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    What is a Drop and Pick?
    A truck driver goes to a designated loading location with Tractor, attached to a Chassis on wheels with an Ocean Container loaded on top.

    Usually the driver waits with the container attached, within a limited amount of waiting time - often 1 or 2 hours only, while the cargo owner shipper labor loads the cargo into the container.

    When the container has been loaded and ready, a seal lock is placed on the door.

    The trucker then pulls the container away, to go to a designate pier terminal.
    One trip one by the trucker.

    Dispatch -> Load Site -> Back to Depot on same day.

    Free Waiting Time by the assigned Trucker is Limited
    When more time is required to load, either the trucker gets paid overtime charges for every extra hour - often costing over USD 75-90 hour

    LIVE-LOAD = 1 trip

    - or -

    Or -- the trucker "DROPS" the container at the loading site
    (it must be secure/street legal/or warehouse loading dock).

    The trucker returns to his depot/dispatch to do more jobs.
    One round-trip so far.

    The trucker is directly notified by the shipper (you) when the cargo will be ready for pickup, usually 1-3 days later.

    The trucker makes a SECOND trip, back to the loading site to re-connect to the chassis and container, to pull it away and on to the pier/terminal.

    The cost for the drop/pick trucker is TWICE, for the double trip.

    When loaded "live" within 2 hours,
    there is only ONE trip back and forth for the trucker.

    Day 1 - Dispatch -> Load Site -> Back to Depot on same day (container left at load site.
    Day 2 - Dispatch -> Load Site -> Back to Depot on same day (container PICKED up at load site.)

    Drop/Pick = 2 trips.

    Free Time to use the Carrier Owned Equipment is Limited
    Should the container be required to be kept at the loading site for longer than the standard free time allowed by the SS Line/Carrier (they own the equipment), then additional container/chassis per diem fees are charged by the equipment owner/carrier, for the shippers/cargo owners expense.

       The video below shows  
    One 20 foot container on chassis
    about to be dropped off.  
    New York City, NY prior to export (this one went to Ireland).


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