New Hampshire
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SEFCO Export - Operations, New Hampshire

If you need export packaging for your household goods, please give us your exact address, phone number, and the basic list of what needs to be packed. Please use our following form: Inventory Form in PDF and send it to us by email or by fax at (718) 268-0505.

To see our 50 state origin / destination agent guide
go to our National Directory of Sefco Export Packers

E-economy service customers:

If you plan to pack the goods yourself (and save), you can deliver your "pbo" pre-Packed By Owner goods to one of our receiving warehouses located nationwide [cfs].
PBO cargo must be suitably packed for export and not "raw". The level of customer service for our E-economy minded customers at origin and destination is professional and quite sufficient to accomplish the basic tasks as mutually agreed upon. Self-clear, self pack, self pickup overseas - are all ways our E-service customers can do things themselves and save.

P-premium service customers :

Our origin agent will speak to you directly, and all export packing (professional manpower including all materials), pickup, loading, special handling, shipping services, overseas clearance assistance, door delivery, unloading, inside delivery, inside set-up, unpacking, unwrapping and removal of debris on the day of delivery - all this is normally included in our P-premium level service. It costs more, but you have vastly less work to do and is very convenient. The level of our customer service when opting for "P" premium service, is geared to making your life as easy as possible, and to protect your possessions as if they were our own. Only the best packing crews and best packing materials are used. Our overseas delivery agents are not necessarily the cheapest, but they are among the very best. You don't have to fear what will become of your goods once they land overseas. The level of customer service at destination is the best possible under all circumstances.

To learn more about the basics of E-economy and P-premium overseas moving services, please read our on-line guidebook: [steps]

Sefco Export Business Associates, Cooperating Agencies,
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Sefco does not undertake domestic / local moves.
But we can recommend / refer you to an agent we know...
Go to our National Directory of Sefco Export Packers

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