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Sefco Export - Ro Ro Shipping Specialists

Sefco Export - Ro Ro Shipping Specialists

Sefco Export - Ro Ro Shipping Specialists

Notes from Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
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      According to one of the major RoRo carriers
      that Sefco utilizes for international H/H high & heavy cargo shipments

      Measurement (Length x Width x Height) of equipment being shipped from US ports is taken by independent surveyors hired by the Steamship Line, performing the service without prejudice. Cargo is measured by its 3-extremes. If there is something protruding that can be tucked in to minimize the extremities, thrifty shippers should arrange do so and be guided accordingly.

      Also note: Real estate at the ports - in general - is not owned by the SS Lines and space is merely rented. The terminal operators at the various US ports are simply utilized by the various SS Lines - outsourced providers. For ocean carriers, their principal focus is of course - their ships - moving from port to ports around the world. Surveyors, terminal operators, forwarders, steamship lines... are separate entities.

    Rates based on Weight and Measurement, and are subject to change over time.
    Shippers should provide our rating/sales department with accurate measurements of their cargo (3 dimensions in inches or centimeters, and the weight in KG or LB) in order for our company to provide an accurate quotation for shipping/handling. Take careful note of the parameters described in the WW brochure, captioned above. Measurement is taken from the longest point for each three dimension L x W x H. Small discrepencies can change the rating of a cargos shipment. Some vessels can not accomodate cargo over a certain size.

    Any additional cargo such as extra sets of wheels for heavy equipment, must be declared in advance of pier delivery and clearly noted on the carriers booking confirmation and dock receipt. The stevedores at US ports handle every piece of cargo that is received, loaded and stowed onto a ship. The paperwork they are given when cargo arrives at the ports must be clean and accurate. After cargo has been delivered to the port, Sefco's documentation dept. will need to receive a copy of the signed "dock receipt" that has been handed-over by the port receiving clerk. This is regarded as the "proof of delivery".

    Timing: We recommend our shippers to make your reservations well in advance of when you actually plan to ship your cargo.
    If you know that you will need to ship high/heavy equipment, breakbulk project cargo or a container:
           don't wait a long time after Sefco confirms the shipping rate for your "ready to go" cargo, to give our company the go-ahead.

    We recommend booking your cargo within 5-10 business days of issuance of a Sefco Export rate quote/confirmation.
    If booked promptly (within 5-10 days/after receipt of a Sefco Export quotation) the process tends to move more quickly.
Visit our web site often to see our latest updates. Be well informed, and guided accordingly.

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