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This is our standard Quote/Contract form.

If you would like to go ahead with our service, print out (or email back to us) this page along with our SLI Shipper's Letter of Instructions   Fill in all required information, sign and attach it to a copy of our emailed rate quotation, and then FedEx (or email) it back to us with your payment. To expedite matters, fill in, sign, and email the SLI to us with a copy of your ID, and in turn we can provide you with our banking details for sending in your payment by wire transfer.   Please be sure to clearly write in the complete overseas contact info. including street address and phone number.  

To expedite matters, please email or fax us a copy of this form after you write in your details.    
Sefco Export Fax # 718-732-2863
Date: __________________, 2014

                                                                                PROVIDE YOUR FULL NAME AND OTHER DETAILS BELOW

Name of Shipper ____________________________________________________
Full address at origin ____________________________________________________
Phone_____________________ Fax_____________________
Email_____________________ Email_____________________
Name of Consignee Overseas ____________________________________________________
Full address overseas ____________________________________________________
Phone (important!)_____________________ Fax_____________________
Email_____________________ Email_____________________
Commodity Description
Heavy Equipment
Passenger Vehicles Trucks Trailers
Recreational Vehicles Boats Agricultural Equipment Construction Equipment Project Cargo
Attach a precise list with dims, all details

number of units being shipped________
Year ________ Make _________________ Model ______________
Please scan/email or fax SEFCO a copy of the title (bill of sale for non-titled cargo).
US Customs requires that original title for vehicles (free of liens) be presented to them for export clearance/validation, before shipping.
  Description (including VIN / serial number) __________________________
Title Number and State of Issue (if applicable)________________________
Attach a precise list of all details for multiple units.
Commercial Goods, other commodities____________________________ (non-hazardous/non-restricted goods only)
HHG/PE Personal Effects: Personal Items/Private Property  (goods "not-for-resale", attach a precise list with dims, all details)

Service Description
Commercial Cargo Transport & Logistics

    Commercial Accounts: Pickup/Delivery Service for
FCL/LCL container door moves can be prepaid through SEFCO.
    Referral Only: Pickup of H/H high & heavy equipment from Commercial location - cost to be prepaid direct to provider.

Personal Property Forwarding Services
            HHG/PE personal effects
Economy Service: Self-service, basic shipping/handling.
You self pack/load and deliver, self clear/pickup/unpack.
Premium Service: Full Door-Door service.
Sefco arranges O/A origin/export packing & pick-up,
Shipping/Handling, D/A destination clearance & door delivery.    

International Shipping/Handling via     Sea     Air

POV Personally Owned Vehicles; Cars, Boats, Campers, Trailers, Trucks, Motocycles    
Basic port to port shipping & handling, title self cleared at time of port delivery    
    Accessorial services: Referrals can be made to local customs brokers for US Customs clearance, overseas export/import clear services, title validation, TSA/TWIC port security escorts, and/or arrange for FedEx/couriers; any other special services as may be needed on a case by case basis.  
    Referral Only: Personal Property - requests for POV personally owned vehicle door pickup, inland transfer to port area: private shippers will be referred to suitable trucker - cost to be prepaid direct to provider. US Imports/3rd country: any/all local charges (port agent fees, export clear) paid collect at origin.

Consulting services include assist with commercial visas/electronic tracking notes (ECTN) where required, pre-export inspections, independent cargo surveys/measurement/photos, processing of C/I commercial invoices and C/O certificates of origin authenticated by a recognized Chamber of Commerce.  
Purchasing Services       Upon request, established Sefco commercial accounts (regular and consistent export/import shipers) can gain access to specialized support services and content including latest port news, customized trade-lane rate and routing advisories, vessel schedule updates, tracking of high demand vessel space openings/closings for bookings/reservations, access shipping industry analysis/specialized trade reviews, etc.   For commercial support services and professional staff time:  standard hourly service fee applies, $45/quarter hour, based on the LOE level of effort required for specified export/import task. Estimated/actual cost for staff time is in addition to fees for outlays, ie. banking/couriers, costs from 3rd party providers (suppliers, mechanics, other).  
  To open a new account / order for commercial services, your payment or retainer is required before customer support services can be engaged.
Equipment type and Shipping Method
LCL (Less than container load) __________ cubic feet / lbs
20 ft container   40 ft container   40ft HC (high cube container)     Other equipment:   _________
RoRo and B/B __________ cubic meters / kgs (Roll on Roll off, and Break Bulk service)    
Pick-up / Delivery
I will deliver the goods to SEFCO's designated warehouse in ______________ on ___/___/ 2014.
  Please contact us for the address of the nearest receiving station.
Please pick up from _____________________________ on ___/___/ 2014.
                  Please take it to the pier / export terminal from there.
  For FCL - Full Container Loads:
  Live Load Requesting Date / on or about:
Loading date: ____/____/ 2014.
  Drop & Pick Drop date: ____/____/ 2014.
Pick date: ____/____/ 2014.
Please arrange for O/A origin services: pre-packing of goods using SEFCO’s professional export packers
I'll pack myself (PBO/packed by owner/suitably for export).

Cargo Insurance: Strongly recommended (carriers liability is limited to $500 only)
  Yes No       If yes:  Property is to be insured for US $ ___________ value
I want to ship my property from

        my door in ________________ / your warehouse in ________________

          on or about ____ /____ / 2014 to the port of __________________ in _________________________.
Plus optional inland / door delivery to _______________________________.
Charges as per quotation sent to you from Sefco personnel on ______/______/ 2014, Ref # __________________

$_______________ Origin services - FOB "free on board" charges, where applicable
All our quotes, unless specifically mentioned, excluding local charges such as clearance, doc transfer fee and/or possible demurrage/detention. pick-up/trucking, pier delivery to the port of export, export clearance, export package, export cleaning, sit/storage in transit
$_______________ Basic Freight Forwarding Service - Document processing and normal staff handling
BL bill of lading draft, DR dock receipt draft, US EEI electronic export declaration
$_______________ Shipping & Handling as per quote - Freight cost & normal export docs/staff handling
port to port, CFS warehouse to port/terminal, door to port, door/door
$_______________ Marine Cargo Insurance (at ______% of the value)
Personal Property requires signed "coverage highlights" form.
             $ 65.00 Marine Insurance certificate processing fee
$_______________ Destination port pick-up & door delivery (foreign destination services: optional)
$_______________ Other services
$_______________ TOTAL of the above
  Your 50% deposit (or payment in full if shipping in less than 60 days) to be enclosed with this contract or paid online/sent via bank wire. Ask us for details.

Please read our Payment Instructions:
Payment by our online banking service, bank-wire, certified/bank check or money order will expedite booking requests/submissions, document generation, drafts and release of documents. All international shipments must be prepaid by or before time of pickup and pier delivery for export. Please make your check/payment to the order of: Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.

Prices do NOT include any port reception fee which may be assessed when you pick up property overseas (unless inland transport/door delivery is pre-arranged), nor any accessorial services, duties / tax if any, port demurrage/storage.   Please carefully read our terms, posted online at  and captioned below.   All orders are subject to SEFCO's normal terms & conditions for service.
I have read and agree with Sefco's normal terms and conditions for service at

(Signature of buyer / shipper)
Passport number / Corporate EIN number ____________________
Country of citizenship ____________________
        Please fill in all appropriate information. We'll e-mail, fax, or mail you a copy of your service order confirmation.
            Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to being of good use and service to you!

SEFCO's normal terms & conditions for service.

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Buyer/Shipper agree to the following contract terms & conditions:
  1. By Buyer/shipper/owner's signature, Sefco Export Management Company, Inc., "company", and transporters or agents, jointly and separately, are authorized to operate and/or transport the vehicle(s), goods, &/or product(s) purchased, from the point of origin on the reverse side (see contract form, signed, dated, with a control number) to the point of departure, ocean/rail/truck or air terminal, for shipment to arrival at the port/terminal of final destination and acts only as the shipper's &/or principal's agent with limited power of attorney with respect to the transportation of said good(s), and does not act as a common carrier.
  2. The buyer/shipper authorizes the company when in its opinion, it shall deem advisable to employ the services of any steamship line &/or other certified common carrier(s) to transport the property to destination herein designated.
  3. Buyer/shipper must give company any purchasing &/or shipping instructions in writing. The principal acceptable form of written communication is email. Company shall not assume any responsibility for any delays or omissions to shipment if instructions were not given in writing.
  4. Buyer/shipper must provide company with a complete list of vehicle(s) &/or other items to be located, bought, packed and/or shipped and make sure with any/all suppliers that same was delivered to company prior to shipping date. Company shall not assume any responsibility for any vehicles/items not purchased and/or shipped if such list was not given or any items received after agreed shipping date.
  5. Advice, consultations &/or estimations provided by company serve as a guideline only and is based on preliminary information provided by customer &/or vendors. Final cost for shipping services will be determined when actual final measuring & documentation of any freight to be shipped is completed and dimensions obtained according to the rate agreed.
  6. The shipper shall pay the freight and any and all other lawful charges accruing on said for all freight and charges and any sums that may be due it under this agreement.
  7. This quotation is valid for a period of 30 days only from date of signing the agreement both by shipper and by company. For requesting a pickup date, company shall be notified 4 weeks in advance. For any preshipment export packing or special preparation at origin, 4 weeks, and for ocean shipping, 6-8 weeks. Orders placed on shorter notice are handled on a first come, first served basis. If expedited "rush" service is required, please inquire as to possible extra charge.
  8. Since ocean freight and other intermodal freight rates are beyond our control, this quotation is based on the prevailing rates and surcharges currently in effect at time of quotation by the ocean/air/land carrier and transportation companies. Unless otherwise noted, rates quoted are subject to all applicable surcharges, currency adjustment factors, fuel surcharges, and GRI general rate increases in effect in steamship line, airline or inland truckers tariff at the time of receipt of cargo. Any increase or surcharge as assessed at will be added to the price.
  9. Shipping time is approximated and the company is not responsible for any delays caused by highway problems, steamship line schedules, over-booking, technical problems in equipment or vehicles, strikes, port authorities, labor problems at the origin or destination &/or other reasons beyond our control including "force majeure".
  10. Rate is based on consolidation service &/or container freight station's regular receiving & loading time schedules and therefore company cannot be held responsible for exact shipping dates.
  11. The company shall not be liable for any losses or damages to shipper's goods caused by acts of God, public enemies, authority of law, labor troubles, riots, the elements, acts of default by the shipper, or other cause beyond company's control. The company will not be responsible for loss or damage to goods by fire or moths, rust or deterioration by time while in its care and possession, or while being transported or transferred to a railway car, truck, auto carrier, aircraft or steamship.
  12. When receiving vehicles and items on behalf of customers the company is not responsible to open trunks, cartons, etc. and check contents but is only responsible for the number of pieces and/or vehicles received. Company is not responsible for shipping the following items: guns, explosives, ammunition, inflammable products, restricted/hazardous products, narcotics, negotiable & legal papers, alcoholic beverages, jewelry, furs, money, other articles of unusual value, pets, live animals, contraband, prescriptive medicines; audio, video or electronic equipment (unless specifically insured by shipper); acids, etc. or subsequent damages which may be caused to other items in shipment by contamination by same.
  13. Shipper must provide all risk marine/transport insurance at his own expense with an endorsement to cover the complete cost of his merchandise, goods, &/or vehicles while being stored, consolidated, and in the care of the company. Customer has the option to purchase Ocean Marine Insurance through SEFCO or own sources. In the event same is not purchased through company, the customer shall first look to any insurance in its favor before making any claim against company to recover for loss or damage to customers property, and to the extent such insurance is in force or collectible, customer hereby releases and waives all right of recovery against company or any one claiming through or under customer by way of subrogation or otherwise. In the event you do not insure your property, company's liability is limited to 30 cents per cubic foot. Shipper must in addition supply insurance coverage at his own expense for transportation of the goods from his house or other point of origin to the port of origin and from port of destination to his house or other final destination point, including transit time.
  14. That claim for loss or damage must be presented within seven (7) days from date of arrival of shipment at destination. First, any damage should be properly noted at moment of receipt while driver/carriers agent is still there. Then a copy of the damage report should be sent to the delivering carrier immediately, so as to expedite a proper resolution. Payment by the owner and signing of the receipt for the property at destination without immediate notification of damage shall be evidence of satisfactory delivery and performance of services. If goods are placed in storage, claim, if any, must be made before storing.
  15. U.S Customs is phasing-in a NO DOCS, NO LOAD procedure for all exports from the USA. Presentation of late documentation could result in your cargo not being loaded and/or penalties and fines. Sefco requires 3-5 business days to process necessary shipper security checks (OFAC, US Dept. of Treasury) and documents to meet the currently required dealine of 48 hours prior to vessel sailing. Cargo rolled by the carrier for failure to comply will be rolled to a later vessel at the shippers expense. All ocean/air/land carrier rates and intermodal fuel surcharges are subject to change without notice.
  16. The company shall not be held responsible for any advice, misadvice or information given regarding customs regulations, port fees, etc. at port of destination.
  17. Any laws or regulations imposed by authorities at origin or destination which affect the options in the contract and the rate will void the contract. The company and shipper will have to renegotiate the terms of agreement.
  18. Shipper agrees that they are bound by rules and regulations of the uniform through export bill of lading, are subject to the terms, conditions and deductibles of the specific shipping company used for shipment, a copy of which is at company's office, and are included herein by reference and made part hereof. Rates exclude any storage, demurrage, taxes, duties as may apply.
  19. If your vehicle is inoperable or oversized (i.e. dual wheels, large pickup or van, racks, etc.) please inquire as to extra charges. If carrier is not advised of inoperable or oversized vehicles prior to pickup or receipt, all extra charges must be paid in negotiable funds prior to delivery.
  20. Company will not be liable for the following items: damage unable to be detected due to vehicle's dirty condition, articles left in vehicle(s), damage or loss of "loose" parts of special equipment, including spoilers, skirts, tails, louvers, etc., cost or expenses, including towing or repair charges, resulting from malfunction of vehicle(s), damage caused by leaking fluids, battery acids, cooling systems, antifreeze solution, or industrial fallout when damage is not due to carrier negligence; radio antennas that extend more than three inches above fender or hood level of vehicle(s) being transported; loss or damage to cd/tape playing, recording, radio or other sound reproducing or transmitting/receiving equipment which is not a factory installed part of the vehicle(s) being transported; mechanical functions such as, exhaust systems, alignment, brakes, suspension, tuning or engine, transmission, or drive train, that inspection of which are not practical at time of shipment; auto rental accruals; hotel fees or other travel related expenses; long distance calls; windshield cracking; &/or any act of God, etc.
  21. Any and all purchasing, sales or service agreement(s) between shipper/buyer and company are placed in writing, and no manufacturers or other warranties or guarantees are implied unless specified in writing. All sales are final and are based strictly on a mutually co-signed proforma SEFCO commercial invoice, which specifies any/all payment terms. Client has option to pre-inspect any product being purchased directly, or can request company to make arrangements for a pre-shipment inspection, certificate of origin, ASE certified mechanic/technician's condition report, or any other expert advice and verification, and in the event such a request is made, please inquire as to extra charges, and any/all origin condition report(s) are for informational purposes only and do not represent any claim of authenticity by the company itself.
  22. Any party acting in the capacity of an authorized SEFCO agent, representative, product locator or distributor, is and shall be an independent contractor rather than an employee, and can only act as such after receipt by company of a mutually signed agency agreement. Parties interested in working with company in any capacity are invited to contact company for qualification evaluation. Company may immediately terminate such agreement at any time.
  23. Rates do not include customs duties/taxes (if any), overseas port reception fees and in-land delivery to overseas interior points unless specified, insurance unless specified, container demurrage & pier storage, labor in the event of a customs inspection, and additional overseas charges or accesorial services not explicitly offered by company in writing. The cost for processing any customs clearance formalities at port of loading and discharge is in addition to freight/transport charges, and remains for the shippers account unless otherwise specified.
  24. Should this order be canceled for any reason before purchase of product or vehicle(s), or possession has been taken, or being booked on a particular ship, an administrative charge of $500 per booking/unit shall be assessed, and a credit will be issued for the balance. This fee will be in addition to any other charges relative to the agreed service/shipment, i.e. missed vessel reservation/booking roll over charges, storage/demurrage, pickup fees, long distance calls, billable staff time, etc. If said cancels after being booked for shipment or possession has been taken, either by trucker or terminal, the full fees for services will be due and payable, including any redelivery charges assessed, plus an administrative charge of $750 per booking/unit, and a credit will be issued for the balance. There will not be any cancellation charge if the owner/shipper wishes to change the shipping date, provided the new date falls within 30 days before or after the original scheduled date. Notification of intent to cancel must be made in writing, signed and dated, with copy sent directly to company preferably by FedEx. There are no cash refunds; the cancellation fee shall be non-refundable and a credit shall be issued for a period of up to one year from the date of cancellation. Due to tax laws and accounting requirements no credit can be used after one year from receipt of payment. Sefco's terms of service/tos, contract/SLI forms, general instructions, cancellation and credit policy, rates for consulting services and professional staff time are posted on Sefco's web site at:
  25. Shippers/buyers non-refundable retainer and payment as per Sefco quotation will expedite opening the new export/import file, submitting of a formal booking request(s) with the selected ocean/air carrier/service providers, and open shippers/buyers account with our company. The balance due per Sefco Statement of Account on any order/shipment must be settled prior to pier delivery and export/release of cargo, and paid in negotiable funds, certified check, confirmed wire transfer, money order or cash. Any storage or related fees while awaiting bank clearance of incoming checks or wires, will be billed back to shipper. All international shipments must be prepaid. In the event of late or non-payment, or need to collect funds COD after export/departure/release, a $250 COD fee will be added to the total invoice plus 7% of total owed per week overdue, plus any/all outlays and expenses to collect, including legal fees. Interest and late fees will be applied to delinquent payments. Payment of Sefco invoices/accounts due, made by bank to bank wire, require payor to include an additional US$ 35 per incoming wire transfer. Sefco pays service providers/carriers by company check. For expedited remittances, shippers/accounts requiring outbound bank wire transfers to be made by Sefco, shall cover accessorial service handling cost of US$ 70.00 per outgoing domestic bank wire, US$ 95.00 per outgoing international bank wire. Returned checks will incur additional bank fees (assessed at cost) plus a Sefco handling fee of US$ 50.00 Other accessorial fees (use of courier, etc) may apply.
  26. All products, goods, materials, vehicle(s) ordered, etc., remain our unrestricted property unless the full value has been received by us including accrued interest, if any.
  27. All ordered goods on delivery are subject to terms and conditions agreed and specified per co-signed SEFCO proforma invoice for same. Not responsible for conditions beyond our control; superceding amendments only by our written consent.
  28. SEFCO, in acting as your purchasing, sales, and/or shipping agent, is contracted to perform purchasing, sales, and/or shipping and related services. Bank fees, accessorial services, taxes and other governmental assessments are the responsibility of the customer.
  29. Should buyer/shipper commence legal action against company and company prevails, then company will be entitled to reimbursement of all its attorney fees and court costs. Legal competency and exclusive jurisdiction and venue for resolution of any issues arising hereunder shall be within the courts of the United States of America within the State of New York, within the city of New York, Borough of Queens.
  30. Customs regulations, residence and import requirements, port fees and tax laws differ in each country and are subject to periodic change. Company can therefore only offer guidance but cannot be responsible for mis-advice. Please contact the consulate or embassy representing the country to which you are shipping to determine the applicable rules, regulations and laws to which your shipment will be subject.
  31. The above and aforementioned constitutes the full agreement between owner/shipper and SEFCO, is solely between buyer/shipper and company, and represents the entire agreement between parties hereto, and cannot be modified except in writing, and shall be deemed to apply to all property which company may store, restore, purchase, package, transport or ship for the buyer's, shipper's, and/or principal's account.

    I have read the above and agree with Sefco's normal terms and conditions for service. (customer signature)

    "courtesy counts"

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