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We provide worldwide shipping services.

Sefco can reserve and book space for your cargo on practically
any ocean carriers vessel for shipment to destinations worldwide.

    Support Services
    for New Sefco Accounts

    Prospective Shippers
    "Unknown" Shippers

    If you are new to Sefco
    become "known" to our company.

    ID is Required,
    plus a small retainer
    for all Ex-Im support services
    including ex-im cost research.

    A $ 250 retainer is required
    prior to servicing new requests.
    Support Services
    for Known Shippers

    Known Shippers with
    Prior Sefco Bookings

    We Provide Ex-Im support services,
    to Sefco Accounts in Good Standing.

    Repeat and Returning Business
    Sefco Shippers with
    ID and $250 Retainer on file.

    Diplomatic Accounts
    Regular Commercial Cargo
    Corporate Guarateed Accounts

              Mr. Quinn began his activities
              in the export-import business
              working for his family owned company
              in NYC in the 1970's.

    Sefco works on behalf
    of our paying clientele
    reliable shippers, cargo owners/principals
 ship their property / cargo
            across an international border.

    This is highly specialized work.

    At Sefco we have
    well over 30 years experience
    in the export import business.

    Over the past several decades
    we have developed the know-how,
    as necessary for arranging
    export/imports shipments and transactions.
    When working with Sefco
    you are working with experienced professionals.

    If you are a new (unknown) shipper
    looking for information about ex-im shipping,
    please know that we will need your full information
    and a retainer *** prior *** to starting any new business
    including export-import rate pricing research and advice.

    In order to arrange an international shipment:

    * we need more than the most basic info in order to service an account.
      Fill in our request form with as much information as is available. If we need more info we will ask you. We begin our work investigating, checking, confirming, only AFTER receipt of your initial retainer (deductible from the cost of your Sefco booking, within one year of payment).

    * we do require a small down payment as an initial retainer to begin the discussion.
      The minimum retainer is USD 250.00
      This is non-refundable, but can be applied to the cost of your Sefco shipment.

All Services including Ex-Im Rating Requests,
Require a Retainer to be Paid to Sefco Before any Work is Started.

If you make a shipment booking with Sefco within one year of receipt of your retainer, you can apply that payment amount, toward the cost of the service.


    For new requests
    for export-import pricing
    measurement / situation analysis and advise / rate quotations,

    Please provide:

    1) identification (fill out our new shipper profile form), to "Become Known" to us,

    2) arrange payment of our minimum retainer (USD 250 minimum service retainer)

    New / Unknown shippers are welcome.

    Due to overwhelming worldwide demand, we require a small retainer in order to dedicate staff time to any new requests from unknown/new shippers (without on-going or prior year Sefco bookings).

    Our initial service retainer is to be paid to Sefco Export, in advance of performance of any in-depth checking / analysis. When we are paid to provide a service including checking carrier options, serious time is dedicated to the task.

    Payment of our Service Retainer

    This is necessary in order to process new requests:

    * to provide export-import support services,
    * including investigating and obtaining carrier rate / route / sailing confirmations.

    The retainer can be applied toward the cost of any Sefco booking made within one year of payment. Our minimum retainer is USD 250. The retainer is non-refundable.


    For pricing on new cargo requests (new accounts)
    please expect new requests to be answered usually in two to three business days. Complex requests can take longer. Incomplete information on the cargo and other necessary details can delay the processing of new rate requests.

    Full details -- are required for all rate confirmations.

    From/To, Commodity, Dimensions, any special requirements.

    Prior to Shipment:

    Your ID is required
    in order to set up any new export/import account.

    Sefco files documents on our customers behalf, with the US Government, AES / US Customs and other entities. For private individuals, we need a scan copy of the photo ID page of your passport. For US exporters/corporations/repeat shippers, we need a signed LOA Letter of Authorization.

    It is important to process all the necessary export documents, well in advance of delivery of cargo to any port for export. Incomplete or late information can lead to delays and extra fees.

    See our New Booking Form for all required details

    Set up a new Export - Import Account

    To set up an account (any previously unknown or new individual shippers)
    * a non-refundable retainer of USD 250.00
    is required in order to properly service any new service request.
    Your retainer can be applied to the cost of a Sefco shipment within 1-year of payment.
    For more info see: payment options

      Upon receipt of your initial retainer payment
      we can dedicate serious time and attention to the project.

      We will work on your request
      after the initial retainer has been paid,
      showing in our system as received by Sefco.
      Our retainer for service is NON-REFUNDABLE.

    Corporate & Diplomatic accounts are handled on a case by case basis.

    Commercial Rate Request for multiple origin/destinations
    and trade logistics support/consultations, requires a retainer.


    For international shipping requests for


    For international shipping requests for
    * personally owned property, *


    Please complete the following form:

    For unknown and new shippers to "Become Known" to us,
    please fill in your personal information using the above form.

    Prior to export/import shipment, further ID will be required
    (Passport ID scan for individuals, Corporate FEIN for US companies)

    Sefco Export Management Company, Inc.
    New York, NY USA

    Normal Business Hours:
    Monday - Friday, excluding observed national holidays.
    8 am - 5 pm US Eastern Standard Time.
    Main fax: 718-723-2863
    Main email:

    Please contact us at

    Are you a Sefco shipper/account in good standing, from prior years?
    We have a new contact number for serving our pre-existing accounts.
    Take a moment to provide us your most current profile/contact information.
    Your feedback and continued interest is welcome.
    Communications from current accounts, for sending documents, written shipping instructions, copy of payment receipt, scans:

    Staff times vary. Company business conducted electronically:
    confirmations, rates, instructions and invoices are conveyed by email.

How to proceed with your overseas shipment.

Step by step instructions on How to Proceed with your overseas shipment Fill in & Sign the Shippers Letter of Instruction Payment options

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