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Retainer Based Service
Customized Export Import Support Services

Export Import - Special Services
For when you need more than just a quote.

Each newly retained account should provide as much information
about themselves and the task at hand,
using our new account instruction form

      For new accounts ready to make a booking.

       Pre-Shipment Support Service
        and Servicing of Account

      Have you received our rate quote/confirmation?
      Are you ready to make a new booking?

      In order to to service New Accounts,
      a pre-shipment deposit is required.

      Your deposit allows for a formal booking request
      to be processed and submitted to the carrier.

      After we receive your paperwork and payment:
      Upon receipt of the Booking Confirmation from the carrier selected for your shipment, any support services, as may be appropriate will be provided.

      This can include introducing our client to local services providers at origin/destination for pickup/delivery, customs clearance, or any other ex-im related service.

      For more info see:

      For new accounts needing pre-booking support.

        For specialized support in advance of any shipment/booking, Sefco provides

      Customized Export Import Support Services

        Not going right away?

      How to receive Account Support Services on a retainer basis.

        Retainer Based Service

        Pre-Shipment Servicing of Account (soa)
        Customized Export Import Support Services

        For Servicing of your Account
      Please fill in your complete information:

        Account Support Services  > 

          If not booking your shipping right away,
          SEFCO can provide additional help,
          support and guidance on a retainer-basis.

          Customized Research, Preparation and Advice
          Advance Arrangements,  Ex-Im Support Services

          Payment is required to provide active support service
          to a newly retained account.

          Servicing of account (soa) - retainer fee

          USD 500

        Professional Support
        Get the help you need at a reasonable rate.

        Specialized help for Individuals
        as well as for Businesses.

        Sefco can provide guidance
        specialized research, support and advisory services.

        Providing service well above and beyond
        simply arranging for a single port-port shipment quote and booking.

        Retainer based
        Account Support Services can include:

      • Export-Import customs assistance and referrals
        including specifics, contact names/address/numbers
      • Monitoring specific sailing schedules
      • Focused research on specific trade lanes
        for accurately projecting project costing
      • Specific commodity ex-im clearance advice
      • Analysis of specialized equipment/commodity handling requirements
      • Confirming terminal locations/contact info
        and other advance/preparatory work.
      • Advance work: Our professional advice, based on
        over 3 decades export-import experience.

      • The cost for this service is handled on a retainer basis.

        Shipping/freight fees are not included in retained support services.

        2)   Process your payment.

          Retainer Based - Ex-Im Support Service
          A proforma invoice / retainer request can be sent to you for payment.

        Minimim retainer requirement,

            USD 500 ,   LOE: > 3 hrs


        Advanced Research & Analysis

      Some tasks can be accomplished in relatively short periods of time by our well experienced and highly competent professionals. Nonetheless the process of performing advance work, often requires thoughtful follow-up, communication and analysis. Projects requiring greater LOE time/level of effort can be quoted upon request.

      Commercial Trade Consulting Services
      Commercial R & D | Research and Development for Established Accounts

        Service is provided to commercial entities.
        Upon request a proforma / scope of services proposal will be provided.

        For consulting work and general shipping services
        please refer to our general schedule of fees and normal terms of service.


        Initiate your Account
        Please take the steps outlined above:
        (1) Fill on our Form     (2) Inititate payment

        Servicing of accounts, processing of information
        and pre-shipment support will be provided upon receipt of your payment.

      Thank you for your interest in our service.

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