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    TWIC Port Security, Background Details:

    Port Security procedures, rules and laws affecting the delivery of cargo, can and do change over time and have a direct impact on the cost of transporting cargo. In major US ports, "unescorted access" to secure areas is no longer possible.

      At major US ports, what areas are deemed "secure" or sensitive are subject to change without notice. New rules and regulations require that transportation workers making delivery of cargo to secure areas, have a TWIC card - "Transportation Worker Identification Credential". This is issued by the US Federal Government, TSA Transportation Security Agency. The TWIC card is a "biometric" ID card that costs money to obtain, involves going through a security check, has a biometric chip and photo identification, and lasts up to 5 years [learn more about this topic: TWIC credentials]. In certain US ports, since the last part of 2008, this is required of all drivers delivering cargo "directly" to the sea-port.

      Most FCL full container load container haulers are "up to speed" with this ID requirement. However, many vehicle and heavy equipment truckers coming from the US interior - far from the ports where these rules have gone into effect - do not have this new required TWIC card. Likewise, many private people looking to make direct delivery of their vehicles to effected ports do not have this card.

      Therefore, to assist the flow of cargo, SEFCO has contacted MAT - one of the major RoRo cargo receiving terminal operators in Baltimore port to identify / locate 3rd party companies approved by MPA Maryland Port Authority, with the ability to provide "TWIC Escorts" who can meet the cargo delivery provider (cars, trucks, heavy equipment, boats, etc.) at the terminal gate. Appointments are recommended and its best to show up @ 9 am or 1 pm to avoid the lunch break. There is an extra cost to do this. The TWIC escorts tend to charge by the hour and it is best to pay them directly for the service, when required.

      Furthermore, for the port of Jacksonville - the main RoRo carrier provides us with the following advise [Jax Twic]

        Ro Ro Cargo - Baltimore    3rd party TWIC Escort providers (approved by MPA Maryland Port Authority - referred by MAT)    
        Americas Security Escort Service   (985) 385-2737

        " addition to Baltimore, we service Gulfport, MS
        ... Freeport, TX, and Savannah, GA...
        with other locations pending."

        Also / Optional Providers

        Amercian Ship Services
        phone: 410-342-8810
        fax: 410-342-8812
        Contact: Ray Castelli
        Charges: $75.00/for first 2 hrs. there after $40.00 / hr.

        Jacksonville RoRo Shipment Deliveries - TWIC Requirement January 4, 2010 (carrier code: HOEG)

        Effective Monday, January 4, 2010 all those wishing access to the terminal must have a valid TWIC.
        They will also need a valid Jaxport security credential if they access the terminal more than 5 times in 90 days. If they do not have the proper credentials Jaxport will provide ONE (1) FREE Escort to/from our terminal. If they come a second time without proper credentials they will be turned away.

        A third party company (Port Escort Services or Grays Guard) will be available to provide the required escort for a fee of approx. $75 (cash only). HOEG/ocean carrier will not provide escort services or advance cash to drivers. Third party escort services will stay with a driver from access/off load at the terminal/departure.

      For a review of Sefco's freight forwarding documents/handling fees and accessorial services, please go to the following web page and select the commodity being shipped:            

      For further information and links concerning security issues, please click here.

    Rates: All rates need to be reconfirmed when freight is booked with Sefco. As explained in the Preamble link on our sitemap, shipping rates can change on a daily basis due to many variables. War, civil strife, union strikes, equipment shortages, phasing out of certain ports, world financial markets, and the price of oil all can have a dramatic effect on shipping prices. Quotes that are forwarded to you are an accurate estimation only and must be reconfirmed when freight is booked. As noted on Sefco's standard terms and conditions for service, if there are any changes in the shipping prices they will be passed on to you.

    Upon request Sefco shall provide a detailed breakout of the components of all charges assessed and a true copy of each pertinent document relating to these charges. Shippers should read our company's normal terms and conditions for service and sign our contract / SLI shippers letter of instructions in order to open an account with our company.

    Review: Shipping Industry standards, practices and normal terms & conditions for doing business.
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