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        Not everyone has the budget nor desire for P-level premium service "hands off" international moving. Sefco Export provides the highest level of service working with our very best agents for premium level export packing, shipping/handling and destination delivery services into your overseas residence. Our P-Premium Service means total service for your door-to-door international move.

    To be considered a premium level move, Sefco arranges the origin export-packing and destination delivery services. There is a minimum retainer/deposit required (USD $ 3,000.00) prior to scheduling our premium level packers. Reservations need to be made at least one calendar month prior to the pickup. All charges quoted must be prepaid prior to departure of the cargo. Allowances are made in the budgeting and carrier/agent selection process to reflect a shippers ability to bear the cost for hassle free all-encompassing service. Sefco works with some of the best agents in the world.

    Sefco knows the difference between cheap, risk-fraught shipping practices and premium total service. Our quotations, carrier selection and recommendations are based on real-life experience working with carriers and agents in certain trade lanes, origins and destinations. Protecting the interests and peace of mind of the shipper/consignee/property owner remains the primary objective.

    Take a moment to consider your options (E-economy level self-packing, unpacking - vs. P-premium level total professional packing, unpacking). Let us know about your upcoming move. Register your preferences and sign up for Sefco's export shipping service. Sefco Export can present the best options suited to your budget and desires. Whatever your choice, going with Sefco Export means you have chosen a company dedicated to delivering the best results. Come and get to know us better, visit our reference center

    find your new palace Sefco's Premium Service means that we arrange for a...
    complete Door to Door Export packed (at origin) and unpacked (at destination) international move.

    Sefco Export can arrange for the cargo to be fully covered by our insurance underwriters door to door cargo protection policy. Quotations for service to some destinations (e.g., Africa) may require the inclusion-noted in advance-of certain assessorial services, such as SIT port storage. Allowances can be made for anticipated demurrage costs, to best protect the interests of the cargo owner. At destinations where SIT storage in transit and demurrage can be anticipated, Sefco Export can make proper advance preparations to allow for such costs to help our clientele anticipate their needs and budget for such costs. No one likes price shocks and unexpected extra fees to be borne by a property owner during a challenging period. This is where Sefco's experience in worldwide shipping is a major advantage. Forecasting real costs, and budgeting accordingly.

    The best surprise is the pleasant surprise, and satisfaction at seeing a job well done.

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