Sefco Export Management Company, Inc., International Freight Forwarders, New York, USA

Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
New York City - USA

Business History   >   Late '70's
                                     Purchasing and international delivery

Shipping Experience   >   into the '80's
                                     Arranging of overseas shipments worldwide

International Freight Forwarders   >   USG vetted & approved
                                     Federally licensed ocean freight forwarders

Exemplary Business   >   Customer Service for shippers, small & large      
                                     Benefit from our recognized expertise.

    Experienced International Freight Forwarders

      International Shipping

      A exemplary note from -   a Sefco customer     

    "The note shown below is just one example, from 2018,
      from a Sefco customer who bought titled cargo for export.

      We remain engaged in every project from start to finish,
      no matter how complex or challenging.

      When we accept a project and new booking,
      we provide the kind of support each customer & cargo may require."

Auto shippers, RV shippers, heavy equipment shippers to practically anywhere in the world.

      Our core business.

      Sefco works with all the major ocean carriers
      and reciprocal forwarding agents throughout the world.

      With personalized services,
      Sefco can handle your shipment
      regardless of size, place of origin or destination:

      • Investigation of Best Routing
      • Confirmation of Carrier Rates
      • Shipment Booking
      • Bill of Lading Preparation
      • Preparation and Electronic Filing of Electronic Export Information
      • Preparation and Forwarding of Export Documents
      • Shipment Monitoring and Project Management

      Contact us today to see how we can help you move your cargo
      with the ease and expertise you’ve come to trust from Sefco Export.

    If you are interested in our services,
    and need export-import rates and advice,
    please use our online form to request rates,
    service information and support.

    Sefco is the way to go.
    Shippers/Consignees with future export/import projects (not ready for shipment in under 30 days) in need of our support services, are encouraged to open an account with our company. If there are requirements (origin services/export packing, etc.) that fall outside our basic forwarding & ocean shipping services, we can help with cost investigation and vendor selection, upon receipt of our service retainer.

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