Accounting Department

All orders subject to Sefco's normal terms and conditions for service which is posted online.  
Before sending any money to our company to open a new account, read this:

      Terms: All shipments to be prepaid.

          New B/R booking requests are handled on a first come basis,
          and are processed upon receipt of completed paperwork and payment.
          A statement of account is processed for every shipper/shipment.
          Any balances owed must be paid in full by or before cut-off date for the vessel on which the cargo is booked.        

          No "collect" shipping for ocean service. Retainers/deposits are non-refundable.

      Please do not send Sefco any money if not in agreement to our company's normal terms and conditions for service. Cancellations fees will apply. There are no cash refunds. Only credit toward principals account, applicable up to one year from the opening of an account. Sefco's service includes advance work which takes billable time and effort by professionals. A principals signature on our company SLI shippers letter of instructions constitutes full agreement to these terms and conditions for service.

      Please review our online terms of service, and cancellation credit policy

1) SEFCO as a corporation, works with one person / one entity only, when entering into contract.
    This principal party is the signator to the SLI shippers letter of instructions / contract.
Regarding any third parties, to a Sefco contract:
Should any third parties be designated to act in place of the principal party,
POA power of attorney (signed/notarized) must be authorized in advance and scanned / provided via email to SEFCO 
Sefco is not responsible to correspond / take directions / hold discussions etc with parties other than the principal party.
Please be sure one person is assigned the role of principal point of contact, to avoid any miscommunication or confusion.

2) Please refer to Sefco's contract / normal terms and conditions for service for guidance.
   URL location(s) where terms are posted:  
   Item 24.  Should this order be canceled for any reason before purchase of product or vehicle(s), or possession has been taken, or being booked on a particular ship, an administrative charge of $500 per booking/unit shall be assessed, and a credit will be issued for the balance. This fee will be in addition to any other charges relative to the agreed service/shipment, i.e. missed vessel reservation/booking roll over charges, storage/demurrage, pickup fees, long distance calls, billable staff time, etc. If said cancels after being booked for shipment or possession has been taken, either by trucker or terminal, the full fees for services will be due and payable, including any redelivery charges assessed, plus an administrative charge of $750 per booking/unit, and a credit will be issued for the balance. There will not be any cancellation charge if the owner/shipper wishes to change the shipping date, provided the new date falls within 30 days before or after the original scheduled date. Notification of intent to cancel must be made in writing, signed and dated, with copy sent directly to company preferably by FedEx. There are no cash refunds; the cancellation fee shall be non-refundable and a credit shall be issued for a period of up to one year from the date of cancellation. Due to tax laws and accounting requirements no credit can be used after one year from receipt of payment. Sefco's terms of service/tos, contract/SLI forms, general instructions, cancellation and credit policy, rates for consulting services and professional staff time are posted on Sefco's web site at:

   Item 25.  Shippers/buyers non-refundable retainer and payment as per Sefco quotation will expedite opening the new export/import file, submitting of a formal booking request(s) with the selected ocean/air carrier/service providers, and open shippers/buyers account with our company. The balance due per Sefco Statement of Account on any order/shipment must be settled prior to pier delivery and export/release of cargo, and paid in negotiable funds, certified check, confirmed wire transfer, money order or cash. Any storage or related fees while awaiting bank clearance of incoming checks or wires, will be billed back to shipper. All international shipments must be prepaid. In the event of late or non-payment, or need to collect funds COD after export/departure/release, a $250 COD fee will be added to the total invoice plus 7% of total owed per week overdue, plus any/all outlays and expenses to collect, including legal fees. Interest and late fees will be applied to delinquent payments. Payment of Sefco invoices/accounts due, made by bank to bank wire, require payor to include an additional US$ 35 per incoming wire transfer. Sefco pays service providers/carriers by company check. For expedited remittances, shippers/accounts requiring outbound bank wire transfers to be made by Sefco, shall cover accessorial service handling cost of US$ 70 per outgoing domestic bank wire, US$ 95 per outgoing international bank wire. Returned checks will incur additional bank fees (assessed at cost) plus a Sefco handling fee of US$ 50 Other accessorial fees (use of courier, etc) may apply.
a) The cost for services rendered 
Professional services and advance work:
Preparation, staff communications and checking of current ocean freight rates, surcharges (fuel, terminal fees, etc.), special conditions by designated carriers, origin service providers (warehousemen, overseas agents, origin port authorities, etc.), freight forwarding booking submission,
booking docs: EEI submission to US Customs, D/R dock receipt processing, B/L bill of lading draft processing
Normal handling / billable hours for staff time and effort as posted on our company web site.
Forwarding Services - rate schedule for service,  posted online.  
          ( charges based on commodity type:  personally owned property, or commercial cargo )
plus:   any actual cash payments or outlays
made by Sefco to 3rd party vendors/suppliers/service provides,
and Sefco purchasing agency handling fees (min 15% of any cash advanced/outlays/fees paid).

b) Cancellation fee: $ 500  - before being booked   /   $750  - after being booked for shipment with carrier   

= Balance rolled over to credit good for up to one year from date of receipt of payment.
Note: Services rendered (a) and Cancellation fee (b) is applied to EACH booking made.
If additional bookings are made for the same cargo over a period of time,
our service fee (a), and cancellation fee (b) are due for each booking processed, and cancelled.  
Some ocean carriers / SS Lines require a "BOOKING NOTE" which in effect states that if a booking is made for a specific unit/cargo to take up space/reserved for this cargo on a specific vessel/voyage, and if that reserved space goes unfilled by the booked cargo, then the total freight charges are due in full, in the event the cargo is not loaded on the vessel and shipper. The shipper defaults on the entire shipment cost, if the cargo is not loaded on the vessel the space is reserved for. This is to protect the SS Line against "phantom freight" and lost revenue. In this case, the principal/shipper remains responsible for the total charges in full, for each instance of unfilled reserved space. Customers will be made aware of the terms of engagement, ahead of time. Carriers using such "Booking Note" provisions, include:   CSAL, and most "spot" charter vessel owners (for large bulk shipments).   

3) Reiteration: There are no cash refunds.
Shippers who must cancel can apply any remaining credit, after normal handling & docs fee as posted plus cancellation fee has been deducted, during the remaining period of up to one year from the date of initial payment (date that the new account was initiated/file opened). Company credit can be applied to services normally offered and provided by Sefco.
Rates are confirmed using our normal Request for Quotation (RFQ) process.
  Reiteration: CREDIT can be applied to substitution cargo for a period of up to one year from date of receipt of payment.
  Any extension of that period would be solely at the discretion of company management,
  upon request by shipper for specific duration (ie., additional 90 days, to accomodate extenuating circumstances.)
In addition to the above:
SEFCO maintains policies that adhere to US Law and restrictions against use of rebates in the shipping industry.
       Please refer to: URL

Under no circumstances does Sefco issue any payment to any private individual, for any credits/excess payment or other form of remittance paid/provided to Sefco from a company or entity (identified by EIN, taxpayer ID) different from that individual. Credit is provided strictly to the paying entity. In the US kicbacks and other questionable activities that can be perceived as such, are strictly forbidden; for further information, please refer to these links: /

Company policy is based on law and prudence. What may be standard practice in countries outside the US, does not make it standard practice in the US. Be advised and guided accordingly.
Anti-money laundering practices are in effects
SEFCO adheres to best practises as promoted by our Banks and their regulatory entities,
to avoid and eliminate the possibility of money laundering activities.
Any funds that are accepted toward payment for an international shipment, goes toward:
paying Sefco's posted cost for professional services including but not limited to Sefco staff time/effort for consultations, to check rates & make booking arrangements, normal staff time/effort for handling phone calls/emails/communications, document processing - EEI electronic export declaration submissions, B/L bill of lading drafts, D/R dock receipts, carriers and transporter fees, covering third party service provider charges and shipping line/transport company fees.
As a company Sefco does not provide rebates, send cash or issue checks/payments for any credits or services, to individuals.
All recipients of payments must be legal entities authorized to perform the service they are being paid for (i.e., insurance brokers, customs brokers, export packers, etc.)  

Please be aware that there are many instances of bank fraud and issuance of bogus checks by criminal enterprises. If you have received a check that you may think is fraudulent please report it to your local bank or police precinct, as the situation may warrant. Please read the general information and consumer alerts posted on our web site and updated from time to time.
Please refer to: URL

4) Substitute Cargo - to be proposed by the shipper/principal via Sefco's Online Rate Request form (URL shown below)

Shippers can use any credit toward the booking of space and shipment of cargo on a Sefco designated ocean or air carrier.
    For any credit to be applied, principal/shipper must sign the statement shown below
    and then re-submit complete data and provide full information (including cargo VIN/ID)
    regarding the proposed cargo to be shipped, using SEFCO's online rate request form.
For shipping & handling rate to be confirmed for any NEW / SUBSTITUTION CARGO, cargo must be:
   (1)   Real
    Copy of title and/or bill of sale is required.
    Send us an emailed scan or Fax (718-732-2863) us a copy of the proof of ownership documents.
    Vehicle ID number will be checked by SS Line;
    Serial number and full description of heavy equipment is required for confirmation

    Without proof that the cargo exists, no quotation/rate confirmation will be provided.
   (2)   Ready to go in under 30 days.  
If incomplete information is provided (no serial numbers, commerical invoice, confirmed measure, exact location of cargo with contact name/number, etc), no rate quotation or confirmation can be provided. Requests for general information are handled on a first come basis and emphasis is given to actual accounts with real cargo departing in less than 30 days. Priority goes to ongoing repeat Sefco shippers.

If proposed cargo is not "real & ready to go", time and attention of staff is limited to accounts paying consulting fees. Only general estimates can be advised and rate parameters/availability of ships and cargo space, etc., are subject to change.

5) Consultation services / project cargo not immeditale ready for booking/delivery
   For rates / advise / guidance on non-ready cargo, bids, theoretical shipments, SEFCO personnel can provide research, check steamship line rates, routes options, for a cost. SEFCO's standard hours fee for ad hoc consultative work will apply: $45/quarter hour.     
A wealth of free information and general guides are hosted on our company web site, including links to many third party information sources and trade publications (like the JOC Journal of Commerce) for those looking for perform their own research. Use of our web site remains free. Use of company personnel to work on specific projects that are related to our core business, will require an initial retainer and track history for working with our company on real cargo and firm bookings.

Ad hoc consultative work and commercial research is a fee based service, as posted on SEFCO's web site.
Please refer to: URL

6) An account review with copies of basic documents issued, can be requested by any principal.
To ease flow of communication, an account review may be posted online, for ready access by the principal, at a URL address provided by our company to the principal. The information provided on the account review is subject to periodic updating by SEFCO / operations / accounting. Some online content is subject to password protection. In such cases the principal will be provided in advance, their online username and password details.

7)  Accessorial services ordered / provided:
For any cargo that has insurance paid / and placed with marine cargo insurance underwriters:
Should there be any claim for loss of cargo, copy of police report is required.
If any cargo is insured and abandoned, confirmation of same is required.
Should cargo be insured and booking cancelled, company and underwriters must be notified in a timely fashion of location / disposition of the cargo. All underwriters will require full documentation of any claim, i.e. proof of value, copy of certificate, etc.  
All fees for origin / destination / support services rendered to any shippers account/cargo, remain for the account of the principal / property owner, including but not limited to storage, export preparation/packaging, duties, taxes paid and/or any other charge accrued to principals account.  

8)  Re-direction of cargo
Should cargo originally tendered for SEFCO's services, be exported by any entity or freight forwarder other than SEFCO / or carrier other than that booked by SEFCO, a complete and true copy of the actual export details is required, for any account review to be undertaken / before any credit is to be applied; including but not limited to: copy of dated export BL bill of lading identifying and confirming actual export of cargo.   

9)   SEFCO is organized provide positive assistance and professional services to international shippers with cargo that is real, ready to go, and the client shipper agrees to the company's / and respective service providers / normal terms and conditions for service.
Sefco focuses on servicing serious export shippers / import consignees with repeat business.
We value the teamwork necessary - between all parties concerned, to achieve great results. Provided company can work together with the shipper/principal in a positive fashion - to provide the level of service we are geared toward, the end results are positive.
Item 29.  Should buyer/shipper commence legal action against company and company prevails, then company will be entitled to reimbursement of all its attorney fees and court costs. Legal competency and exclusive jurisdiction and venue for resolution of any issues arising hereunder shall be within the courts of the United States of America within the State of New York, within the city of New York, Borough of Queens.
Advise:  Initiation of legal proceedings will certainly reduce our ability to effective work with any principal going forward and therefore we recommend its avoidance. Any issues that may arise can and should be handled in a manner geared toward prompt resolution of any problems. We are in business to provide professional service, looking after the best interests of our clientele.

10)  Finally: We look forward to fruitful cooperation with all principals / shippers,          
and stand ready to provide the kind of positive action and support to assist real shippers with real cargo to get to its appointed destination. Besides earning a reasonable profit for time and effort consumed, good results and customer satisfaction are what we are in business for. Work with us, and we will certainly work for you.  
Thank you.




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To cancel any existing order, print a copy of the above statement;
sign, date and send it
to:    Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
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