Make a DIRECT DEPOSIT payment to a
      Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
        bank account, at a local bank branch near you.

    Choose the most convenient bank location for you.

    We have US Bank Accounts at:

      JP Morgan Chase Bank
      Find a branch near you > BRANCH LOCATOR

      Chase tellers will accept direct deposit payments for Sefco.
      This is the fastest payment method, for same day credit.
      No extra banking fee for direct deposits (as apply to bank wires).

    Direct deposit payments are handled only through Chase Bank branches.
    For other payment method options, see below.
    Payment to Sefco can be processed online, through:

    JP Morgan Chase Bank Online "QuickPay" Service
    Sign up to use: CHASE QuickPay

    This requires a US bank account, and an initial set-up security procedure (this can take 1-2 business days) to use this online payment system. Sefco, through CHASE, sends you an email with a referenced quote/bill amount to pay. Deposits, insurance remittances as other payments can be easily paid this way - all done online.

    Bank of America "BOA"
    Sign up to use: BOA Online Bill Payment Suite

    For this, you need a US bank account and can take 3 days on average to set up for first time payors. Sefco, through BOA, can send you a proforma invoice that you can pay using this online system. This works well for our repeat shipment accounts.

    Direct Deposit Guidance

    "How to correctly fill out a bank deposit slip,
         to make a direct deposit payment to Sefco."

    1) Go to a JP Morgan Chase Bank branch
        and get a blank deposit slip.

    2) Write in name of account to be credited:

    3) WRITE IN THE ACCOUNT NUMBER - per our instructions
         Suggest you print out our email with our banking info* and bring with you.

    4) Get in line and hand in payment with deposit slip to teller.

    5) Get receipt from bank teller
         Send us a copy of the receipt.

    Our main Email address, is
    Our main FAX No. is 718-732-2863
    *Banking Info Security*
    To assure the security of all company and client information, bank wire instructions are to be provided only to the authorized Sefco customer making payment for services. New Sefco accounts must send in the signed SLI (Shippers Letter of Instructions) and full security ID (personal ID, passport, or company EIN - tax ID number) to keep on file. In accordance with Sefcos normal terms and conditions for service, this information may not be reproduced nor shared with any person or entity other than the customers originating financial institution.

General instructions for Sefco clients:

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