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Move to practically anywhere in the world.
Move to practically anywhere in the world.

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      Message from the President

      • Background introduction - About our company.    


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        Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
      • "I founded Sefco Export to bring export-import expertise to a whole new generation of shippers.
                                       Bringing people together, connecting to the rest of the world."

      • Over 21 years experience in the worldwide logistics industry.    
            A container-ship unloads & loads at
            Global Marine terminal, on the Hudson River
            Port Elizabeth NJ USA

                                                Sefco provides International Expertise.

      • To help people who are new to overseas shipping,
            we have put together some helpful online guides - such as these:

      • Find out more about our service.

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            less than container loads
            FCL full container loads
            Ro Ro roll on roll off vehicle shipping
            Air expedited cargo service
            Commerce trade logistics
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          Containership in Yokohama harbor:
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      For totally reliable service, Sefco Export is the way to go.
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        Sales, rates, advice:
        (888) 268-0565

        contact: Mr. Peter DeStefano
        Main office: (888) 268-0565
        Main fax: (718) 732-2863
        Hours: 9am to 5 pm, Mon-Fri   Corporate Headquarters:
        New York City, New York USA
        Export-Import Services

    • container shipping

      Moving/Shipping: Larger Sized Consignments
      FCL (Full Container Loads)

      • Ask for a FCL full container shipping rate - Get a rate for your specific, upcoming move.

      • FCL Grid Index - E-Economy Full Container Service - Get a better feel for the cost of FCL shipping/handling.

        See an example of Nvo/ocean carrier terms and services: FCL Full Container Service Regs
      • FCL Rates to South America - Reliable service to destinations within the Americas.               
      • Economy and Premium Service to Japan - FCL and LCL shipping of household goods and personal effects.
      • HEAVY EQUIPMENT SHIPPING - via RoRo and FCL Full Container Loads

      • Premium Services Door to Door - Total service from A to Z.

          click here to request a rate Door to Door total service:

          France   The Netherlands   Belgium   England UK   Ireland   Spain   Germany   Italy   Malta   Morocco   Turkey   Bahrain   Kuwait   Jordan   Yemen   United Arab Emirates   Lebanon   Israel   Switzerland   New Zealand   Australia   India   Thailand   Vietnam   Malaysia   the Philippines   Indonesia   South Africa   Denmark   Sweden   Norway   Finland   Estonia   Latvia   Lithuania   Hungary   Czech Republic   Slovak Republic   Poland   Bulgaria   Romania   Belarus   Russia   Ukraine   Greece   Ecuador   Colombia   Peru   Chile   Bolivia   Argentina   Uruguay   Paraguay  Korea   Japan   Hong Kong   Taiwan  Panama   Belize   Costa Rica   Honduras   Guatemala  El Salvador   Mexico   Venezuela   Brazil  

          Where do you want to ship?

          Door to Door Total Service

              [Sive us your SLI Shippers Letter of Instructions]

      • Full Origin Services - Premium quality export packing, pickup.              

      • Overseas Moving Specialists
        view our online photo presentations

      • Economy Service - Do it yourself and save.

      • Container Loading Tips - For Do-It-Yourself Shippers

          Software exists for Commercial FCL Shippers needing to better plan their container-loads.
            If interested in this technology, ask us.
            Sefco accounts receive our advice many helpful referrals.

      • Accessorial Services - Optional services beyond the norm: cranes, barges, special services.
      • Customs Information - We recommend that shippers contact the Embassy or Consulate of their final destination.
      • Customs Advice - Read some of our informal advice and general guidance.

      • Additional FCL Information

        • FCL Preamble - Full Container Load Shipping Services               

            New Sefco accounts have to submit "real ID" and "become known" for security purposes [click here for details], and to supply any VID vehicle identification numbers and other details (complete shipper/consignee details) that can be entered into our system well in advance of sailing dates. All shipper/consignee details must be checked against a US Treasury OFAC-Office of Foreign Assets Contract database of "denied parties".

            Please take the time to read our FCL Preamble and take note:
            Factors like war and labor strife affect not only shipping prices, but also have a direct affect on shipping schedules and the availability of service.

        • FCL Breakdown - Costs and terminology                     

        • FCL Fact Sheet - Important information about shipping your freight in a container.   

          Get the Facts about FCL Container Shipping

        • Learn About Cubic Footage Volume - What does it look like? How to calculate the size?               
        • Overseas Moving Checklist - Some suggestions for getting your overseas move organized.

        • Online Survey Sheet - Use this form to get a better feel for the volume of your household goods.
        • Insurance - TGI-Travel Guard cargo insurance                              

        • Sefco is the way to go

        • How to Go with Sefco - Steps by step instructions.               

        • Misconception - Play it safe and go with professionals.

        • Sefco Export PURCHASING SERVICES

        • Buy an Ocean Container - What does a 20-ft SOC (shippers own container) look like?
               Click here, to see a close-up photo image (PDF).

        • Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

              Think "safety first".
            We know the export/import shipping business, inside and out.


              Route taken: New York, USA - via ocean - Riga, Latvia - via rail - Alma Aty, Kazakhstan


          • FCL guides - FCL loading tips - Sefco is the way to go.

            See more of our online features.

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