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Tel: 718-268-6233 - main telephone line
Toll Free: 888-268-0565
Fax: 718-732-2863 - main fax line

Approved Sefco Export Agents and Receiving Stations located worldwide.

Primary US mailing address for documents and payment:
Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
909 Third Avenue, No. 7299  
New York, New York 10150  

Receiving all USPS, FedEx, UPS deliveries.

Please use our online rate request form for new inquiries.
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Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
Federal Maritime OTI Lic. No. 020644F

Please provide your shipping info and SLI instructions:

    Payment Instructions

    Specialized Ex-Im Support Services
    Available for Retained Accounts

    To Service New Accounts, your non-refundable retainer is required.

      Worldwide Shipping Services

      Set up a new Export - Import Account

      To set up a new account
      we require a non-refundable payment of USD 500.00
      (for any individuals/known and unknown shippers)

      This is required in order to properly service a new request.

      Advise, analysis and quotations require
      active Sefco Account status.

      Time is dedicated to existing accounts with a retainer on account.

      New Requests, including service for known and unknown individual shippers:
      Quotations/ratings/routing advise, analysis, suggestions, tax information, agent referrals, customs work, require a non-refundable retainer on account.

      Our charges:
      USD 250 measurement-analysis rating fee
      (Analysis and 1-quotation/carrier confirmation - handling fee)
      USD 250.00 - Credit on Account
      (Credit applicable to quoted cost for any new/formal carrier booking within 1-years time. The credit is non-refundable.)
      $ 500.00

      Corporate accounts are handled on a case by case basis.
      Rates for multiple origin/destination logistics consultation,
      require a non-refundable retainer and are subject to an hourly fee.
      minimum retainer: USD 500.00

      Existing Sefco Accounts:
      Your non-refundable retainer is good toward services and any new booking in the current year (365 days from payment). Rates for general services follow our posted guidelines which are subject to updating. All offers must be reconfirmed in writing within 30 days of execution, and subject to Sefco's normal terms and conditions for service, posted on our web site.

      Non-refundable Retainer/Please see quote for amount.
      Requests for shipment within 60 days or less.

      A Non-refundable Retainer is required for new booking requests,
      booking confirmation and processing of docs.    

            $500  min. required - or simply prepaid in full
          LCL SHIPPING

            $500   min. required - or simply prepaid in full

            $1500   min. required - or simply prepaid in full

            $1500   min. required - or simply prepaid in full

      Please fill in your contact details and other information,
      using our SLI Shippers Letter of Instructions form:

      Need more info?  

      Ask us about online payment options.
          Sefco will send you a proforma invoice with full instructions upon request.

      Payment Options include:

        Bank to Bank Wire
              See our quote for banking instructions.

        ***An additional USD 30.00 incoming bank wire fee applies
              for the account of the payor, in addition to actual invoice cost.

        Chase QP QuickPay online
              US only / We'll send you a request via email. No bank fees.

        BOA Bank of America online
              US only / We'll send you a proforma invoice via email. No bank fees.

        Direct deposit
              US only / Refer to our instructions. No bank fees.

        Or, use any of the traditional ways:
              Send a check/money order in the mail
              via FedEx/UPS, USPS, etc.

        Use our New York, NY address (noted above) or:
              Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
              1 Ascan Avenue, Suite PH74
              Forest Hills, NY 11375 USA
              attn: Booking Department

        click here for more online payment options

        Become a Known Shipper and Retained Sefco Account

        Specialized Ex-Im Support Services are available
        for pre-existing and newly retained Sefco Accounts.

        Sefco customers with history of multiple bookings,
        and New Accounts with a Retainer for Service on file
        can benefit from out closest attention and care.

        Export/Import expertise

        We'll work to ease the way.

        Additional Options

        Process Payment Online

        Sefco works with the following service provider
        to help smooth the process of paying your non-refundable retainer.

                Transactions are processed by our secure provider: Square, Inc.
                Currently available in the US, Canada, Japan, and Australia.
                Payments from outside this area require a bank wire transfer.

        Just enter your non-refundable retainer amount (from USD 500-1500)
        and then enter your credit card details.

          Click on the following link, to process
          the required retainer as noted above, online:

        ***An additional USD 25.00 min / 3-pct convenience fee applies
              to any c/c transaction, for payors account. This will be reflected on
              Sefco's receipt/credit for payment.

        Pay your retainer from your smartphone or computer.

        Our Accounting Department can send you
        a retainer request via email,
        and/or a detailed proforma invoice.

        It will be your choice, how to pay - via credit / debit card,
        online bank transfer, or any other method noted above.

        Payment instructions will be included in the message.

        If you have any questions or need help, just ask us!

          Export-Import Special Services

        How to receive Account Support Services

          Retainer Based Services
          Servicing of Ex-Im Accounts

          Customized Export Import Support Services
          R and D for the Export-Import trade community

          A retainer is required for Ex-Im Support Services
          for known/unknown shippers
          and all new commercial accounts.


          Initiate your Account
          Please take the steps outlined above:
          (1) Fill on our Form     (2) Inititate payment

          Servicing of accounts, processing of information
          and pre-shipment support will be provided
          upon receipt of your payment.

      Thank you for your interest in our service.

        Customer Support
        Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
        New York City, New York - USA

        Main/Admin Tel (888) 268-0565

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