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Moving from Japan to the United States?
Or, do you need to ship your personal effects from the USA to Japan?

Access our on-line rates, for:
E-Economy Self-Service Shipping
P-Premium Full Service Door to Door moving.
Overseas Moving Specialists

Premium Service - Total Service
Door-to-Door Moving
To Japan. From Japan.

About our Premium Service
An Explanation
Total Service Door-to-Door
Overseas Moving
The Details

P-Premium USA/Tokyo Full Service
All-Inclusive Door-Door Rates

{All Inclusive D/D moves start at $2000 USD}
Rate Guides for pickup from 14 major USA/Canadian cities
Premium service rates include D/D marine insurance.

R-Regular Service, Door to Door overseas moves
From greater NYC area residence, and from Washington, DC area residence, to Tokyo Residence, Japan

{HHG/PE Household Goods, Personal Effects for Export}

E-Economy Service Rates
For self packed/PBO packed by owner cargo.
Warehouse to port service is available.

Vehicles and Oversized Heavy Equipment Shipped Worldwide.

Bring your pet with you when you move to Japan!

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Movement in all directions.
North, South, East, West, above and below.

Moving your castle?

Connecting Japan, the US
and the world...

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Ship to Japan
LCL - Personal Effects
Ship from Japan

From America to Japan.
From Japan to America.

Self-packed or Mover prepacked HHG-Household Goods from 24 different cities - USA warehouse, shipped by sea, up to the terminal in Japan - Yokohama, Tokyo, Kobe, Nagoya, and Osaka.

Sefco's on-line rate guides:
E-Economy Service
USA Warehouse to terminal Japan
[ English] [ Nihongo / Japanese]

R-Regular Service, from greater NYC area residence, and from Washington, DC area residence, to Tokyo Residence, Japan

Sefco's export packing rate guide:
P-Premium full service
[ door to door service]


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Japan-USA Expat Resources

Find: Information about Japan & New York / New Jersey - Japanese Newspapers on-line - Japanese Magazines available in NY / NJ - Travel Agencies with Japanese speaking agents - Japanese Supermarket in NY / NJ - Japanese Book Store in NY / NJ - Inexpensive Language Schools - Community Colleges in New York City (English as a Second Language).

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Moving from Japan?

Moving to Japan?

Do you need to ship your personal effects overseas?
Need to save money?
Would you be willing to properly self-pack and deliver your goods to us?

Economy Service and Premium Service

It's your choice.

Need to economize?
If yes, then follow our advice on "how to" export pack and deliver to our warehouse - and save. Sefco has on-line guides and "how to" PDF files - all about moving your cargo overseas. Access our virtual library of self-help tools. Only certain warehouse facilities will receive household goods for export. Please follow our instructions. No unpacked personal effects will be accepted at our commercial cargo receiving warehouses.

To learn more about our economy and premium shipping service, please click here.
For shipping "LCL-less than container-loads" of cargo - from and to Japan - our select NVOCC agent in Japan - located in Nihonbashi (Tokyo) - has regular ocean consolidation container shipments, from Yokohama to the United States and beyond.

Please Note:
If you are not already a "known shipper" or confirmed account
... please route your initial inquiries through our company headquatrers:
Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
[Rates and information]

Our agents act on formal instructions only from Sefco - done on a company to company communication basis. Please visit our site map, read our online guides and standard agreement for service.

The main export receiving warehouse (CFS) is located in Yokohama. Most US-bound cargo will move from Yokohama via Los Angeles port. Contact Sefco for our "inbound to the USA" rate guide. [Click Here!]

P-premium outbound service from Japan - includes complete Origin Export Packing and pickup from residence (Tokyo area). Rates for pickup from other prefectures in Japan can be confirmed upon request. Please send us a list of goods to be shipped with dimensions, for an estimation.

If you have a sufficient budget (US$/Yen) that can accomodate the cost for professional full service movers, then Sefco can make all arrangements for total door to door service.

Please fill in our general inventory form and send to us with your exact pickup address, telephone number and date for when you will need to move. Please click here (PDF file) to download our standard packing list form.
Our rate guide for P-premium service export packing and pickup from Tokyo area residence by our professional movers, liftvan crating or palletization, and delivery to the export terminal in Yokohama - will be posted on our website shortly.

Ship from Japan
LCL - Personal Effects

From Japan to America.

LOOK AT OUR RATE GUIDE: Self-packed or Mover prepacked HHG-Household Goods from Yokohama CFS warehouse, shipped by sea, up to the terminal in Los Angeles, USA. Our on-line rate guides include optional clearance and delivery to door throughout the USA.

From Yokohama - Japan warehouse
to LA, USA port / USA door
E-Economy Service:
[ Click Here!]

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about our microexchange program ?
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