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Hands-off, worry free.

Door to Door Overseas Moves

Total Origin Export Packing,
International Shipping/Handling, and
Overseas Destination Delivery Service.

Premium Service - Total Service

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     Our Premium Service means total service

for your door-to-door international move

Here, we detail step-by-step what is included
in your premium service door to door overseas move.

    Sefco Export provides:

    "P" - Premium Door to Door Overseas Moving Service

    Total Service

    Premium Overseas Moving Services - where we arrange everything, making your move a "hands-off and worry-free" experience.

      Premium service at origin (full/complete origin services) includes:

      Professional Export Packaging - Origin Services

    • Complete export packing of all your hhg-household goods and p/e-personal effects - inside your home using the best export packing materials, trained and experienced professional export packers/labor.
    • ESR-export survey report
      Checking and formal inspection of all packed cargo and preparation of formal packing inventory lists for transport, insurance and customs purposes. Everything moves on a signature-to-signature, door-to-door basis.
    • Complete inside of residence pickup/labor, professional loading of the ocean shipping container and/or packing into wooden lift-vans.
    • Payment of certain accessorial fees for: normal outbound export customs clearance of all documents, and placement of specially numbered "truckers seal/lock" on the container.
    • Arranging all normal export paperwork in conjunction with our forwarding department - including special handling by our auto export department for export clearance of original vehicle titles by US Customs.
    • Processing fees for AES EEI-Shippers Export Declaration for shipments valued over $2500, certificates of insurance, B/L-bills of lading, D/R-dock receipts and inspection reports.
    • Round-trip trucking of ocean containers: pickup of empty -inspected & seaworthy certified- steel ocean shipping container at origin port, trucking-positioning at loading point, return of loaded container back to the pier, for export.
    • Total of all current port to port shipping fees, cuc-container usage charges, baf-bunker fuel adjustment fees, caf-currency adjustment factor.

    • Professional Clearance and Inside Delivery - Destination Services

    • Normal overseas customs clearance fees for p/e-personal effects, hhg-household goods.
    • Overseas port pickup, on-carriage inland transport to destination point/residence
    • Unloading of container and/or lift-vans at residence by experienced professional movers, complete inside-of-residence delivery, set-up of furniture inside residence, unwrapping, unpacking and removal of debris on day of delivery by our overseas destination agent.
    • Normal access is assumed, up to 2nd floor, excluding possible a/s - accessorial services - like hoisting, piano handling, use of electricians, etc.
    • Return of empty ocean container back to port/depot.
    Door to Door Overseas Moving Service

    "P" premium service means total service:
    "full origin/complete destination" services by our professional movers. This service provides our customers with the very best level of export packing, total customer service and complete overseas door delivery service possible - thus, resulting in greatest convenience and ease for our customers. When we export pack and unpack your valuables on a door-to-door basis, the result is: safe and intact receipt of your property - oftens thousands of miles from the point of origin, and total peace of mind.

    Premium Services for Vehicles - Expedited Documents and Handling

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  • We are committed to:
    Professional Service with Integrity.

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