Export-Import Commerce
    Consulting Service to Commercial Accounts

    Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

      Service to Established Commercial Accounts

      Geared toward on-going, legitimate export/import businesses.

      Export - Import Consulting Service

        Research/Development, Analysis, Training and Support
        for Businesses with Ongoing Commerce.
        Tele-Conferences | Meetings at Sefco's NY Facility | On-Site Conferences

        USD 50 per quarter hour
        plus local costs (site fees, transportation, other pre-agreed expenses).
        USD 500.00 minumum retainer.
        Our Retainer for Service is Non-refundable.

    Export - Import Consulting Service

    Trade Advisory Services
    Open a Commercial Account with Sefco

    Meetings and Events in New York | Midtown Manhattan

    Venue for business meetings and sponsored events (in NY)
    available by special arrangement through our sister company, QCS.

      Information and Guidance: Sefco Export's web site provides limited acccess to free research and guidance.
      A proforma offer and agreement for paid consulting (R&D, special projects) can be furnished upon request.
      Our P/A purchasing services are provided on a business to business basis only (not available to individuals).

      new accounts - are asked to fill in your details using our standard booking form.

    Basic benchmarks are set, before work begins and service is rendered.

    How you can become an established account?     Work with us at least once.    We'll send you further instructions.

      Thank you for your interest.

      Joseph Quinn, President
      Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
      New York, NY - USA


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