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US based company, Worldwide scope
US based company, Worldwide in scope
    Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
    International Shipping & Logistics - Special Services
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Overseas Moving Specialists, International Shipping Agents, Licensed, Bonded, Insured

  Ladies and Gentlemen:

  Greetings!   Please allow me to introduce our company to you.

    Sefco Export Management Company, Inc. is a privately-held New York State corporation
    (founded in Forest Hills - New York City, New York USA).
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    Sefco provides dependable overseas transportation services, expert advice to exporters, and holds an ocean freight forwarders license from the US Government.   Key personnel hold TSA Transportation Security Agency TWIC credentials, for access to secure areas in US ports.
    Put simply:  International Shipping is our business.

    We arrange for the shipping of cargo & all kinds of property to places all over the world.
    Tell us more about what commodity you plan to ship, and we'll tell you more about the shipping process and how to get it done. Commercial Cargo/Heavy Equipment, or Personal Property?   Sefco Export ships all kinds of cargo to destinations worldwide.
Our history includes more than 2 decades of "hands-on" operational experience arranging:
    RoRo shipping for H/H "high & heavy" equipment shipments, POV personally owned vehicles & rolling equipment shipping, boats on trailers/cradles & oversized cargo shipping, B/B "breakbulk" and Lo/Lo "lift on lift off" shipments, export-import FCL full container load shipments, warehouse to terminal and door-to-door "HHG/PE" personal property overseas moves, LCL less than container-loads for smaller sized shipments, export packaging (buy prefabricated packaging or custom made to order), procurement services, ex-im marketing/sales/logistics, and special projects of a broad nature.
Sefco has a well developed network of top-notch origin & destination agents located throughout the world.
We can provide good advice and present the best choices for sailing routes and options, be it port to port only or door-to-door international service.

      Companies, institutions and individuals from across the USA and around the world, work with us to ship their property overseas. We arrange import moves - into the USA, export moves - from the USA, as well as 3rd country to 3rd country movements. Commercial Business accounts (non-personal property) can work with our commercial department: Sefco Logistics to provide shipping services, support and solutions for any commercial export/import related needs.

International Logistics: reliable door to door service, economical options and expertise.   As a result of carefully building our business over many years - especially in our knowledge and selection of carriers and agents - we provide you - the USPPI, property owner and shipper:   good service and peace of mind.

"Overseas Moving Specialists" - Worldwide Logistics
Ship a FCL Container       At Sefco Export you'll find experienced and trustworthy professionals - well versed in import/export shipping - offering highly specialized services. We handle Roll-on Roll-off vehicle logistics, boat shipping, high and heavy "ag" equipment shipping, FCL full containers, LCL partial containers, HHG/PE personal property shipments, commercial cargo export/import clearance, general freight forwarding and distribution services. Our online resources include: our main menu, easy reference guides, country rate guides and roro shipping guides and literally hundreds of web-pages meant to give site visitors a better general idea about the procedures and costs involved with international transportation.

      All ocean & air rates must reconfirmed at the time the cargo is actually ready for receipt by the sea or air carrier. Sefco will provide an estimate only, for cargo moving "way in the future". Please read our "Service Preambles" that help to explain the terminology and many factors that impact on shipping rates, schedules and availability of service. Businesses can commission a feasability study for determining duties, landed costs, carrier routings and other logistical considerations. Please read our online guides, for a "primer" on international shipping. Online guides serve as estimates only. New commercial accounts require a retainer, in order to receive Account Support services.

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Important reminder: *All air, land and ocean carrier rates must be re-confirmed in writing and are subject to change without notice!   Shippers are encouraged to use our web site to learn more about freight forwarding and the shipping process. Background details on our company history and long standing relationships with steamship lines, ocean freight consolidator nvocc's and overseas destination agents are posted on our web site.

       We arrange worldwide shipping of...

FCL full container-loads, LCL less than container-loads, RoRo vehicle shipping, as well as A/F expedited air cargo. Our extensive collection of online resources are designed to make it easy to find the rate for your shipment*, and to learn more about the process. We can arrange to pickup, prepare/package and ship your property to practically anywhere in the world.        If you need to ship your property - from the States going abroad (outbound) - or from overseas to the USA (inbound), please contact us. When communicating please be sure to give us all of your details: from where (origin), to where (destination), describe what you have, and when it has to go. We will respond promptly.

Moving Overseas just got easier!
    To obtain a rate confirmation for shipping your personal effects, vehicle, boat, heavy & high equipment, or other property/commodity going overseas, please use our RFQ Request For Quotation form: shipping rate request

Service levels include: Sefco Premium Service and Economy Self Service.       Our customers are our best references.

Overseas Moving Specialists, International Shipping Agents, Licensed, Bonded, Insured
    Free online guides:  Take a quick tour of our web site.     Watch our online videos: "Importer Security Filing" - "Ship Heavy Equipment" - "Overseas Moving Specialists"    
        To help you get a better idea about shipping terminology...
                                                                ...and how things work - including the cost for shipping*
    HH High and Heavy Equipment, POV Personally Owned Vehicles, HHG Household Goods, PE Personal Effects,
    and other cargo (NOS) to destinations worldwide, please have a look at our international shipping guides.     
the next step is up to you International Shipping Guides
  www.sefco-export.com/rate_guides/country-gridindex.htm   [Personal Effects]
  www.sefco-export.com/rate_guides/roro-rategridindex.htm   [Vehicles]

"General Guidance for Moving Overseas"

To read our on-line guide in Spanish, please see:
  www.sefco-export.com/pasos.htm (Espanol)
"Free Online Support"
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"How to Proceed with Sefco"

"Standard Shipping Contract"

"SLI Shipper Letter of Instruction"
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"Learn more about Volume"

"Free On-line Cubic Footage Survey"

"Cubic Footage Surveyor Guide"

    Looking for something in particular?   Please feel free to ask us !  

Please read our online "tos" terms and conditions for service

FCL ocean container shipping

        Special Projects - Need to ship your high value vehicle via airfreight?
        We provide a broad range of value-added services.
        Purchasing services: Buy goods for export/overseas delivery.
    Currently the US is experiencing a huge increase in exports. Due to current rates of foreign exchange, buying goods in the USA - for export overseas - has become a real bargain!   This also means that most ships are departing fully loaded, so its important to reserve space on the desired vessel well in advance of the proposed shipping date. For some high demand trade lanes we recommend booking your shipment at least 8 weeks in advance. To protect your cargo while in transit, we arrange for comprehensive marine cargo insurance coverage for your consignment.
        Commerce and Business Services - Information Resources

    Our extensive website provides a wealth of information about international shipping and export/import commerce.  From time to time we post important advisories on our web site:  shipping service alerts, world port news updates, "general rate guidelines", photo galleries, case studies & analyses.   We also maintain an extensive collection of outbound links of more generalized interest, often geared toward Expat Activities and the Export Import business community.

    If you are a new shipper and SEFCO account, please have a look at our security review and payment instructions.
    First time shippers and new SEFCO acccounts will need to "become known".
    Current security measures require our company to perform OFAC and other related checks in order to process orders for new shippers. This takes time to prepare.

         Once you have your SEFCO account opened, with payment and SLI / ID information on file, we can help you with all your international logistical needs. New account booking requests (BR's) are handled on a first come, first served basis.  

    For new shippers and experienced shippers alike, it is important to keep informed on market conditions.
    We recommend reading trade publications such as the Journal of Commerce (JOC), along with our online advisories and port news updates. Space on SS Lines can be very tight, so be sure to make you booking/reservations well in advance of the desired shipping date. Payment of your deposit/full amount and submitting your SLI shippers lettter of instructions, will allow us to open your file and start working on the consignment. Company policies are posted on our website and business is conducted subject to the laws and regulations of the US Government; all orders are subject to our standard contract terms and conditions for service. Please see: www.sefco-export.com/online_tos.htm

    Business is conducted electronically and all instructions are placed in writing, including:  rate quotations and general advise, SS Line booking requests and confirmations, transmission of documents such as DR dock receipts, BL bill of lading instructions, AES / ITN - EEI Electonic Export Information docs (required for US Customs, formerly called SED Shippers Export Declaration), and marine insurance certificates. No telephone/verbal offers or instructions can be conveyed. Everything is confirmed in writing. Please click here to watch our video on this topic. If you have any general questions please feel free to email our office at the contact address provided on our website. Rate requests are best handled by filling in your details using our online rate request form.

    Our designated commercial forwarding offices, overseas agents, warehouses and the piers all require advance appointments.
    Plan ahead!   Before showing up at a warehouse/terminal, depot or office -- always call ahead. Please Email our office for instructions.   
    INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS IS OUR SPECIALTY.   SEFCO EXPORT has a proven track record for fiscal reliability.  
    The most important point:  It's "never too early" to start making advance preparation for an overseas shipment.
    If you have any questions or need assistance please email us directly at:

We look forward to working with you.

Joseph T. Quinn, President

Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
main tel: 888-268-0565 (24 hrs)   main fax: 718-732-2863

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Admin: 1 Ascan Avenue, Suite PH-74, Forest Hills, New York 11375 USA
                      Note: The streets of Forest Hills Gardens are private streets.
                      Our administrative office is not a public facility. Parking is restricted

Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
Sefco Export holds a Federal Maritime OTI Lic. No. 020644F
        Mr. Quinn holds a TSA Transport Security Agency TWIC credential.

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