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    Background Information

      International Business

      A note from -   Sefco founder, Joseph Quinn     


      At Sefco Export we have very real experience spanning several decades,
    handling shipments for relatively small, economical yet important projects
    to large complex projects handling irreplaceable cargo worth millions.

    Read some of the testimonials and real documented proof of all that we have accomplished
    in well over 30 years in the international shipping business.

    From the 1970's on...

    "The business letter shown below is from 1979,
      while working for my family's company.

      We were engaged in dignified and respectable export/import business activities.
    Our company functioned as a purchasing agent for all kinds of goods (sourced in the USA and worldwide), which were then shipped to our clients overseas.  Way back in the '70's I learned quite a lot about the export import business.

      We had around six clients, comprised of several industrial groups (based in South America). These were rock solid, steady and lasting relationships that existed from the 1940's through the early 80's. Some companies were "well known household names" in Latin America (Industrias Yukery, Toddy). We purchased all kinds of things and shipped the commodities to our various clients/business partners overseas.

      While working at Foreign & Domestic Purchasing Services Corporation I regularly interacted with all the various people and entities that served as fundamental elements of an international transaction, including US Customs and working along with our company's well established international freight forwarders. Shipping and international delivery were critical components to our business.

      As a Quinn-family owned corporation, working for its President (a pioneer in business, as a woman owned corporation), this job gave me a unique and early opportunity to learn about the export-import world in a way that few others could experience."

      Back in the early '80's Mr. Quinn worked in Washington DC, including projects that including international exchanges and overseas advance work.  Several years later, Mr. Quinn joined management at the US headquarters (NY) of a major UK Distilled Spirits/Beverages company, the Distillers Somerset Group. DSG was the exclusive importer of several famous brands, including Johnny Walker Scotch and Tangueray Gin. In 1986 the company was taken over in major multi-billion dollar corporate battle.  

       Then in July 1986, Mr. Quinn changed gears. It was time to re-learn the Export/Import business from the bottom, up. He joined an international shipping company located along the Brooklyn NYC waterfront. This new role, taught almost every aspect of the export/import shipping business from the ground floor up. The company had a fleet of trucks, a sizeable Teamsters labor force, a US Customs bonded container station, and a network of worldwide reciprocal agents built up over many years in business. After several years, the company changed hands. Before long, Mr. Quinn started a new business - Sefco Export.

      Its been several decades since beginning his work in the business of export/import.
    Today, as international freight forwarders, Sefco provides expertise and personalized international shipping services for shippers from across the United States and around the world. All that experience is put to work on a daily basis, for our clients at Sefco Export Management Company, Inc."

      Washington DC experience, and
      International Maritime Policy

      During the early 1980's Mr. Quinn worked in Washington, DC, in areas that touched on international affairs, policy research and exchanges.   Attention to public policy issues remains strong. In January 2018,  Sefco's Mr. Quinn provided expert testimony in Washington DC, at a public hearing before the Federal Maritime Commission on "Fair Port Practices".

      To learn more about this subject including Questions & Answers by 26 panelists from various important sectors of the International Shipping industry (including major Shippers, Truckers, Overseas Transportation Intermediaries, Steamship Lines, Port & Terminal Operators)  - go to  

      International Maritime Issues and Public Policy

      This subject area remains of vital importance
      to the United States and the world at large.

      Be it  Fair Port Practices,  regulations related to the  Filing of Tariffs,  or wider subjects such as Jones Act waivers, border claims in the  South China Sea and other maritime issues,  these are all subjects that deserve continued discussion.

      Policy Analysis |  Through independent study by QCS (a separate entity from Sefco) we hope to spur examination and greater understanding of these issues through increased public awareness, engaging with decision makers from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and interests.

Auto shippers, RV shippers, heavy equipment shippers to practically anywhere in the world.

      International Shipping,
      Freight Forwarding
      Our core business.

      Sefco works with all the major ocean carriers
      and reciprocal forwarding agents throughout the world.

      With personalized services, Sefco can handle your shipment
      regardless of size, place of origin or destination:

      • Investigation of Best Routing
      • Confirmation of Carrier Rates
      • Shipment Booking
      • Bill of Lading Preparation
      • Preparation and Electronic Filing of Electronic Export Information
      • Preparation and Forwarding of Export Documents
      • Shipment Monitoring and Project Management

      Contact us today to see how we can help you move your cargo
      with the ease and expertise you’ve come to trust from Sefco Export.

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