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advance notice is required
Contact us for instructions
on where to send original documents.

Send Documents with Payment to:
Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
Admin: Forest Hills Gardens, NY 11375 - USA
Agents and Terminals Located Worldwide
main fax number 718-732-2863

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Sefco Export "Do's and Don'ts"

(1) Question:
"Can I just show up at the port
and look around, ask some questions
to the people working there?"
Short answer: "No."
To learn more, please [click here]

(2) Question:
Shipping your personally owned vehicle
to the UK/EU? What is needed
to clear customs overseas
Find answers: [click here]

(3) Question:
Should I send my check
and documents via FedEx?

Do's and don'ts answer: Yes!
[click here for details]
do's and don'ts

(4) Question:
"Should I self-clear
my vehicles' title
through US Customs
(for export)?"
Answer: [Maybe]

(5) Questions about
overseas customs?
[click here]

(6) Question:
"What if I need a
preshipment inspection?"
[click here]
stop, look, appreciate
(7) Question: "Does Sefco Export
arrange local/domestic moves?"
Answer: "No."
[export-import only]

(8) Question: "What can you tell us
about Security Issues?"
[click here]

(9) Question:
"How can I search your site?"
[sitemap and search engine]

(10) Question:
"I need to know something
not covered on your website."
[contact us]


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