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SLI - Shipper's Letter of Instructions

For "fast lane processing" of your new booking request
Please complete our SLI - EXPRESS BOOKING Form (shown below)

Clients should sign the forms provided by our office for your particular shipment.

Sefco Quote / Ref No (EX-) and/or quote date

Billing Details
Party Responsible for Payment of Sefco's quoted Shipping/Handling cost:

Account info / Company or Individual name
  Account Phone #
Account street address:   Account Fax #
City:     Account mobile #  
State: Postal code:    
Principal Email:
E-Mail Response Address
Payment method

Booking requests/reservations
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    Date of Payment

Please send bank receipt
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deposit amount, or
full payment of quote

Account history / Are you a new SEFCO account? / or do you have a Prior Booking with SEFCO?  
Referral by
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  Prior Sefco Booking   [Known Shippers]    First Time Sefco Account   [Unknown Shippers] 


Senders info / Shipper/Cargo Owners Name at origin (if different from billing party)
      Cargo Owner/Seller at origin and/or USPPI   (U.S. Principal Party in Interest / for US Exports)
Company or Individual Name:
USPPI Name (owner/seller at origin)
Phone #: USPPI phone (at origin)
Identification / please advise one of the following    
(A) Sellers/Company - EIN (US tax ID):
Company ID no, EIN
Contact person:
or (B) Individual - Passport No.:
Personal ID no, Passport
Passport country:


Cargo Origin /    Please write down the actual physical address from where the cargo is starting its journey.
Cargo Origin street address:
Cargo Origin city
Cargo Origin state
  Cargo Origin zip
Company / contact person name: Contact person name at origin
Contact persons phone #: Cargo Origin phone
Origin contact persons email address:
Cargo will be ready for shipment on month/day/year
Client FedEx acct #  (for return of original docs, if any) 


Receivers info / Consignee Overseas / Destination

Ultimate Consignee name
Phone #:
Phone Number at destination
Address: Destination street address
Fax #:
  Mobile #:
Destination city
Postal Code:
Destination postal code
Contact person:
Destination contact name
Destination country

Commodity Information
Personal Property (not for re-sale)   
Any hazardous commodity?
Commercial Cargo:
Commodity Description, Measure
     Write in &/or send: copy of packing list,
     bill of sale,  full description including
     length x width x height
      and complete details for multiple vehicles
Commodity HS Code number (if known)
If unsure leave blank and Sefco will assist.
USD value (for AES/EEI Export Declaration)
 Gross weight in KG
Is this a vehicle?
  Scan and email (or fax) Sefco a copy of vehicle title(s)
  Email:    Fax:  718-732-2863
Vehicle year/make/model:
VIN/Product ID Serial Number:
Vehicle Title Number:   Title State:
Vehicle operable

Marine or Air cargo insurance?
    USD insured value (if different than above)

Cargo Size / Container Type   
RoRo shipping    /    RoRo cbm size
LCL shipping    /    LCL cuft/cbm size
FCL shipping    /    FCL container type

Port of Loading:
Origin - Port of Export
Port of Arrival:
Destination - Port of Unlading
Country of Destination:
Country of Destination
Place of Delivery:
("DDC" door delivery available at extra cost)
    All orders are subject to Sefco's normal terms & conditions for service.
    A copy of our terms of service (tos) is available online at:

    I have read and agree to Sefco's normal terms and conditions for service.

Shipper Signed Authorization (input name)

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