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The points listed below are to help you get a better understanding of the shipping services and costs offered by Sefco. These services may or may not effect your above rate, but it is advisable for you to read them. For further detailed explanations please go to:

Insurance-with full origin and destination services rendered the insurance premium (to most high demand destinations, ie., London, Rome, Tokyo, Sydney) will be 2.8% of the value insured, that's $28.00 for every $1000.00 of coverage. *Higher premiums apply to destinations considered riskier (ie., Brazzaville, Kinsasha). We use TGI (Travel Guard International) a major insurance brokerage firm that specializes in marine cargo insurance. This type of insurance provides full blanket coverage for your freight while it is in transit. This type of policy is known as "All Risks Policy". The bottom line with this type of policy is that if something should happen to your freight while in transit, your claim will be processed and paid in full for the purchased amount within a reasonable period of time. For greater detailed explanations, please go to:

Please note we sell a full market value policy at 3.25% of the the value insured*. This policy provides for full blanket protection but recognizes the appreciation in value with certain items like artwork and antiques. With these types of items we will need a letter from a registered appraiser certifying the appreciation in value from the original purchase price. Insurance-with no origin or destination services rendered to the shipper's freight, the insurance premium will be 2% of the value insured*, that's $20.00 for every $1000.00 of coverage. The insurance broker is the same, but the name of the policy is known as Named Perils/FPA. The only way your claim will be paid will be if something major happens to the container (washed out to sea, fire, theft, destroyed at terminal), it will be processed and paid within a reasonable period of time. And also there is a $65.00 flat fee for processing the certificate of insurance. And the minimum insurance premium amount is $ 90.00 "

Some points to note:

1. LCL means "less than container load."

It is where your freight will be loaded into a groupage container (sharing a container with other people's freight) and shipped out of a designated CFS terminal.

2. CFS means "Container Freight Station."

They are shipping terminals only, this is where freight is consolidated (loaded) and shipped out, and where freight is deconsolidated (unloaded) and released. They aren't origin warehouse, storage facilities or packaging stores.

3. Our origin warehouses can offer the shipper a wide variety of origin services such as pickup, loose packing with pickup, palletization and liftvanning/crating. Our origin warehouses are some of the best warehouses in the world and have won numerous awards for the quality and care they provide in these services.
For a break down of the costs for these origin services please go to:

4. Palletization/liftvanning/crating are packing methods used to protect your goods from being damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen. We highly recommend these services for your freight.

A. Pallets are recommended when your are shipping boxes of personal effects only: To see pictures of these types of packing please go to:
For pallets:
For packaging and pallets:
For palletization (shrinkwrapping and pallets):
Where to get a pallet if you don't feel like paying for them:

B. We recommend liftvans when you are shipping household goods such as furniture and mattresses :
For photos of crates/liftvans:
For details on a std. liftvan and pictures of household goods inside them:

C. We recommend crating for all art works and antiques.
Please go to:

5. Another packaging suggestion is the super box which can hold up to approximately 45/cuft./450lbs. These boxes are great for all types of personal effects such as computers, CD's, clothes, linens, dishes, pots and pans, etc. Just fill them up and deliver them to the CFS terminal or we can make arrangements for straight pickup.
For superbox info:

6. The last packaging suggestion are the use of trunks and footlockers. These are excellent for shipping personal effects and they don't have to be palletized or crated. Throughout our website there are a number of suppliers which are listed that can sell you directly a number of trunks and footlockers

7. Pier delivery vs. Linehualing:
whether we arrange for the packaging or you arrange for the packaging of the freight, the freight still has to be delivered to the CFS terminal for export.

A. Pier Delivery: When we arrange for pickup and packing there is a separate accessorial charge known as pier delivery fees. This is where the freight after it has been packaged for export is physically trucked from the origin whse. to the CFS terminal.

B. Linehualing: this is known in the industry as "Straight Pickup". Linehualing of the freight can be from an origin warehouse or from a residence.

a. Origin warehouse: Pickup from a origin whse. usually involves liftvans and large distances from the origin whses. to the CFS terminal.
For example, moving liftvans across the country from the Eastcoast to the Westcoast and then shipping the freight to Hawaii.

b. Local pickup: this usually involves pickup from a residence within a 30 mile radius from the CFS terminal. In addition to the local pickup charges shippers will be billed extra for the following:
Residential vs. curbside: it costs more when the trucker has to go inside the residence.
Liftgate attachment: these special attachments on the truck allow for the freight to be lifted from the ground into the inside of the truck.
Palletjacks: when a trucker has to show up and use a palletjack to lift the freight from inside the house to the curb.

8. When your freight is received at the CFS terminal it is carefully inspected, weighed and measured for an accurate CUFT./LBS. total. There is no problem in having more or less than what we originally quoted you, your rate will be prorated accordingly to the online rate grids.

9. Gross vs. the Net: There is a slight expansion factor with these services usually 5% to 10% w/palletization and 10% to 20% with liftvanning/crating. This expansion factor is known as the gross while your loose packed goods is known as the net, you will be charged and billed by the gross. Eg. if you have 100cuft. of personal effects the gross after palletization will be 110cuft. and if you have 100cuft. of household goods in a liftvan/crate you will be looking at a gross of 120cuft.


11. Full destination services include the following: all terminal handling charges, custom clearance, inland trucking to your door, and at your door unloading, unpacking, setting up, and the discarding of all debris. You will notice that our Sefco/Eurodelivery service provides these services in the shipping rates that are quoted on our website. The Sefco/Shipco rate grids don't provide these services. These services can be arranged by our Sefco/affiliate for that country but we will need your exact overseas contact address to verify these additional costs. A partial listing of some of the agents we work with are shown here:

12. Shipper has the option of self clearing by contacting the Consulate of the country they are shipping to and asking them to send the proper paper work, fill them out and submit at no charge for self clearance, or the shipper can go directly to the port/terminal and self clear for free or for a small fee.

13. Duties- generally there are no duties on used personal effects that are older than 1 year old, but with shippers returning to their home country or shippers who have purchased brand new personal effects like appliances, the duties can vary in amount, and from item to item. Please check with the Consulate of the country you are shipping to. Please go to

14. Paperwork: We will need a detailed packing inventory list on what you are planning to ship overseas. This list will be used for Customs, insurance purposes and for Sefco records. In addition we require you send us a copy of your passport photo and all shippers must take the time to download and fill out our quote contract form shown here.

15. Payment: With regards to payment for all LCL shipments can either be prepaid or we require a $500.00 deposit which will be credited towards the final balance owed. Balance must be paid before freight leaves port, there are no exceptions.
For more information, please go to

16. All rates are subject to confirmation, and to the normal terms and conditions by Sefco.
For further details, please go

17. Even though your LCL shipment may be small there is a lot of time and effort that goes into an overseas move and at times you may not have thought of the following:

18. We have shipped thousands of happy, satisfied customers. If you have any doubts about us, please go to our reference page and see what our satisfied customers have to say:

19. Expat services-Sefco has created a compendium of online recourses that touch on a wide variety of issues that effect expat life. Please go to:

20. Whether you are just starting out or are being transferred by an international corp. please let Sefco's online business section help your company grow. Please go to: In conclusion I like to thank you for taking the time to read this message and for inquiring into our shipping services. We look forward to hearing from you and to shipping your freight!

21. For LCL Shipping advice, please go:

22. For LCL packing and loading tips, please go:

23. Learn more: About Volume

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