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In response to various inquiries
about shipping pets into and out of the US...


And so you ask...

" How can I bring my beloved tweety-bird
(or other pet)
into the US or abroad? "

"Stanley", Forest Hills, NYC
[neighborhood photos]

Shipping them in...

and shipping them out.

these two really know how to move over seas
image courtesy of Nature News Service

Passports required for pet tortoises?
Yes ! Read all about it: www.nature.com

The customs declaration guide provided by
the Port Authority of NY/NJ
states that dogs, cats, birds,
indeed all pets, need a special permit.

Suggestion: First contact the
US Dept of Agriculture attache
at the American Embassy in the country of origin.
They have the instructions on how to get an import permit.

After obtaining the permit,
upon landing at JFK (or other airport of entry)
your pet would go to the
"Animal Port" holding area, specially created
for the purpose of temporary quarantine
and holding of live animals entering the US.

look both ways

Before you book your flight,
be sure to stay up to date
on current import clearance procedures.

First read the official advice
given by US Customs via their website.

You can look up their section entitled:
Travelers Importing Pets and Wildlife

click here for the International Fund for Animal Welfare
Even kitty can have a bad hair day.

If you plan to bring your pet into the U.K.
and want to learn more about the
pet-quarantine situation, check out the issue-oriented
UK-Pet Passport page

Also very useful:
the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

For general rules on pet importation into Germany,
visit the www.germany-info.org site.

See a useful guide on shipping live animals,
presented by Air Canada

AQIS - Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

International Pet Regulations and Policies

"Animal-health requirements: non commercial movement of pet animals"
European Parliament conciliation,
on the movement of pets.

click to hear elephant
audio-from the bush

new updates on pet moving
coming soon

{click here for
fun facts
about elephants}

Take care

Shipping them out...

" So, how can I learn more
about pet shipping...

and who'se good to use
amongst freight forwarders ? "

Check out some of these websites:

good doggie !

Action Pet Express
Domestic and International Pet Travel Specialist
Providing personalized service to Greater WASHINGTON DC area
toll free: 888-234-5028

fetch !

E-Pet Taxi - New York City
contact: Larry Reilly, at

Delta's Pet First service

Shipping your Maltese...
and other puppies & pets.
Written from an owners point of view.

You CAN take them with you...
The Sherpa Bag

O'Brien Animal Transport Service

Happy Tails Pet Services
Worldwide Pet Relocation

Instone Air Services
Worldwide Air Service for Animal Transportation

Guide to importing cats and dogs from approved countries;
From the Library of the Australian Embassy to the United States

Pet Shippers by Region
The Independent Pet and Animal
Transportation Association-Int'l.

Pet Transporter

pet shippers

FAMNET's advise on Pet Transport
Lackland USAF base
and Bolling USAF-base

Jet Pets
Located at LA Airport on 2.1 acres near the ocean

Lee Atwood's
Pet Resorts-Travel Agency

Club Pet
"A hotel so exclusive we don't accept people"

Giddy-yup !
Crispin Bennett
International Horse Transport

Adopt a Pet
Adopt a pet

Good Deed of the Month
Pet-lovers rise above business failure
to save the lives of starving dogs.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare
...works to improve animal welfare,
prevent animal cruelty and abuse,
protect wildlife and provide animal rescue around the world.

patron saint
Saint Francis,
patron saint of wildlife.

Read a short story
about Buddha's teaching on:
Kindness to Animals

visit PBS

General Veterinary Directories

lost and found pets

Tokyo Nekko

[more links coming soon]

enter the sanctuary - click here

Pet Travel

Frequently asked questions about PET TRAVEL - by the HUMANE SOCIETY of the US

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15 rather unique links
courtesy of Dave in Rhode Island
" Animals "

be brave

The sun never sets...
...on the virtual pet.

{ listen to a crow ! }

{ blackbird by the beatles }

{ bird songs }

{ nature songs }

{ Brooklyn wildlife }

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    Area Guide:

Sea Serpent detail
from Gifu Castle, Japan

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