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Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
US headquarters: New York City, NY - USA
Admin: 1 Ascan Ave. PH-74, Forest Hills Gardens, NY 11375

Main office info: 888-268-0565
Hours for live-consultation vary with personnel. All meetings are by prior appointment only.
Please let us know the best time to reach you for phone review of your shipment information and rate quotation.
All rate quotations are confirmed in writing and sent electronically - via email.

Service Levels: P-premium and Basic E-economy

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Economy minded customers...
    ...can save by doing certain tasks and optional services themselves. Self-clearing is one of them. Packaging and loading is another. Unloading and unpacking is yet another. We call this our Basic E-economy service ("Self-Service"). This E-economy service involves: self - packing/loading FCL-full containers - often door to door or door to port (self-unpacked/unloaded at destination) and CFS-warehouse to overseas terminal only service for LCL-less than container-loads.

    Basic Economy Service: Do certain things yourself and save money.

      " Yes, you can do it yourself and save. Ask us how. "

    click here to watch short video

    Premium full service or Basic Economy self service?
    Either way, we help you arrange the process so things get done when you need it to happen. Need a container next week? Call us. Need to drop things off soon? Let us know. We can take over, to make sure it gets to the intended destination.

    The concept behind Basic Economy and Premium Shipping services...

      It's similar to Economy Service self-pumping regular quality fuel at a gas service station, versus Premium Service - high test fuel with the gas pumped for you and you also get your tire air pressure checked, car windows cleaned at the same time. Pay something extra and you get extra, or keep it very basic and simple - and still get to where you need to go. For free guidance on both E and P level service, please review our web pages.

    Basic Economy Service:   Our INTERNET PRICE = Low Cost shipping solution

    Transact business using your computer via the internet and email.
    Keep it simple, and save.

      Internet based services means that communications and transmittal of documents/instructions is done via your computer/email. This eliminates the need for the allocation of extra resources to have staff members conduct telephone conferences, in person meetings, and other premium services which come at an extra cost for those needing that level and type of professional staff support services.

      In all cases, rates and instructions must be confirmed in writing.
      Please refer to our normal terms and conditions for service for complete details.

    Premium Service:   The cost is somewhat higher for accounts needing INDIVIDUAL ADVISORY support services by Sefco personnel. This includes accounts needing individualized support services over the telephone, multiple party conference calls, in-person meetings, in-home export packaging and measurement surveys, pre-shipment site inspections of cargo, conferences and meetings held by Sefco personnel at our midtown Manhattan facility. To receive premium support services the account must submit all required docs (signed SLI - Shippers Letter of Instructions referring to Sefco's quote) along with payment.

    Full service premium door to door international moves require a min $ 3k deposit in advance of scheduling the export packers, and all movements are handled on a prepaid basis only (all charges paid before date of cargo departure.) Hire professionals for total service from A to Z - costs more than Basic Economy - "hands off total service" for those who prefer full service export management - a job well done by competent professionals - labor and management.

    P premium and E economy Service references  

    Important to know about payment of ocean freight shipping/handling:  
    Cargo moves on a prepaid basis only.  

    How to transact business: when and how to make payment.

    [LCL Economy Service examples] [Premium service: Overseas Agents]

    Special "Account Support" resources include:   E-documents, on-line "How to" Guides

    If you do not use our P-premium door-to-door overseas moving services, and instead elect to save money, do certain things yourself via our E-economy service, then our full service movers will not be involved with your shipment at the final destination. Instead you'll self-clear or pay a broker directly at destination. If sending a FCL full container load the economy route, you will be put in touch with the SS lines destination port agent - and if going to door - the delivery trucker (only) and you will self-unload your cargo when it arrives at your overseas door. The trucker waits while you / your local helpers, do the work. That's why it is called "E" service.

    If you have a budget that will afford terrific movers to unload, unpack, set-up inside your new home, remove the packing debris... then this is a premium service that we can easily arrange on your behalf, for commensurate cost.

    To learn more about the basics of E-economy and P-premium overseas moving services,
    please read our on-line guidebook: [basic steps] URL: www.sefco-export.com/basics/steps.htm
    Some points to bear in mind:
    With Economy LCL service - destination deconsolidation terminal charges are paid collect (average under $ 1/cuft) for LCL consigments shipped up to arrival at terminal only and not prepaid into residence. That's plus any local clearance fees.

    Can you handle Economy self-service, or do you prefer Premium full service?

      As people in the logisics industry recognize, most terminal freight agents are not geared toward customer service to personal effects shippers. You can look to us - Sefco Export and our full service origin/destination agents - for this. We can recommended full service destination agents, to be prepaid through Sefco Export in the US, or paid cod collect (up front) directly to the DA destination agent.

    Important - "A word to the wise":

    Most commercial port/freight agents - the people and companies that physically handle the cargo and its paperwork at the ports; those people who oversee the stevedores at the port, or process commercial warehouse/trucking operations around the ports, these folks are - in general - called "OPERATIONS" and are typically not customer service specialists involved with HHG/PE household goods international moving of personal property - and the hand-holding part of that business. Certain expensive van lines have specific people assigned to handle heavy email and telephone support for their corporate clientele, and that is why top dollar is paid for such premium service A-to-Z corporate-account paid, overseas moves.

    These operational people just deal (quite adroitly) with "freight" and "cargo"; something material that weighs something specific, and measures (HxWxD) something specific; is either non-hazardous or hazardous, and has paperwork assigned to it - to define what is it, where its' coming from, where its' going to.

    The operational personnel are generally not people who will have long conversations with you (if you are an individual "one-shot" personal property shipper) about a million things that have nothing to do with their immediate task at hand. "Get it off the loading dock and on its way", or... whatever is the main task at hand for that particular cargo on that particular day. That is what is called: "Operations". Go forward or stop. "Prepaid" or Not been Prepaid. Three dimensions and instructions/docs attached.

    The transport business in this way is a very dry and "cut to the chase" kind of business. There is a "yes- it is good to go", and a "no- it is not good to go". You often hear this, with regards to customs. Some SS Lines will send out to their customers/forwarders, what they call "Load Lists" of what vehicles or other cargo went on one of their ships and when. If a "unit" was ok'd by customs for export, loaded on to and "left the port" on the ship, then its on "the load list" for that vessel. If it didn't get on the ship, it's not on the list. Its not unusual for cargo to just wait in turn to get on a ship. So, again, its very "clear cut and dry".

    There are always specific parameters, and often - an undefined "maybe applies" outside of those parameters - which often pertains to any applicable local charges at origin/destination and accessorial services - for example:

      Is your trucker who'se been sitting at your doorstep for 5 hours, already on overtime - past their standard free waiting time? Are there duties? Will there be storage? Do you need actual "inside labor" manpower to walk up 3 flights of stairs to carry heavy boxes? "What? - Your ocean container needs to be X-Rayed by Customs just because they order it?" Is the shipper or consignee on the Department of Treasury "OFAC" DNS denied parties list? There are a million and one factors that can impact on a shipment. Strikes, wars, weather, "force majeure".

    Despite the challenges, on the whole, the "operations people" are all geared toward one thing: moving freight. New bookings (a), leading to closed files (z). If something sits, it means its being stored. If it's in motion, that means "it's going somewhere". That's what the transport business is all about. Keep things in motion, take in/ship/release to its intended receiver. Shippers and consignees need to be well prepared, financially and otherwise. Do the receiving parties know its coming? To make things even more confusing for the "newbie shipper", some "rules" that may have applied ten years ago, may have changed ten times since then. For example: New EU regulations on pre-shipment customs declarations.

    More about "operations" - the people working at the ocean consolidator "nvocc" non-vessel operating common carriers - these are companies which are similar to actual steamship lines but don't own the actual vessel - they just move lots of cargo on those vessels and issue their own BL bill of lading, and are often employed in moving LCL/FCL ocean shipments - they are just one piece of the whole process. They tend to work only with other people inside the transportation industry who are already very knowledgable about what they need to do and how to do it. Some are "loathe" to work for inexperienced shippers "with problems and issues". Shipments that are booked and handled on a "port to port", and "terminal to terminal" basis - typically include no extra services at origin or destination (beyond the port-to-port movement) which may be quite critical to getting something done.

    Inclusions/Exclusions and what to expect. A rate for "ocean shipping" does not necessarily include "bringing granny's sofa into the 5th floor walkup den", validating of bill of sale with US Customs (allowing for its export) or paying TRC terminal receiving/handling fees charged by the local stevedores. Or if a customs authority wants to x-ray your cargo - the cost goes to the property owner/cargo.

    SEFCO - will try to help our clients cut through the maze - to know what needs to be done, when to do it, and how to do it - to achieve a good end result. Avoid pitfalls. Those who heed our advise and cooperate in a positive way tend to do pretty well. That's our role, desire, intention and profession.

    With "Premium Service" - there are full service movers and premium level customer service on the pre-departure side/and post-arrival of cargo at world ports. This costs more than economy PBO packed-by-owner shipments.

    Personal Property shipments - premium service providers.
    Our Sefco Export approved HHG/PE OA/DA origin and destination agents...
    (see our shipping definitions and acronyms guide) are full service premium Door-to-Door OA/DA service providers - and are experienced with the commodity: HHG/PE household goods and personal effects.

      Our premium level agents are "Overseas Moving Specialists" who take over from the carrier-designated commercial port agents (to and from the ports of exit and entry). The acronym OA/DA means "origin agent / destination agent" and they are the Sefco Export designated "origin export packers" and "destination unpackers" for your particular D/D consignment. Only moves with full export packing/unpacking services are considered Premium Level D/D Moves. Such premium D/D moves can get a very high level of insurance coverage and protection against practically any kind of damage - subject to the insurance underwriters acceptance. Premium service D/D costs much more than Economy Service (T/T terminal to terminal, D/P Door to Port, A/W Airport to Warehouse, PBO, etc.)

    Economy = Economy Basic Cargo Transport
    Consignees: Remit any DDC destination delivery charges collect; THC terminal handling charges collect at destination; pay to applicable port agents and make own arrangements for customs clearance/pickup/return of empty container at port. See some SEFCO EXPORT LCL-Economy Service case studies and examples: LCL Economy Service examples

    Basic Economy Service   Shippers Responsibilities:

      Trucker charges for FCL full container loads typically allow for a limited number of hours - usually 2hrs - for the driver to wait with the container at the point of loading. Overtime fees for a trucker to wait beyond their normal "free time" will be for the shippers/customers account.

      Before showing up at a loading site truckers have to be able to contact the shipper directly to confirm someone will be at the loading site, before a container can be dispatched to that site. We recommend that a customer provide Sefco with at least two working phone numbers and a one main email address (checked often and not intermittently) that can be relayed to transporters for the purpose of connecting trucker dispatchers with the person responsible to load the cargo at the origin site.

      ETA arrival times for truckers are subject to change depending on many factors including availability of equipment for a trucker to pickup a container from a SS Line depot, road and traffic conditions.

        (Terms and Conditions for Service - item 9) Shipping time is approximated and the company is not responsible for any delays caused by highway problems, steamship line schedules, over-booking, technical problems in equipment or vehicles, strikes, port authorities, labor problems at the origin or destination &/or other reasons beyond our control including "force majeure".

      click here to read advice on the timing of your shipment

      click here to read advice on the timing of your shipment

      Consignee's responsibility at destination
      The consignee/receiving party overseas must contact the destination SS Line port agent - typically their contact info is shown on the ocean carriers bill of lading - by or before the ETA estimated time of arrival - in order to make preparation to clear customs at destination. Sefco can refer clients to 3rd party customs brokers but the impetus remains on the importer/consignee to make contact with any such outside customs broker, and to pay their charges directly. Any demurrage or storage incurred awaiting clearances would remain for the account of the consignee/customer.

      Customs Clearances and local charges
      Export/Import, origin/destination services

      Any local charges including origin pickup/pier delivery, destination pier pickup/delivery, export title/document clearance and import clearance (ISF importer security filing, import customs entry) remain for the account of the cargo owner. This is in addition to basic port to port shipping line freight & handling charges.

      Port to port shipping rates for titled cargo (ie., cars) still require cargo/titles to be approved and cleared for export by US Customs or local customs at the port of loading. For US Exports of vehicles this typically can be done by presenting the original title and the dock receipt (generated by Sefco) to US Customs office at the port of loading. For vehicles departing from other countries, ie. Europe, Japan, elsewhere, typically a third party clearing agent is needed to assist with this process, and would be considered a "local charge" at the port which is the responsibility of the shipper/customer and is in addition to the basis port to port shipping/handling cost. If the shipper is not in a position to self clear or does not have a custom broker of their own, Sefco can make referrals to suitable brokers at the port (paid direct to clearing agent) or for an additional handling fee Sefco can pre-alert such brokers and arrange wire transfer payment for their charges, which will be billed back to the shippers/customers account.

      Access links to forms and read our important advise on US Customs Clearance:

      Port Security issues
      Many US ports now require delivering truckers and shippers to have a port security identication card known as a "TWIC" credential, to gain entry to the shipping terminal facility. Some ports have "TWIC" escorts available that can meet a shipper at a shipping terminal gate, to escort them into and out of the terminal, for an additional cost. Such fees are best paid directly to the service provider at the time service is rendered. Sefco can provide referrals to TWIC escorts.

      In Japan it's better to drop off the vehicle/cargo to be exported, at one of our local agents vehicle yards or warehouse near the actual port. From there the local agent can handle local customs export paperwork and deliver the cargo to the terminal where it is loaded onto the ship. Local charges can be paid direct to the designated port agent in local currency. This saves on banking fees and currency conversions.
      See: local charges payable in Japan to port clearing agent.

      Import customs clearance (to the USA) now requires advance notice to be given to US Customs before the cargo is even loaded/shipped from the overseas port of loading. This is called the "ISF" Importer Security Filing. Sefco can assist with US customs clearances and ISF submissions, provided the cost for this is prepaid to Sefco, and in such case we will assign one of our valued customs brokers to assist with that task.
      See: ISF forms for importers to the US.

      Since many personal property moves are "one shot" consignments (as compared to commercial shipments occurring on a regular basis), procedures and port agent contacts vary on a case by case basis.

      Marine & Air Cargo Insurance
      Insurance forms for personal property shipments must be signed an returned to SEFCO prior to the shipping date, for coverage to be placed/accepted by underwriters and put into effect. Please refer to our web site for rates and copies of the "personal property insurance highlights forms" for your particular shipment. Shippers should be aware that most coverage available from various insurance underwriters will not cover personal property shipments for damages if insufficiently packaged (not properly export packed), and coverage would be limited to loss of the cargo only. So if you self pack/load and unpack/unload, pack and secure the cargo well - suitably for export.

    Premium = Premium D-D HHG/PE Move
    The all-inclusive Door-to-Door Premium service option, is only for those interested in spending enough money to secure the best origin packers/destination unpackers, and the safest carriers worldwide. Insurance coverage for the cargo is geared toward those overseas movements that are export packed by a professional mover and unpacked by a professional mover. A comprehensive D/D full service job well done, does not necessarily come cheaply. Arranging a full service D/D HHG/PE household goods and personal effects shipment is a highly specialized task. In general Sefco knows what overseas movers around the world would be best suited and situated for a particular job. We can make referrals to such agents, or include their charges in a comprehensive Door to Door quote.

    "Please bear in mind..."

    Considerations: what is it being shipped?
    Is it worth it?

  • If it has no personal value and if the cost - for even economy service - to your destination is high, then leave it where it is.
  • If it does have value - sufficient to bear the cost of overseas shipping - then consider the options we present.

    If it has great personal value, needs good export packaging and perhaps even includes difficult to replace property - if you need the very best item by item - door to door international insurance coverage available - then we suggest that you contract with Sefco Export to arrange a comprehensive D/D Premium Service Move.

      We strongly recommend that all international shipments be covered by marine cargo transit insurance.
      Please take the time to read about your options: www.sefco-export.com/insure.htm

    For specific guidance, please see our:
              LCL Fact Sheet, Tips and Advice
    URL: www.sefco-export.com/lclfactsheet.htm
    URL: www.sefco-export.com/lcltips.htm
    URL: www.sefco-export.com/pallets.htm
    URL: www.sefco-export.com/pallets2.htm

              FCL Preamble, Breakdown and Fact Sheet
    URL: www.sefco-export.com/fclsitemap.htm#fcladvice
    URL: www.sefco-export.com/fclfactsheet.htm
    URL: Do it yourself tips for container loading

    Read an except from: www.sefco-export.com/basics/steps.htm#shipping

    "If you plan to pick up your goods yourself from the overseas port or inland terminal, it's smart to call ahead to make sure the goods will be ready and available for you, before showing up at the overseas warehouse.

    Economy Service Solutions

    Optional "Origin Services"
    LCL less than container load TRUCKING PICKUP

    Please know that if you choose to save money by packing your own cargo (PBO packed by owner goods), in most locations we can arrange for a local courier/trucker to show up at your address to receive the PBO cargo. However, a trucker is not a "mover" and should not be expected to provide labor.

    Typically for small LCL pickups, the trucker shows up alone - just one driver. You - the shipper - will need to stage the cargo and have it ready and acccessible for the trucker to receive at the street level curbside. This is called "straight trucking pickup only" and does not mean a crew of men will show up, come inside a residence, lift heavy boxes, walk up/down stairs, package, etc. If extra services are required, e.g. an "inside pickup" from within a building, stairway walk ups, multiple trips, then additional "accessorial charges" will apply.

    Accessorial services are any extra services that fall outside the parameters of the carriers normal service. For situations requiring packing and labor, professional movers will be required and this costs significantly more than "trucking only". Please refer to our online guides for an explanation of "origin services" and export packing costs (rates shown are a general guideline only and must be confirmed on a case by case basis): www.sefco-export.com/origin.htm

    If you prefer to save the most money possible, then deliver your export-packaged cargo directly to the CFS (receiving warehouse for export shipments) near the port of loading. Therefore you will save the cost for trucking pickup and delivery. Please also know that trucking and shipping rates are based on a specified weight/measure for the cargo. If the weight/measure of the cargo is larger than the weight/measure anticipated and booked, the cost for shipping that cargo will be commensurately more.

    Our web site contains substantial information and guidance on these matters.
    Please read through our site should you have questions on how things work:

    If you are new to international shipping...
    Please Read Our Online Guides: www.sefco-export.com/shipping/easy_guide.htm

    "About Volume": www.sefco-export.com/about-volume.htm

      Advise, consultations &/or estimations provided by company serve as a guideline only and is based on preliminary information provided by customer &/or vendors. Final cost for shipping services will be determined when actual final measuring & documentation of any freight to be shipped is completed and dimensions obtained according to the rate agreed.

      All ocean export shipments from the US must be prepaid in advance.

    Optional "Destination Services"
    Shipping rates can include in-land "on-carriage" transportation from the port of entry to an interior city-terminal, like Paris, Munich, Budapest, Milan, etc. eliminating the need to travel to the port in order to collect the freight. Clearance can often take place at these inland terminals.

    If shipping is pre-paid to arrival terminal only, versus having complete Door-Door packing then unloading/unpacking residential-door delivery, there will normally be nominal thc-terminal handling charges after arrival of the goods at the designated overseas warehouse or terminal. At the destination port there is a CSC-container service charge that is paid collect. This will be for your/the consignees account. If added value services like trucking is specifically prepaid in advance, door delivery can be arranged for ahead of time. Please note that that "trucking to door only" is only cubside trucking service with no labor. Read our further guidance concerning LCL cargo: click here.

    On average, the destination deconsolidation fee for LCL-less than container load shipments can run about US$ 1 per cubic foot, paid collect at destination terminal.

    After cargo arrives at the overseas destination port:
    The THC/DDC charge goes collect.

      On FCL full container loads the THC port terminal handling charge in many major European ports can run from $80-$250 on 20-ft containers and from $ 140-250 for 40-ft containers (on average, depending on the port). Our agent in Argentina (CINTRA) has informed us that in recent times past, the port fees in Buenos Aires will come to between $700 and $800 for 1x20-ft container to be paid cod collect after a container lands at the port. Such "landed costs" and DDC destination delivery charges can be ascertained in advance so the shipper/consignee knows what to expect. In New Zealand the port fees for a 20-ft container have, in the past, run approx US $500.00 This is settled with the port terminal operator after the ship arrives and cargo has been discharged from the vessel and landed.

    Read an except from:

    "3) Destination services
    Prices for shipping up to the port or terminal only, do not include any port reception fee which may be assessed when you pickup property overseas (unless inland transport/door delivery is pre-arranged) nor any port demurrage/storage, nor duty/taxes if any."

    Our standard agreement:

    Prices do NOT include any port reception fee which may be assessed when you pick up property overseas (unless inland transport/door delivery is pre-arranged), nor any accessorial services, duties / tax if any, port demurrage/storage.

    All orders are subject to SEFCO's normal terms & conditions for service.

  • E-economy service to port, terminal or door overseas requires self-clearance. If preferring to use a 3rd party customs broker, the consignee overseas will pay the broker directly. Use of any intermediary customs broker of your choosing - is paid cod collect overseas and not prepaid through Sefco Export. If you become a Sefco Export customer, we will do our best to give you useful guidance and contacts to help you do what you need to get done.

    If Sefco Export is to be directly involved in arranging special services - outside the parameters of the quote offer, i.e. formal contracting with an overseas customs broker - assistance is available upon request.

    How to go ahead with your overseas move.

    Send checks / documents / mail correspondence to
    our Forest Hills NYC address

    See our step by step instructions:

    Write the quotation date and/or your Sefco control number (EX-#) on your check or bank wire instructions.

    The payment of any deposit/retainer for shipments happening more than 60 days in the future, will be credited toward the total amount to be paid and is non-refundable.

    To receive a formal Order Confirmation, your payment is required.
    This assures proper and timely attention to your concerns and needs.

    If you do not intend to actually ship your cargo with SEFCO, do not send us money. If you can not work with us in a positive and cooperative way, do not send us money. Please know that our company has had to become selective and may not be available for every request (ie., donated goods / relief cargo shipments).

      For further information related to Sefco's commercial/purchasing services,
      please go to: purchasing services

      Our purchasing agent service (P/A) includes arranging for special services, such as broker referrals, customs consulting and contracting work, duty research, and other information oriented work. As noted above, an additional service fee would be required.

    Sefco - Experience you can trust.

    Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

    R E F E R E N C E S

    We strongly recommend using Federal Express
    for sending important documents and checks.

    They will come and pickup from you.
    Call 1-800-GOFEDEX

    Thank you! for your interest.

    by appointment only

Get from here to there and back.
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