FCL Preamble
from our director of sales

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FCL rates that appear on our rate grids are estimations and all rates must be confirmed by a Sefco sales representative. Rates and routing are subject to change and can change on a monthly basis. Sometimes we are made aware of these changes by the Steam Ship Lines (SS Lines). Sometimes the SS Lines will not say anything to us until we confirm a rate with them. It is their vessels and they can pretty much do what they want with them.

There are many factors that can affect the pricing and routing such as:
    war, terrorism, and civil strife;
    the price of oil and other related fuels;
    the world economy and its influence by the world markets particularly Wall Street and the Stock Market;
    union strikes which can lead to slow downs and sometimes even shut downs at the ports;
    modernization of certain ports which can lead to the phasing out of other older or less used ports;
    supply and demand, if there isn't enough demand for a certain route the SS Lines will not hesitate to change or even drop that route entirely from their schedules.
For more information about container shipping (facts, insurance, what this rate includes, and how to proceed), please go to our FCL fact sheet.

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