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The LCL Export shipping grids on our website are quoted from CFS Terminal to CFS Terminal.
They are only an estimation and must be confirmed by a SEFCO representative.

These rates are subject to change and are influenced by the following factors:

* War, civil strife, the local economy of a country,
* the world economy influenced by Wall Street and the stock market,
* the price of oil, Union strikes, weather and natural disasters.

All the SEFCO LCL export rates on each grid page include the following:

* All consolidation costs, US THC terminal handling charges, O/F ocean freight (port to port),
* CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor),
* All normal Export Documents like the D/R (Dock Receipt), B/L (Bill of Lading),
* EEI (Electronic Export Information) for freight valued over $2,500.00
      (submitted electronically to US Customs & Border Protection),
* and normal handling by our Sefco account support staff

For LCL port/port economy shipping service:
processing of export docs and normal handling, including up to 2 hrs account support staff time per LCL consignment.

All the SEFCO LCL export rates on each grid page don't include the following:

* DTHC-destination terminal handling fees, deconsolidation fees, DDC-destination delivery services,
* customs clearance, vat taxes, sit fees or import duties.

These rates don't include any origin services
ie., export packaging, export clearance of vehicle titles (if applicable), or pick up fees by a linehauler/trucker.

The cost for D/A Destination Agent "DDC" service (overseas pickup/clearance and destination door delivery)
is included only for our EURODELIVERY SERVICE, or on our quotations for "Premium Service" door-to-door shipments.

Our quotation for service will be clearly marked (Door/Door premium, CFS warehouse to terminal, etc.)
Our customer service staff will be pleased to provide referrals to reliable clearing and delivery agents,
should a Sefco customer need any help in that area.

Please take the time to read over the LCL fact sheet which goes into detail
to answer a lot of your questions regarding LCL shipping.

Would you like to go ahead?
Please read our step by step instructions: How to proceed with an international shipment.

For advice and guidance for LCL shipping and FCL shipping, please see our following webpages:

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