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Purchasing a 20 foot / 40 foot Standard Seaworthy Container

Cost break-down for
  Standard 20 ft Container Standard 40 ft Container
Purchase price
subject to availability of equipment
Vendor code: ZMSSL - cost subject to confirmation
$ 1750.00 $ 2250.00
Local drayage from the container yard to your door subject to confirmation $ 450 if within 35 miles radius of the container yard
Accessorial fee for separate pickup of rented chassis by trucker subject to confirmation $ 160 if within 35 miles radius of the container yard
Chassis rental fee subject to confirmation $ 60.00 $ 60.00
Container inspection fee subject to confirmation $ 250.00 min. $ 250.00 min.
Sefco handling fee $ 250.00 $ 250.00
Total $ 2920.00 $ 3420.00

  1. Shippers should allow a 2-week period before the ship date to find a good conatiner.
  2. We can set up an appointment for you to visit the container yard at the port so you can see what you are actually purchasing, or you can talk with representatives at the container yard and they will pick one out for you.
  3. Before it is pulled off the lot, it will be inspected and the container number will taken off the computer system. If used for overseas shipping it must be certified as seaworthy with appropriate plaque.
  4. When it is delivered to your door, you will be responsible for painting over the container number.
  5. To make the arrangements to buy and ship a container, we require a $ 750.00 deposit (or simply prepaid in full*) for the purchase of the container and $ 750.00 deposit for shipping (the total of $ 1,500.00 deposit).
  6. Receipt of your deposit/payment allows us to open your export file and make preliminary preparations, including: arrange a booking with the SS line, line up the trucker and chassis rental, and have the designated equipment manager locate currently available container(s) in their CY container yard and assign (on average) three containers from which the buyer can choose. The full price of the container needs to be prepaid* since equipment is not released before payment has been wired and/or checks have cleared the bank.
  7. Our quote contract needs to be downloaded, filled out, and sent to us by FedEx by deposit.
    The quote contract can be found at:   Printer friendly
  8. For more information on how to go ahead with Sefco, please go to:
See close-up view of standard 20-ft container (for sale). Click on the PDF icon. click here
When prompted, enter temporary password: {sefcoexport}

Sources and vendors for containers vary with location must be reconfirmed on a case by case basis.
Cost and charges must be reconfirmed at time that booking is ready to be made with the carrier.         [last updated: 09/2011]

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