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Sefco Export, NYC HQ USA - Sefco is the way to go. Ship your property overseas.

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Sefco Export, NYC, NY HQ USA - Sefco is the way to go.

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  • Do you have a new inquiry? Will you be moving within the next 2 months? Make sure that you communicate with Sefco sufficiently in advance of your desired move date.

  • Learn how to avoid problems before they happen. Take our advice. Real-life experience counts for a lot! If your goods are professionally packed and shipped door-to-door, TGI cargo insurance will be available, subject to acceptance by their underwriters. Household goods shippers need to pre-pay for insurance, export packing and shipping costs before the consignment leaves the origin port. You are assured of our closest care and attention.

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  • Sefco Export security advice: Traveling abroad?
    DHS "Prepare for Takeoff" awareness campaign


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