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New Shipper Profile ID

We receive requests for information from all over the world.

The business that we conduct, involves the movement of cargo across international borders. As such, we need to know who our current and new customers are. Please take some time to review the information below, and give us a better idea about yourself and your needs.

   Before we start working on a new international shipment...
   We need to know more about who you are.

   ID and Documentation

   For background info on...

Why its important for forwarders to
   "know your customer"

   see some of the following links:
  • US Dept of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security
  • Where Industry and Security Intersect

    "Know your customer" requirements

        Examples - Best Practice No. 4     (see link for entire text)
        "Companies should avoid routed export transactions...
        ...unless a long standing and trustworthy relationship has been built..."

  • EXIM BankDue diligence standards and know-your-customer practices.

  • US Customs/Border Protection:   Importer Exporter Tips

  • Banks:  "Know your customer"   |  Customer Identification Program
  •   Many new security checks, regs, etc. affect bank transactions of ALL sizes.

  • US DHS - TSA:   Consent To Search or Inspection
    "All cargo tendered for transport by air is subject to a search or inspection in accordance with federal regulations. Any person or entity who tenders cargo for transportation by air must consent to a search or inspection, or their cargo will be refused. Consent to screen authorization is required to ensure that shippers are aware that all shipments are subject to screening. If shippers screen their own cargo under the provisions of the Certified Cargo Screening Program, their shipments are still eligible for TSA screening."   Security enhancements post 9/11 continue to evolve.

  • American Association of Notaries:   Verifying the Identity of the Signer
    "The most important duty of a notary public is to verify the identity of the person signing the document. How this is done will depend upon the law in the notary's jurisdiction, so please check the following general principles against your state's laws and rules..."   

    Sefco helps... answer questions and present solutions.

    How many SS Lines go to the proposed destination?
    What are their rates, how are the services different, how frequent are the sailings? Are there customs issues to be addressed, can special services be organized to match the needs of the shipment?

    How to find the best value taking all circumstances into consideration?

    Are you relatively new to international shipping?
    Do you need information and support for an export-import project that will be happening several months in the future?
    How we handle new Ex-Im service requests...

      Due to tremendous interest and demand...
        We prioritize and actively service
          new Sefco accounts that have :   

      Cargo that is already owned/purchased
             and is ready to be shipped
             in less than 30 days.

      New Shipper Requests for Export-Import Support
      ...including extensive checks on currently available international carrier routes/rates, etc. for cargo that is NOT ready to go (in under 30 days), and may happen in several months or beyond - will be asked to process our initial service retainer (USD $250).

      By taking this first step forward, you will be a "Sefco Retained Account". Your project will be afforded our careful attention.

      Our expertise comes from decades in the export/import shipping industry. That experience is hard to get, but it "can be rented".

      Rate Requests for International Shipping Services
      are handled on a first come basis,
      provided we have received
      the necessary information.

      If you have already booked with Sefco
      and/or have an initial retainer for service on account
      we will do our best to act rapidly to support any new requests.

      New Shippers/Consignees and Businesses are Welcome.
      We will help answer basic questions and provide port/port shipping/handling rates for most new inquiries.

      New Shipper Requests that require additional Ex-Im support (origin/destination services, customs advice, tracking sailing routes/rates over a long period, etc) are asked to provide a small retainer.
      Please also give us your: Shipper Profile Information.

      If you need for Ex-Im Support from professionals
      with several decades experience,
      its well worth the small down payment.
      We will work with you to "get things done."

    Fostering Productive Partnerships,
    Building Trusted Relationships

      It is important for our company to work with new shippers
      and clients who are a good match for our service.

    If you want to proceed with a shipment,
    let us make the booking and process your documents.
    Easy instructions are on our web site.

    If not yet ready to book, we can still help.

      Becoming a "Retainer Account"
      confirms your interest in our Ex-Im support services
      and willingness to work with us.

      In turn, we can dedicate the time and resources necessary
      to perform serious checks, investigation and analysis
      and provide overall Export-Import support.

    We will work with you, to get the job done.

Intake Questionnaire and Shipper Profile

For: New Shippers (no prior Sefco bookings)

We need to gather some information on our new/prospective customers.

   New Profile Information - required for -

       New US exporters/importers (unknown/first time shippers)
          * if no prior Sefco Export bookings *
       Any persons/entities with other requests (3rd Country/Worldwide),

For: Known Shippers (prior Sefco bookings)

   Update Your Profile Information

       Please update your current contact details and general information.

      Have you already shipped with Sefco in a prior year?
We have shipment files from back in the 1990's and even earlier. If you have used us before and have new contact details, please fill in our Shipper Profile Form so we can update your info and stay in touch. If you expect to ship anytime in the coming year, please send in our service retainer with your updated profile information. Our retainer can be used toward any Sefco booking within one year of receipt. This way we can quickly respond to any Export-Import Support Service need that you may have in the coming year.  
  We appreciate your past patronage. Your continued cooperation and input is welcome.  

Export-Import Support Services
Identification   |   Prior to sending any international shipment we will require ID. Individuals should provide SEFCO with a scanned copy of their passport ID page at the time of making a new export/import booking. You have our assurance of close attention and care to your interests and export-import requirements.

Background information
Let us know more about you.

For New Shippers
    (previously unknown, "to become known")   -   and   -  

For Prior-year Sefco Customers
    (updating profile info.)

Sefco Shipper Account Profile and Questionnaire

    (some items are optional but encouraged)

Company Name (if any) / Account Name
For US Corporate Accounts - EIN (if applicable)

Individual Person / Contact Name
Email Address
Reconfirm Email Address

Cell Phone
Your Street Address / Mail Contact
Your City, State, Postal Code

Please provide some background information about yourself.

What is your Profession (if any)
Employed by / non-employed / other
Student / Retired / other

Corporations / Entities:
What are the main areas of business.
Enterprise information / company link

Additional Affiliations, if any (please identify / explain)
Individuals - Affliations / Academia / Foundations / Government Agencies / Diplomatic Mission / Consulates (Gov't and Location)

Any Additional References
When arranging an export/import transaction it is important for shippers/exporters/importers to remain accessible. Is there a secondary "in care of" person who will be assisting with Ex-Im shipping matters (with or without POA) on principal/shippers behalf? Additional Name / contact info.

Do you have Any prior Export Import Experience?

If you have shipped internationally before...
What Carriers, Customs Brokers or Ex-Im Forwarding Agents have you worked with? Where, when, for what?

Trade References (if applicable)
Our carriers and providers are always looking for feedback. The more we know about your activities the better we can help.

How did you come to hear about our Company
General public sources / internet / other:

Have you been Referred By Someone?
Were you referred by a company and/or someone known to Sefco?
Please let us know... who, and when.

Did you receive correspondence from us?
Your Sefco Export Invitation Code (if any)

"Where and What"
Trade Lane Profile

Origin Location(s) for your Cargo
Destination Location(s) for your Cargo
Commodity Description

"How do you want it sent?"

Desired Shipping Method(s)

"What additional info would be helpful?"
Ex-Im Support Services

Want to see SS Line Route Maps / Carrier Schedules?

Any New Quotes Needed?

All rate requests are handled online.

"New Business"

If there is a need for...
  pre-export/import support services (retainer)
  and/or a new firm booking (deposit)
  for an export-import shipment,
please advise who will be the Billing Party for Shipping Services.

Commercial and Repeat Shippers
      Who is handing your US Export Declarations?

   If you have ongoing US Export shipments,
    Sefco can handle the EEI filings

Electronic export declaration filings (required for AES/US Customs) are part of our overall service. This service is only available for our retained accounts (funds received with authorization signed). We need our SLI-Shippers Letter of Instructions / and EEI LOA Letter of Authorization to be on file.
Rates and underlying costs for Export-Import Services, vary with the task at hand. A specific rate confirmation with our SEFCO Export reference number will be assigned to any service offer.
New Requests / New Shippers

For New Shippers :
We recommend that you open an account with SEFCO should you require additional pre-export support services, including referrals if needed (in-land truckers, other services) and/or multiple port - carrier confirmations, research and support. Sefco acts as your seasoned professional export-import agent for a full range of international shipping services.
For more information on how to open a new account, see: Retain our Service
Export-Import Support Services
Upon receipt a your min USD 250 retainer, profile information, and any specifics pertaining to your current needs, we can act.
Advance preparation is critical.
If you need us to act quickly, be sure that we have from you all necessary information, authorizations and supporting docs prior to export.

      US Exports

    All US Exports require EEI (export declaration) filing prior to acceptance at the port of export and prior to loading. An AES ITN internal transaction number (proof of filing) must be shown on the export documentaton and B/L bill of lading. We can handle this for our retained accounts / regular clients.

      Authorization Required

    US Export LOA   -  Letter of Authorization (for single booking & repeat exports)
Sefco Export - EEI Export Dec - Letter of Authorization is available here:
A copy of your signed authorization will be kept on file, for future shipments.

      To Proceed

   To go ahead with a shipment, we start with the SLI form:
This gives Sefco limited power of attorney, to act on the shippers behalf.
   Identification will be required.
   Payment will be required.

      Personally Owned Property Shippers

    Private Individuals will need to email SEFCO a scan of the Passport ID photo page, prior to export. Send us scans of any vehicle titles, commercial invoices. A clean packing list for the cargo being shipped must be presented by email to SEFCO no later than two days prior to export.

      Commercial Cargo Shippers

    Companies will need to provide their Tax ID number (on our SLI form) prior to export. Send us scans of any cargo schematics (weight/measurements), commercial invoices, and packing list for the cargo being shipped.

      Payment Terms

To be an account in good standing, charges must be prepaid on time and in full. Sefco does not offer cod collect service.

   Our normal terms of service and standard forms are online, here:

There are Value Added Services
available through Sefco and our sister company (QCS).

Should you have any commercial interests
(beyond port/port shipping) that we can help with
let us know more about your plans and needs.
  • Ex-Im P/A purchasing agency services
  • Ex-Im S/A sales agency services
  • Worldwide customs referrals
  • Worldwide H/H High & Heavy Equipment Shipping
  • General Ex-Im Commercial Management

If you are a prior SEFCO shipper/account in good standing, please let us know about any suggestions or other ideas where we can be of service in the future.

      Known Shippers
Sefco Accounts with Prior Bookings / Existing Accounts:
    Please keep us up to date with your activities and whereabouts. Use this form to keep in touch.
    Are you updating your Shipper Profile Information?

    There is no obligation nor commitment, when submitting your updated details, comments, and just staying in touch.

    Share your Comments / Ideas

    How to improve / How to best serve you.
    Do you need any referrals from us, to help your business?
    Do you have any referrals for us?

    Share any additional contact info
    (Facebook, LinkedIn, other).
    Provide your comments, below.

    Comments to better serve you.

    We appreciate your continued interest.

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