C- standard 20-foot ocean container specs

Looking to BUY a container?

Sefco can act as your purchasing agent
in order to locate and buy a sea-worthy ocean shipping container.

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The spot-market cost for a container varies
depending on the location and availability of equipment.

Here's a scenario:

First, you are going to a destination where you can really use a good steel ocean container. Perhaps for use as long term storage or even conversion into an office. When going to a "remote" inland destination, shipping a "one-way" container may be the most prudent way to transport your goods.

What does it cost?
According to our experience, price can vary widely. We have access to seaworthy containers for sale in most major port areas.
For a quote for cost of buying a seaworthy 20-ft/40-ft container

- please contact us directly!

* Beyond the cost for the equipment itself, there are additional "operational" costs:
Paying the cost for our trucker to go to a chassis yard
(location #1)
This is where he hooks up to and "pulls" a rented chassis (or "wheels" --to go under the container). We pay the "per diem" cost for use of the chassis. We then truck the chassis to the next place
(location #2)
--which is wherever the container (being bought) is actually sitting.

The container is then placed onto the back of our rented chassis
--the seller is to do the lifting of the container onto the chassis.
Our trucker just waits there about 2-hrs. After its secured onto our chassis, we "pull the container, on-wheels" to the actual place of loading
(location #3)
-- This is wherever you actually plan to load your goods into the container.

When buying a container vs "renting" the SS lines' own equipment
- you would be paying for 2 extra trucking stops, before going to the loading site.

Bottom line: when buying a container in an area not too far from the major ports and equipment centers, plan to spend an extra @ $450 over the normal basic trucking cost, to cover the extra stops necessary to getting the "bought" container.

Regarding the trucking cost from there (after the container is actually "in-hand") to where you are,
-- this is based in the distance our trucker will have to travel from pickup point and your loading point.

All this just means:
if you are near the port and/or container-yard where we actually buy the container, then the overall transportation cost is usually less...
Less than if you are, say, planning to load your "bought" container in New Mexico or North Dakota,
--far from the major ports and far from where "empty equipment" tend to be situated.

Origin Service options:
After our trucker has physical possession of the purchased container, he'll then be able to perform what is known as a "live load" (A) or a "drop and pick" of the container (B).

For option (A) - the "live load"
- our trucker (with the container) shows up at your loading site and waits there for a couple hours (2-hrs free time is normal, $75/hr if he waits longer)
His tractor remains connected to the container.

After you finish loading everything into the container, you can lock it with your own lock. Then the driver normally places his own seal on the container. He (or she) pulls the container away and delivers it directly to the pier (or rail yard) for export on the next vessel, as booked.

After loading the container:
-- remember that you will need to give us a copy of the packing list. We must know what is inside a container before it can be shipped. Please also make note of the container # and seal # placed on the container.

For option (B) - the "drop and pick" scenario
- our trucker (with container) shows up at your loading site and just "drops" off the container (on the chassis) at your address.
A couple days later he comes back to re-connect his truck to the chassis/container, and then re-delivers the locked/loaded and sealed container directly to the pier for export.

Unless you are very close to a major port, a "drop and pick" will usually cost more than the "live load". This is because it will involve two trips by the trucker, vs. just one trip to/from your loading point.

Plan ahead regarding where you want the container to be parked. Make sure that the space will be accessible on the date of your loading appointment.

If you do in fact plan to buy a container for use in overseas shipping, keep things simple for yourself. Ask us for a "all-inclusive rate" -- including purchase, pickup and shipping of a container that you will be able to use and keep at the final destination.

Our P/A purchasing agency fee for FCL-container buying is $250 (the minimum) plus a small percentage of the cost of the equipment.

Our P/A rate schedule is accessible on-line at:

All orders are subject to our normal terms and conditions for service.

If interested, you will receive a proforma invoice from us. Minimum deposit for FCL container purchase and trucking: $2000

Always important:

-- All cargo must be correctly declared and exported --
in accordance with current rules and US Customs regulations.

Never attempt to transport hazardous goods, unless using a registered "HAZMAT" specialist.

Please do not attempt to misdeclare any cargo.

Including a vehicle in a container requires special loading and documentation.

No vehicle will be exported without an original title or 100% proof of ownership, acceptable to US Customs as valid.

Please feel free to ask us for rates and advice.
Email: info@sefco-export.com

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