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    Background Information

      A note from -   Sefco founder, Joseph Quinn     


    " The business letter shown below is from 1979,
    while working for my family's company.
    We were engaged in dignified and
    respectable export/import business activities.
    Our company functioned as a purchasing agent for all kinds of goods (sourced in the USA and worldwide), which were then shipped to our clients overseas.

      Way back in the '70's I learned quite a lot about the export import business.

    We only had around six clients. Luckily for our business they were all quite rich, and ran major business conglomerates (based mostly in South America). These were rock solid, steady and lasting relationships that existed from the 1940's through the early 80's. We worked on behalf of a handful of owners of several industrial groups based in South America. Some companies were "well known household names" in Latin America (Industrias Yukery, Toddy). We purchased all kinds of things and shipped the commodities to our various clients/business partners overseas.

      While working at Foreign & Domestic Purchasing Services Corporation I regularly interacted with all the various people and entities that served as fundamental elements of an international transaction, including US Customs and working along with our company's well established international freight forwarders. Shipping and international delivery were critical components to our business.

      As a Quinn-family owned corporation, working for its President (a pioneer in business, as a woman owned corporation), this job gave me a unique and early opportunity to learn about the export-import world in a way that few others could experience. Thereafter...

      Way back in the early '80's I worked in Washington DC, including projects that including international exchanges and overseas advance work.  Several years later, I worked within management at the US headquarters (NY) of a major UK Distilled Spirits/Beverages company. We were exclusive importers of several famous brands, including Johnny Walker Scotch and Tangueray Gin. But that company was taken over in hostile multi-billion dollar corporate battle.

       It was time to re-learn the Export/Import business from the bottom, up.

       Then in July 1986, I joined an international shipping company located along the Brooklyn NYC waterfront. This new role, taught me almost every aspect of the export/import shipping business from the ground floor up. We had a fleet of trucks, a sizeable Teamsters labor force, a US Customs bonded container station, and a network of worldwide reciprocal agents built up over many years in business. After several years, the company changed hands. Before long, I started a new business - Sefco Export - under my own control.

      Its been several decades since beginning my work in the business of export/import. All that experience is put to work on a daily basis, for our clients at Sefco Export Management Company, Inc."

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