Shipping of Personally Owned Cargo
to Destinations Worldwide

POV Personally Owned Vehicles,
HHG/PE Personal Effects
Personal Property of all Kinds
Boats, Planes, Recreational Vehicles
Caravan Travel Trailers, Classic Cars

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    Personally Owned Property shipments    


       POV Vehicles, HHG/PE Household Goods/Personal Effects
       Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Planes
       Caravan Travel Trailers, Classic Cars
       All Kinds of Personally Owned Property

    Move Overseas

     Non-military / non-impelled cargo only.
     Cargo moves that require Jones Act vessels (US flag only/impelled cargo)
     carry higher surcharges and must be declared at the time of any request for rates.

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Receive expert guidance on export-import ocean carrier selection, port routing, local services at origin/destination, customs requirements, and specific advice.

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We will respond with an estimate for your destination.

Most carrier rate quotes are only valid for up to 30 days.

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For future export/import projects needing support well in advance of the actual shipping date, we recommend becoming a Retained Sefco Account.
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     For International Shipping Rate & Service Requests:

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     Export-Import Transportation & Support Services
     Our pre-export service includes comprehensive research and advice covering: Export-Import Shipping Line/Ocean Carrier Routes, Freight Rate Calculation & Confirmation, Carrier Service Comparison, Vessel Frequency & Transit Times. If the cargo is READY FOR SHIPMENT in under 30 days, we can provide a carrier confirmed rate. Most international shipping line rates are valid for a limited time, so prices for shipments scheduled to happen much further in the future can only be an estimate.

     Once you/our customer ("shipper") authorize us to proceed, we make a booking with the selected ocean carrier and prepare to file the EEI electronic export information (US Customs/AES Export Declaration).


This is a critical part of all US Export shipments, and can only be done electronically with AES/US Customs.

Without a proof of filing number (ITN), showing the shipment has been approved for export by US Customs, nothing can be loaded and exported.
At Sefco, we file these critical US Customs EEI export declarations for all our US export customers.

     After the cargo has loaded the vessel and departed, we provide copies of the B/L shipping documents, arrange payment of all ocean fees/surcharges due to the carrier, and provide status reports as the shipment moves along its way. Smooth, clean business.

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    Have a look at our very helpful online guides (free access)
Our website explains the options available for export/import shippers.

     Our carriers go to Destinations Worldwide

     FCL full container & LCL partial container service
     Ro/Ro Roll-on, Roll-off Shipping
     for Self Propelled vehicles & Heavy Equipment

For smaller loads (LCL cargo), client/shippers can self-package the cargo and deliver to our designated LCL Export Receiving/Shipping Warehouse(s) located throughout the United States.

For Ro/Ro & FCL vehicle shipments, client/shippers will be instructed on our shipping docs/instructions regarding where to deliver the cargo.

     We can arrange:   Economy Service,
where client/shippers make their own arrangements to package and load the cargo into FCL full containers that are trucked to your your origin location/door.
This FCL service is called "Live-Load" and "Drop & Pick".

For smaller LCL cargo shipments, if pickup is needed (for prepacked export cargo) we can utilize 3rd party "Line-Haul Truckers" for transport to the Receiving/Shipping terminal.

If you are new to international shipping and need to economize, see our online DIY "do it yourself" tips:

     We can arrange:   Origin/Destination Services for HHG/PE shipments, where we utilize the local services of agents and 3rd party contractors.

     Origin Services are optional extra services that include arranging for local labor/movers (O/A services). O/A origin agent mover service covers inside-of-residence labor, packaging and loading directly into a container or pickup, transfer to our designated export receiving/loading facility.

    For vehicles, we provide referrals to known domestic transporters (if inland pickup/pier delivery is required). Some destinations require cleaning/fumigation services for the cargo being shipped. Where feasible, we provide qualified referrals and support as needed by our clientele.

    Destination Services are optional extra services that include arranging for DDC destination customs clearance and delivery from port to door.

    Book your international transport with Sefco, and we can assist with arrangements for any local services that may be needed.

    "Overseas Moving Specialists"

     A note about our history in the overseas shipping industry.
Sefco's President, Joseph Quinn, has a long history in the export/import business (starting at a family owned Ex/Im company during the '70's).

    Mr. Quinn started his work in the "Overseas Moving" business in July 1986 and has since arranged several thousand individual cargo shipments.

    We have arranged overseas moves on behalf of accounts ranging from UN Missions (Government-paid) to Private Individuals (Self-paid; students, retirees, all walks of life).
That original firm (OMS) was an established international shipping company based in New York City. Reciprocal agents for customs clearance & delivery were located throughout the world. The company literally had its own fleet of trucks, and a large in-house labor force (Teamsters Union, local 814).   [Read more...]

    That history and operation has changed significantly in the last 31+ years. In the '70's and '80's we used telex and cables. No more. Today - almost everything is information oriented. Computers are central, email is how instructions are sent, customs documentation is filed electronically (no more paper). Labor Management has changed. We do not have our own labor force. Sefco is an international freight forwarder, similar in some ways, to how a travel agent books space on a airplane. But for cargo. And often making customs filings for our clients. Frequently arranging additional export/import services at both ends of the voyage, as needed.


     When a customer needs local "origin & destination services" (movers/packers/craters, truckers, etc.) we can help make the necessary arrangements. Our shipments now originate from anywhere in the USA, as well as from/to points all around the world. We have trade contacts and extensive market knowledge gained over 3 decades.

     Any task requiring Origin Services, would need to first be booked with SEFCO for at least the international transportation part of the job. In general, we help with referrals and rate quotes from local providers close to where the cargo is located. If acceptable, our customer can pay for such local services directly (unless otherwise agreed.)

     Shipping internationally can have potentially complex requirements and unknown risks. We have more than 3 decades in the export/import shipping business, and have arranged thousands of international shipments. Get the help and support that your international shipment deserves. Sefco is the way to go.

    Let us know about your upcoming shipment.

    We will investigate matters and report back to you.
    Our several decades experience in Export-Import services
    provides a solid basis for evaluating and selecting the best options.


      Export-Import Support Services include:
    • carrier confirmed ex-im cargo transport rates
    • carrier confirmed ex-im vessel schedules
    • referrals of all kinds
    • consulting services, advance-work for international moves
    • confirmations of any 3rd party services, including
      customs broker fees, export packer charges, inland trucker charges
    • arranging 3rd country to 3rd country movements


    Please provide as much detail as possible.
    This will allow us to serve you well.

    Company Name (if any)
    Contact Person

    Email address
    Re-confirm Email address

    Telephone number

    Origin (location of the cargo)


    Shipping date (when ready)

    Information about your Upcoming Shipment
    What is the Commodity

    RoRo Shipping Services
    VIN Vehicle ID - Serial Number
    Self Propelled Vehicles

    Vehicle / Heavy Equipment Measurement
    Number of units and Weight

    Value - RoRo cargo

    Date when ready to ship

    Ocean Container Shipping - Size

    LCL & FCL - full container loads

    Value - Containerized cargo

    Date when ready to ship

    Local Origin/Destination Services
    Packaging, Crating, other
    Added Value Services

    If you would like to speak to a Sefco representative, advise the best time/contact number to reach you.
    We can schedule a brief teleconference.

    After you submit your initial information
    please look for our response by email,
    indicating our availability and
    acknowledgement of your request.

    Some overseas move requests can take a several days
    to get all the necessary information confirmed.


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