QCS - Quinn Corporate Services, Inc.  
    in partnership with
    Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

    Public Outreach through Special Events
    Develop, Facilitate & Promote Programs, that help...

    Examine Issues,
    Discuss Challenges
    Seek Opportunities
    and Exchange Ideas

    International Affairs
    Export-Import Commerce
    Special Interest Events of all kinds.

    Help create new linkages,
    connections, partnerships.

    Engage in Public Diplomacy

    Consulting Service provided to
    Select Private Commercial Entities,
    Associations, Special Interest Groups
    and Public, Government Accounts

    Geared toward facilitating
    special events and public outreach programs.
    Promote on-going export/import business.
    Examine public policy, international trade, commerce
    and current Political/Economic Affairs.

    Create positive public awareness.

    Program Development & Support for
    Public & Business Awareness

      Facilitate discussion and understanding of
      Current Issues, Political/Economic Affairs
      Explore Business Opportunities
      Formulate Policy through Professional Exchanges

      Unleash the Potential for
      Export - Import Growth
      New Political/Economic Partnerships

      Outreach to opinion leaders,
      media and potential partners.
         Conduct Research/Development,
         Training and Support
         for established and growing Businesses.

      Create opportunities for
      understanding, acceptance
         for critical issues that effect nations and regions.
         Foster new linkages and coalition partners.

    Special Events in midtown Manhattan
    Conferences, Media Opportunities

Special Projects and Events in New York City
Build Bridges, Get your Message Across

QCS Advisory Services

   Contact us to schedule a meeting,
   to discuss potential plans and program ideas.

Economic Growth comes from a successful mix
of commercial outreach and public diplomacy.
Venue for Meetings and Events in New York

    Three West 51st Street
    Located in the very heart of New York City.
    Venue for meetings and
    sponsored events available
    by special arrangement through our sister company, QCS.

    Create the Agenda

    Program Thematics

      Special Events and Meetings

      Professional Functions

    Informal Group Meetings
    Formal Events

    Work with us to develop a series of effective and dynamic programs, targeting the attention and participation of the desired audiences.

    Venue & Location

    A nine story private clubhouse,
    located in the heart of midtown
    Manhattan and listed on the
    National Register of Historic Places.

    This same venue is used by several prestigious clubs, including the Netherlands Club, Lambs Club, and many well established entities. TV networks and Media organizations from nearby Rockefeller Center often use the facility for taping interviews and special programs.

    Done properly, special events and presentations can be filmed for broadcast and sharing via special media. Reach a much wider audience and build a solid basis for future programming.

    In early 2016, the Ambassador of Egypt gave an elegant and informative presentation at the clubs facility, at the invitation of QCS's Mr Quinn and cosponsors.

    Elected officials, diplomats and prominent leaders from around the world, have mingled with an rarified mix of people from across the United States. Current and former ranking members of US Administrations have participated in meetings and forums at this facility.

    Prestigious Universities, Associations, Societies, and Multinational Corporations are among the Event Sponsors at this location. Several US Presidential candidates as well as Presidents, Prime Ministers (Netherlands), US Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and political leaders of many kind, have all graced this elegant and historic building. All just a few steps away from Rockefeller Center. Contact Mr. Quinn for assistance with venue reservations, introductions, and guidance for scheduling events and other services.

    Call or message:    718-793-2515

    Themes Range a Spectrum of Issues
    * international news and exchanges
    * facilitation of trade & investment
    * showcase businesses, travel & tourism
    * recognition of achievements
    * promote membership in organizations
    * help to create new linkages:
       foster academic & cultural exchanges,
       spur business partnerships,
       connect with local government,
       engage with social media groups
    * explore special international topics,
       discuss issues & timely subject presentations
    * hold on / off the record discussion groups

    The facility has many amenities available.
    * refreshments, food and accommodations
    * audio visual & IT equipment / recording options

Take a brief tour of our
Venue for Meetings, Programs, Special Events

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      Our special projects, include
      "The Best Of" program, and
      the "Maritime Working Group".

      Join with us, to be an event sponsor.

      Project & Event Development

      Work with QCS and Mr. Quinn
      to create a series of successful events.
      We perform the necessary advance work
      to help bring things together.

      Schedule a meeting to explore the possibilities.

      There is no obligation for an initial consultation.
      Written approval and a retainer will be required
      to formally engage our service and
      make any venue reservations.

      Email contact :    joseph.quinn@sefco-export.com

      Thank you for your interest.

      Joseph Quinn, President
      Quinn Corporate Services, Inc.
      Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

      New York, NY - USA


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