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    Is your US Export a "Routed Shipment"?

    A Routed Export Transaction -- is an export transaction where the foreign principal party in interest (FPPI/Consignee)   
    authorizes a U.S. forwarding or other agent to facilitate export of items from the United States.

    In a routed transaction the U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI) remains the entity in the United States
    that receives the primary benefit monetary or otherwise of the export transaction.    

    Here's some advise from Sefco to put this in layman's terms:  

    A buyer from outside the USA comes to the US and buys something and that item is shipped to the buyer at their overseas location. That is NOT routed because the buyer was in the USA at the time of the sale. At the time of the purchase / transaction, the buyer in the US became the owner of the item and will be shown as the USPPI (US principal party of interest).

    Another example:   A buyer from outside the USA buys something from a US supplier and the item is shipped to the buyer at their overseas location. The buyer was never in the USA to make the purchase / transaction on US soil. The sale and shipping arrangements are made by the buyer from outside the USA. This IS a routed shipment, and therefore the US seller/supplier will be shown as the USPPI.

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