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Shippers: Please become familiar with Shipping Industry practices and our normal terms & conditions for doing business.

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      Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

      When acting as freight forwarder on behalf of shippers, Sefco Export performs freight forwarding services which include:
        researching carrier prices and sailing routes which can change frequently, providing a rate quotation for our service - based on most recently available tariff relating to the costs and fees charged by an existing ocean/air/land carrier - plus the cost for Sefco's processing of normal shipping documentation and normal staff handling time, submitting of a formal booking request with the carriers, processing of BL bills of lading, DR dock receipts, BC booking confirmations, pickup & delivery orders, submitting of EEI electronic export information for US Customs, arranging for special services such as export packaging, inland trucking, interim storage, customs clearance, courier/messenger services, processing of payments, invoices, etc.

      Sefco charges a FLAT FEE for processing basic export documents
      plus: the cost for staff time for normal handling (up to 1 hour staff support time for standard service)
      plus: the cost of freight / all related surcharges and fees.

      Carrier freight rates change over time and can move up and down just like the stock market and oil prices move up and down without prior notice. Shippers need to familiarize themselves with market conditions, and realize Sefco's role is that of freight forwarder only, not as a trucker / carrier / steamship line. Sefco generates certain documents for a fee, liaises with carriers and US Customs, provides advise, performs forwarding services (only) - in that our company buys / pays the actual carriers cost for freight and ancillary services, and dedicates staff time to help manage the process. When a vendor / provider / carriers rate changes, the cost of any change remains for the account of the principal shipper/consignee.

      Port Security procedures, rules and laws affecting the delivery of cargo, can and do change over time and have a direct impact on the cost of transporting cargo. In major US ports, "unescorted access" to secure areas is no longer possible.

      Our handling fee included in a Sefco quotation (shipping & handling)
      is based on the LOE-level of effort required: including staff time, expertise and any special handling requirements
      (Customs export clearances, preshipment inspections, overweight road permits, obtaining hard to come by H/H unit space reservations, arranging for cranes/forklifts at the port, overnight couriers, etc.) as may be necessary to complete the processing of a shipment from A to Z. Certain types of cargo such as H/H high and heavy equipment moving in trade lanes with very heavy demand - often require more advance work, time, effort and attention than a very simple POV passenger car shipment moving from port to port only. Please read our online shipper advisories, and service preambles for further guidance.

      Below, is a copy of standard trading terms for one of the major nvo/carriers Sefco works with.

      Rates:   All rates need to be reconfirmed when freight is booked with Sefco. As explained in the Preamble link on our sitemap, shipping rates can change on a daily basis due to many variables. War, civil strife, union strikes, equipment shortages, phasing out of certain ports, world financial markets, and the price of oil all can have a dramatic effect on shipping prices. Quotes that are forwarded to you are an accurate estimation only and must be reconfirmed when freight is booked. As noted on Sefco's standard terms and conditions for service, if there are any changes in the shipping prices they will be passed on to you.

      Upon request Sefco shall provide a detailed breakout of the components of all charges assessed and a true copy of each pertinent document relating to these charges. Please read our company's normal terms and conditions for service and sign our contract / SLI shippers letter of instructions in order to open an account with our company.

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