        See the world

        Methodology: Sefco provides interested parties with an initial "LOI" or "LOA" Letter of Interest/Intent or Agreement, to help define the parameters of special projects. Please ask us for feedback on your project, and we will revert with a Sefco pro-forma offer.

        Sefco's Commercial Services include:

        * import promotion, * export promotion, * duty research
        * general sales development and management
        * special projects

        US import research and development - Area specific: i.e., on behalf of a locality.
        Project specific: i.e., determining DOT/EPA status and investigating related US highway standard issues concerning importation of any specific, non-conforming vehicle coming into the US. Refer to our accessorial services guide.

        Market Research and Development
        US preparation - for receiving visiting commercial exporters from countries outside the US, to the US; preparation of import research such as expected duty amounts to be paid for a specific product being imported into the US; determining costs for US distribution of commercial products; providing the Sefco client with the locations of warehouse contractors/distributors; making in-person or remote commercial introductions between sellers and potential marketers; and other efforts to provide new and existing foreign exporters, greater access to the NY and US markets.

        Trade Services
        bulk/charter rate negotiation, furnishing of 3rd country to 3rd country commercial shipping rates for commercial project-cargo.

        SEFCO's Commercial Services department

        Commercial Consulting

        Account Initiation is required.
        Preparation and preliminary review of 3rd country to 3rd country shipping costs, initiate negotiation for a bulk charter contract (investigate spot rates), specialized cargo contracting: negotiate contracts for oversized cargo, boats, yachts, pleasure craft, airplanes, very heavy lift equipment - oversized air cargo transport including origin and estination clearing.

        Specialized research and reporting: commercial trade routings, i.e. Sefco creates a "multiple-point" distribution matrix for your commercial product line. Further details available upon request.

        Trade Specialists - Promotion
        Contact us for a review.

        R&D Research and Development

        Ask for a simple Sefco Export Letter of Agreement, to help define the scope of the engagement.

        Receipt of your payment and LOA-letter of agreement will help make you an established account.

        All accessorial services (beyond port to port shipping/documentation) require a LOA Letter of Authorization by principal / USPPI.

        Any origin / destination service charges remain for the account of principal / USPPI.

        Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
        Payment Instructions:

        Please let us know about your proposal and requirements.

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